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Good morning old schoolers!

Fanime continues to creep ever closer.  It's nice to see such a healthy assortment of gatherings being hosted this year.  Starting off Friday's old school anime OPs with somewhat of an oddity and a bit of a history lesson...

Very loosely based on the massively influential Lensman books by E.E. Smith, SF New Century Lensman was an anime film released in 1984.  Now there's a decent chance you've seen that movie, as it was one of the three original anime films that the Sci-Fi Channel broadcast in the 1990's (along with Robot Carnival and Vampire Hunter D) as "Adventures in Japanese Animation."  Well after the success of the film in Japan, a TV series was created, Lensman: Galactic Patrol, with a separate continuity from the film.

Of the 25 episodes, only the first six had official home video releases on VHS and LaserDisc in Japan. The English version of the film only had a VHS and LaserDisc release in the USA and was never seen again.  See, it's said the estate of E.E. Smith hated the adaptation as it's so loose and different.  Honestly the Lensman anime follows Star Wars more than it does the Lensman books, which is funny as the first Lensman book, Galactic Patrol, had a huge influence on Star Wars.  Due to this later licensing disagreement, the Lensman anime virtually disappeared.

However The Skaro Hunting Society along with /m/subs released a deluxe subtitled version of the film a few years ago and is currently working on fansubbing the entire series.  As there were no official video releases for anything beyond episode six, they've been sourcing further episodes from VHS and Betamax recordings of the television broadcast.  They're up to episode nine and it's worth checking out.  Personally I love the world design of the series, especially the spacecraft and vehicles.  Awesome opening theme as well.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  Galactic Patrol Lensman (1984)

Okay, Lensman is a bit too obscure. Here's something more mainstream.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997)

Finishing out Friday with another series that found mainstream success outside of Japan, and another old school anime title that people don't really think of as such.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Rurouni Kenshin (1996)

Good morning! Starting our three old school anime OPs for Saturday with high energy. Regardless of opinion on Macross 7, the opening and its theme song is awesome - a shining example of how so much 90's anime began.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Macross 7 (1994)

Continuing on this Saturday with an opening theme I had stuck in my head when I was out running this morning - go figure.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Kimagure Orange Road (1987)

Closing out Saturday with an outstanding, and recently re-licensed, series that looks way more modern than its 1994 vintage.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Key The Metal Idol (1994)

Starting this Sunday's three old school anime OPs with a series that pretty much anyone can enjoy for at least a few episodes.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Urusei Yatsura (1981)

Remember, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT are all old school. Continuously relevant to anime fandom - but still old school.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Dragon Ball (1986)

Closing out this weekend with a series I still really enjoy, one that was pretty popular in the 1990's, but has all but disappeared from discussion. The OP video source is far from ideal, but it's still the best I can provide.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Blue Seed (1994)

Yes, the digital negatives are the unedited photo files. I'm fine with cosplayers having the originals and doing their own edits and posting, since they're from their shoot.

Just wanted to say - good on you!  I think a lot of us have had someone take a ton of pictures of a cosplay, look forward to seeing the pictures of a specific pose or setup, then later only one picture is actually uploaded and it's not the one you were looking forward to.

Good morning old schoolers!

Wow, FanimeCon is getting close. I still have a lot to do in preparation this year but it's all small details - which usually end up causing the most unexpected problems. I was earlier musing how between my wife and I we always seem to buy fabric for cosplay that is promptly discontinued by the manufacturer - then we go to buy more and there are only scraps here and there. Even when we are proactive and buy the bolt, it's always discontinued right after. Guess that's what I get for wanting specific colors.

Leading off three old school anime OPs this Friday, the Gundam series that everyone seems to like, or can at the very least watch a few episodes of. Takeyuki Kanda, who served as the director of 08th MS Team until his death in a traffic accident during production, also directed the earlier VOTOMS spinoff Armor Hunter Mellowlink from 1988. It's not difficult to see the common thread of his hand on both these works.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team (1996)

Continuing with a series whose American rework is currently finding continued success in its third adaptation. Although I guess you could say Voltron The Third Dimension sort of had a complete rework around the middle of the series... (that whole ridiculous Stealth Voltron nonsense) so I suppose you could say that the Voltron rework of Golion has been re-adapted three times all on its own. All those World Events Productions nostalgia glasses aside, the original Japanese series still stands on its own.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Hundred Beast King Golion (1981)

Closing out Friday with an absolute legend. While not the absolute beginning of the anime medium, Tetsuwan Atom was the first such property to really explode and would lay the groundwork for modern anime that followed. The American adaptation, Astro Boy, was the first anime production to be broadcast in the United States - fifty-five years ago.

