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Author Topic: Gatherings List as of 3/10  (Read 1503 times)

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Gatherings List as of 3/10
« on: March 10, 2017, 08:28:28 PM »

Alright, first one out, and its lighter, than last year. but then again, I didnt post it here, cause I am bad and I should feel bad. Alright, so, I will do by day, time, gathering, placement

Friday -
Macross - G7 1pm
Bangou Stray Dogs - G8 2pm
Disney - G9 3pm
Old School Gathering - G2 6pm

Final Fantasy - 10am G5
Dragon Age - 11am G3
Pokemon  - 11am G5
Tokusatu  - 11am G7
Fate Series  - 11am G8
Disney Extended Universe  - 11am G9
Tales of... Series - Noon G5
Hunter X Hunter - Noon G6
Capcom - Noon G9
Nintendo - 1pm G5
Kantai Collection - 1pm G6
League of Legends - 1pm G9
Super Smash Brothers - 2pm G5
DC  Universe - 2pm G9
Touhou Project - G7 3pm
Undertale - G9 3pm
Fallout - G9 5pm


Berserk - G3 11am
Oran HS Host Club - G7 11am
Sailor Moon - G9 11am
Overwatch - G9 at HIGH NOON (yes I went there, no you can't stop us.)
Gravity Falls - G6 at 1pm
Steven Universe - G9 1pm
Legend of Zelda - G8 3pm
Yuri on Ice!!! - G5 5pm
Homestuck - G10 5pm
Dramatical Murder - G5 6pm

As this is the first one, I get it, also I didn't avidly announce it here, so I will wave the reminder policy for now, but This is the notice for all to hop on the form. you can find the form here :

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