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Author Topic: Guests I Want For MusicFest 2018!!!!  (Read 3012 times)

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Re: Guests I Want For MusicFest 2018!!!!
« Reply #20 on: November 29, 2017, 09:29:50 PM »

Wake Up, Girls!

I saw them at Anime Expo and was blown away by their performance! They were charismatic and their energy was infectious! All the girls can hold a note while doing difficult choreography. I also really like their songs, no duds at all. Reminds me of some classic AKB48, uplifting and has a message, they really got my heart and adrenaline pumping!


I initially attended AX for Aqours (Hanamaru best girl  ;)) but I was the most awestruck by WUG (they were easily the best act that night).. However, Aqours was still great (they gave me a warm, fuzzy feel) and is a guaranteed crowd attractor so if you guys can bring them over here, then you really won the lottery ticket.
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