Celebrating An Era - 1960's! Tetsuwan Atom (1963)

Starting off Saturday with more Tezuka! The 1964 anime adaptation of Big X would be the very first show Tokyo Movie Shinsha produced. The series focuses on a boy with a drug that can expand the human body's size without limitation, a result of a failed experiment from the Nazis during the World War II. It is also a program that is almost entirely lost. 59 black and white episodes were made, but only episodes 1, 11, and 40-59 are known to survive.

Celebrating An Era - 1960's! Big X (1964)

Continuing this Saturday with a Gundam series with outstanding production design, just about the greatest singular hero Gundam design ever, and a protagonist that everyone seems to hate. Oh well, amazing opening just the same.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (1991)

Closing out Saturday with a fan-favorite slice-of-life series celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! His and Her Circumstances (1998)
*** 20th Anime Anniversary ***

Good morning. Starting off Sunday with a series that, while the manga began even earlier (in 1995), is generally thought of as a post-2001 property. Fact of the matter is the anime adaptation of Initial D began twenty years ago this Wednesday!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Initial D (1998)
*** 20th Anime Anniversary ***

How about another property that isn't always associated with being old school? Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball GT is all old school and all Dragon Ball cosplayers are welcome at the gathering! I guess that's how it goes when a series has remained relevant and popular for almost thirty-five years.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Dragon Ball Z (1989)

Closing out this weekend with a series that I'm super divided on. While fine on it's own, I've always thought Sailorstars got more of a free pass than it deserved due to its release ambiguity in North America. I will admit that there are some episodes of the series I genuinely enjoy and I find interesting moments here and there... However re-hashing the conclusion of SuperS with its opening episodes, undoing the perfect end to the S anime series (still wonder what Setsuna could have said to Souichi Tomoe for him to give up reborn baby Hotaru), the Sailor Sarlights being extremely cowardice and without redemption, long-running support characters disappearing... the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Although Haruka and Michiru do have a wonderful arc in the series, which is worth slogging through other parts for. As I said.. I'm divided. I do love the opening however.

Until next Friday!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailorstars (1996)

Generally the rule has been that you need to be able to easily and smoothly be able to carry your prop through a standard doorway.  If you can walk through the door into peacebonding, then you're usually fine in my experience.

Good afternoon old schoolers!

New cosplay coming along smoothly? Have you found that (then slightly) retro cosplay from ten years ago you've had in storage? Prepping that classic standby that has become an Old School Cosplay Gathering regular? When a day is super windy like today it makes me glad I don't need to do any spray painting for Fanime cosplay this year.

Let's lead off the classic anime OPs for Friday with the anime adaptation of the best-selling shojo manga of all time. This is also an anime title that recently had an English re-license and re-release as a single DVD boxset courtesy of Discotek Media.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Hana Yori Dango / Boys Over Flowers (1996)

Continuing on with a VOTOMS spinoff that those who like the more serious and personal Gundam stories should check out. It's also more approachable as it doesn't require as much time investment as VOTOMS. One of the most beautiful anime opening themes of all time in my opinion.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Armor Hunter Mellowlink (1988)

And a true international classic to round out Friday.

Celebrating An Era - 1960's! Mach GoGoGo (1967)

Starting off three OPs for Saturday with a series celebrating its 20th anniversary. Twenty years ago today, the anime adaptation of Cardcaptor Sakura premiered!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Cardcaptor Sakura (1998)
*** 20th Anime Anniversary ***

Next, a Gundam series that while decent, I really don't care a ton for. Of course it's rather polarizing as it had a production history and approach different than pretty much any other Gundam series. Also very important as it was the gateway to mass popularity for Gundam in the West. ...and it did give us Heavyarms, which is my favorite mobile suit design ever - so maybe I shouldn't complain so much.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995)

Closing out Saturday OPs tonight with an OVA series I've always really liked, that was reasonably popular at one time, but seems to have disappeared from most otaku's memories.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! 801 T.T.S. Airbats / Aozora Shojotai (1994)

Starting off Sunday's old school anime OPs with a series that began airing thirty years ago today! ...although it's a follow-up. The longest-running of the four City Hunter anime series, it continues the adventures of Ryo, Kaori and associates as they clean up crime on the streets of Shinjuku. It also features the fan-favorite Sara story, episodes 49 and 50.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! City Hunter 2 (1988)
*** 30th Anime Anniversary ***

Continuing today with a still popular, or at the very least still well-known, magical girl action series.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Magic Knight Rayearth (1994)

Closing out this weekend with a massively influential series from forty-five years ago. Although it has been dismissed as the single source, Casshern is sort of like Mega Man, over a decade before Mega Man was created. A great classic series that had an English subtitled release a few years ago both on DVD and Blu-ray. Classic 1970's anime theme as well.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Neo Human Casshern (1973)

Officially Fridey?  I'll be pulling Laguna Loire (Final Fantasy 8) out of the closet for this.  Most likely will leave before it's over to catch public transit; so it goes when being a commuter.

