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Suite or not to Suite? 2018?


When Hotel reg open in 2017 I was lucky enough to book a suite at the Marriott but decided against it a month later for a lower room floor at the Hilton.

The reason is everyday I have 2 cosplay. 1 for noon, 1 for evening. I return to my room 5+ times a day for break or meet up with friends.
My friends/roomate is the same. We want/need the room and we enjoy some spoils once in a while.

So I'm wondering is having a suite worth it? They tend to be on the highest floor. I'm not too big of a fan of elevator-con. 

Most hotels I've been to tend to have suites on all the floors, typically at the end, so having a suite is no guarantee of being on a high floor.

Thanks I didn't know that!


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