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Author Topic: Proper etiquette on how to interact with Mascots/Fursuits/Large Costumes.  (Read 10270 times)

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Re: Proper etiquette on how to interact with Mascots/Fursuits/Large Costumes.
« Reply #20 on: December 02, 2011, 10:01:25 PM »

This is awesome advice ^ ^ since i'm going to be wearing my first "fursuit" this year (Mia from .hack) its good to know this stuff, not only for myself but my boyfriend since he'll have to be my handler and keep me from killing myself : P

Living is always a good thing when it comes to cons! :D Don't want anyone keeling over, now do we~?

It's good to see this thread is still being read by people, though since it's back up on the top I'd like to just take a moment and remind people not to restart the debate over the elevator since it's been settled :) I know that there are people out there who don't see dates and reply to old stuff xD

ah! I get what you mean about the elevator thing, we're usually nice to them and at the very least make a little room for them, do unto others and what not is a nice policy if you can stand to wait lol :3
And about getting water or w/e without taking your head off, might i suggest one of those water backpacks? You know the ones with the little drinking tubes on them? You could get your handler to carry one for you so you can get a quick drink while you keep your head on :3 like slip it under where your head attaches or even a hole in the fursuit mouth?

That'd be really useful for a quad suit person ^__^ the good thing is I'm pretty sure Fanime has a headless lounge as well for people to relax in and take breaks.
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Re: Proper etiquette on how to interact with Mascots/Fursuits/Large Costumes.
« Reply #21 on: February 08, 2012, 12:04:34 AM »

If I may add one thing: Do not hump someone in a mascot or fursuit

One would think this is a no brainer but last year it was an issue for my group more than once!!!

My friend was Gir last year and she had several people gesture at her with 3 different people who ran up and physically humped the suit, with one wrapping themselves around her leg!
Another guy humped my sister's Arcanine quadsuit, security saw this and they pulled him to the side, I am not sure what they did with him because we promptly left the area...BUT... from what I understand such contact is considered sexual harassment and is punishable by not just the con staff but also by the police system.

I understand you may think it is funny, I understand you are just playing (at least I hope to gawd you are) and I understand that when you cannot see the human inside there is a disconnect and you may not be thinking of the human inside. But for my friend she found it very gross to have people thrusting their hips against her like that, she is afraid to even wear Gir again...and I personally think it is disgusting behavior even if they do not touch you.

If it were a Sailor Moon cosplay you would think twice about running up and thrusting your hips at her right? Please remember there is a human inside that mascot cosplay, it is not a giant walking toy, please respect the costume as a human... please. Thanks.
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