Yes, date and time are confirmed.  This gathering is always held on Friday evening.  6pm has been our time since last year to allow the most people to attend, being late enough for people to get off work / out of school / checked in to hotel / through registration / etc.

It would be great to see you there if possible, even if you have to depart early! ^_^

Good morning old schoolers!

I hope this upcoming holiday weekend will give everyone a chance to relax and work on cosplay and if you are working this weekend then I hope your workdays go smoothly.  Starting off this weekend's OPs with a series that is probably better-known by its American localization as Samurai Pizza Cats.  One of the few cases where the original and the dub are radically different takes but both are equally as enjoyable.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's!  Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (1990)

Continuing along with my favorite hard sci-fi anime series, which went on to become a franchise. I don't want to reveal much about this title for those who are unfamiliar with it as there are a lot of plot twists, but if you want a gritty and unapologetic tale about a soldier finding himself and his humanity - check this one out. Additionally I love the utilitarian design of the VOTOMS (Vertical One-man Tank for Offense and ManeuverS) mechs. Super cool jazzy opening theme as well!

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Armored Trooper VOTOMS (1983)

Closing out Friday with a very popular series of the late 1990's. Modern as it may still seem, it is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Serial Experiments Lain (1998)
*** 20th Anime Anniversary ***

Kicking off Saturday with a true juggernaut of 1980's anime. Regular people in extraordinary situations. And for the record, Roy Focker and Claudia LaSalle are my favorite couple in the series and one of my favorite anime couples alongside Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura (City Hunter), and Osamu Sugo and Clair Fortran (Cyber Formula).

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982)

Continuing with an entertaining little series that apparently had a very limited animation budget. Seriously, this is one of those series that while good looking, has long sequences of still frames while advancing dialogue. There's also a fun Super Famicom game based on the series that has an English fan-translation available.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Violinist of Hameln (1996)

Finishing out Saturday with an interesting one. Daltanious was originally slated, along with Dairugger and Albegas, to form the basis of the Voltron production. When World Events Productions was acquiring the rights to robot team shows, they requested "the one with the lion" - as Daltanious features a single robot-shaped lion as part of its team. The Japanese distributor misunderstood and sent them Golion instead - which was a more modern series WEP ended up liking more and adapting into Lion Voltron. Many years ago I swear I saw a "Future Robot Daltanious" VHS tape at a Suncoast store, knew it sounded familiar but never bought it. To this day I have been unable to confirm any North American VHS release of Daltanious, outside of my memory of that one encounter at Suncoast.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Future Robo Daltanious (1979)

What better way to celebrate the Easter holiday today than with donuts? Twenty years ago today the anime adaptation of Trigun premiered!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Trigun (1998)
*** 20th Anime Anniversary ***

Another series that exploded in the middle of the 1990's anime fandom, especially in North America. Twenty years ago this Tuesday, Cowboy Bebop premiered!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Cowboy Bebop (1998)
*** 20th Anime Anniversary ***

Closing out the classic anime OPs for this weekend with another big upcoming anniversary. Fifty years ago this Thursday, the original anime adaptation of Cyborg 009 premiered!

Celebrating An Era - 1960's! Cyborg 009 (1968)
*** 50th Anime Anniversary ***

Panels and Workshops / Vintage Anime - Name That Year!
« on: March 27, 2018, 02:42:48 PM »
In an effort to bring some classic anime love back to FanimeCon, a new panel -

Vintage Anime - Name That Year!

Do you know your anime? Three attendees compete to identify pre-2001 anime openings to their respective years! Each classic anime opening is followed by a brief selection of information, including current availability and related works. Compete to win old school anime prizes and be crowned Otaking!*

(three competitor slots accepted from panel attendees - first come, first served)

*Otaking is not gender-specific, it's a term from the 1991 OVA "Otaku no Video" but if you're interested in this panel then you probably knew that already.

View the greatest anime openings of all time, listen to iconic music, and expand your anime horizons!

The first three panel attendees who wish to compete will sit at the front of the room across from the stage. They will each be given three cards, marked A, B, and C.

Ten rounds - Each round will have three years on screen, example: A.1982 B.1985 C.1989, and an anime opening / intro will play. At the conclusion of the anime opening, each competitor holds up the card that corresponds to the year they think the anime series premiered in. If their answer is correct, they are awarded a point.  After a round, the next presentation slide will give the correct answer for the competitors and audience, brief information about the series, its current availability, and so on - as is done in a traditional information panel.  After that the next round begins.

