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Author Topic: Trashdom Cosplay Information  (Read 750 times)

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Trashdom Cosplay Information
« on: January 15, 2017, 06:17:29 PM »

I honestly have no idea where to put this topic so it's just gonna be here. It's just my little thing to talk about my cosplay group and link to in my forum signature.
Hey nerds! I'm Haiden of Trashdom Cosplay, a group made up of me and a few other friends. We are centered in the Bay Area and just enjoy having fun with what we do!

Current members of TrashdomCosplay are:
Haiden (Me)
Baby Perry
(More to be listed later)

I personally have lots of theater experience and improv experience. I would say I'm really great at being in character and love doing panels. If you would like to have me in a panel for any of my cosplays (listed below) feel free to message me!
My Personal Cosplay List:

Leo Valdez (Percy Jackson)

Ticci Toby(Creepypasta of same name)

Caliborn (Homestuck)

Simon Petrikov (Adventure Time)

Hiram McDaniels (Welcome to Night Vale)

Hades (Hercules)

WALL-E (Movie of same name)

Ivalo (The one in the striped shirt) (Immortal Nerd)

Flowey (Undertale)

Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom)

Steven Universe (Show of same name)

Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors)

Buggs (Kindergarten)

David (Camp Camp)
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Fanime 2018 Lineup (In No Particular Order Yet):
Buggs (Kindegarden), David (Camp Camp), Flowey (Undertale), TBD.
For more info about my cosplays see this link: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php?topic=20921.msg491524;topicseen#msg49
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