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Author Topic: Voltron Family Vacation [Voltron Panel Fanimecon 2018] (PANEL ACCEPTED)  (Read 408 times)

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Hey guys! Last year I hosted a Percy Jackson panel and everyone seemed to like it so, I thought I would host another panel for next year! This time I was thinking of hosting a Voltron panel, one where the paladins are in their bathing suits and it's a beach themed panel.
Hopefully this time I will get a better panel day, time and room unlike last year.

Characters Needed:
Lance McClain
Shiro Takashi

Characters already taken:
Keith Kogane
Hunk Garrett
Pidge Gunderson
Matt Holt

Requirements to join the panel:
1.You must be at least 15
2.You must have most of the cosplay done by March
3.Be able to stay in character
4.Message me on tumblr or on here with your complete cosplay (Or with whatever you have)
Fill out a google form  (This is so I can keep track of all my panelists, it was really helpful
last year.)

Contact information:
Tumblr: dragged-by-my- fringe
Facebook: Dani Cohen
(I had already posted this post before but it was deleted somehow)
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Re: Voltron Family Vacation [Voltron Panel Fanimecon 2018]
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 02:58:37 PM »

Hey guys! I still need a Shiro for the panel, if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me!
Updated character list:
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