Whichever contestant has the most points at the end of the final round wins a vintage anime prize pack supplied by myself. (nothing crazy, don't get too excited, but it will be in the theme of vintage anime fandom) In the case of a tie, there will be a tiebreak series opening, without multiple choice, where the competitors must write the year down. Closest to the actual year breaks the tie and wins.  In the event of a continuing tie, co-champions will be crowned!

A twist on the "vintage anime" type panel with more audio / video and the addition of a competition between three attendees.

This will be the first time this panel is offered and is a one-hour panel.

Currently confirmed for Saturday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM in Panels Room 4.

Join us and... NAME - THAT - YEAR!

Good morning old schoolers!

Finally a break from the rain in Fanime's backyard!  I'm almost at a loss for words concerning how much interest this gathering has garnered so far this year.  If you're still on the fence about attending, or your cosplay plans have changed, still feel free to join us, take some pictures, and see the awesome breadth of pre-2001 cosplay at FanimeCon!

Starting off Friday OPs with an outstanding one.  The Dominion Tank Police OVA will have premiered thirty years ago this FanimeCon Sunday.  A prequel of sorts to Masamune Shirow's Dominion from 1986 (which has to be the longest continuously published manga in English - seriously, you can still buy it new), it became an instant classic within the two big anime booms in the West, being one of those titles that stretched between them.

I mention anime booms a lot - In my opinion the first big Western anime boom was in the early 1980's where there was a huge underground interest, which then culminated in the second boom in the mid 1990's when there was a public explosion of interest in anime, manga, and Japanese culture - massively helped along by the fansite era of the Web.  The opening here is the dubbed English version, which I have a tremendous fondness for all around.  There are few anime dubs that I love more than Dominion Tank Police, you can tell they were having fun.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  Dominion / Dominion Tank Police (1988)
*** 30th Anime Anniversary ***

Continuing on, a franchise that's deserving of a sixth series. Cyber Formula moves beyond a standard car racing anime in that the characters really grow and change throughout its series and many years of competition and racing development. Additionally Ryotaro Okiayu, who voiced Franz Heinel (owner / driver of Sturozech Project) throughout all the Cyber Formula anime, is a FanimeCon 2018 Guest of Honor.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Future GPX Cyber Formula (1991)

And to close out Friday a reminder, all Evangelion cosplayers are welcome at the Old School Cosplay Gathering. I didn't see a specific Eva gathering submitted this year so far (and I don't believe there was one last year but I could be wrong) but you're all welcome at this gathering. If you know an Eva cosplayer, please let them know!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

Good morning, let's kick off Saturday OPs with a good one. I have to give full disclosure, my first brush with Saint Seiya came in the form of the terrible Famicom games - you can imagine how lost I was! Thankfully they didn't turn me away from the series.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Saint Seiya (1986)

Let's get super old school for the next OP. Way ahead of its time, Eight Man essentially established the cybernetic superhero genre and had a massive influence on early anime art design. Unfortunately the series is without a Western release, outside of a few VHS tapes of the watered-down 1965 American rework as "8th Man" and are long out of print. The 1993 OVA sequel 8 Man After is one of my favorite anime productions - although I know opinion in it is quite mixed. Getting this series English subtitled is one of my otaku pipe dreams.

Celebrating An Era - 1960's! Eight Man (1963)

While not a Gundam series everyone likes (that would be The 08th MS Team), War In The Pocket is a Gundam side story that really stretches beyond the mecha genre and paints a much more personal tale about life away from the front lines of interstellar war. If you enjoy anime that makes the viewer think, then this is one to definitely check out. I do hope you have all had a wonderful Saturday and we'll be back again tomorrow for three more OPs.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War In The Pocket (1989)

As of today there are exactly two months until the Old School Cosplay Gathering, which also means there are exactly two months until FanimeCon 2018! For this Sunday's three OPs, I'm starting out with the series in which your gathering hosts will be cosplaying from. After the success of the 1988 OVA, Patlabor continued with its first feature film in 1989 and a TV series that followed a similar but different continuity. All of Patlabor was re-licensed and re-released a few years ago, including the original English dub of the TV series, and is well worth taking a look at if you enjoy anime where regular people drive the narrative.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Mobile Police Patlabor - Patlabor On Television (1989)

While a new small Gunsmith Cats production may be in the works, it'll never match the slickness of the classic OVA's opening. The energy of this OP makes it stand out from most anything else, quite possibly one of the most perfect anime openings of all time.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Gunsmith Cats (1995)

Closing out the weekend with another OP that drips cool and style.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Space Cobra (1982)

Ooo! Question: I just realized that my Area 88 Mickey Simon cosplay is based on the 2000s version, not the 1980s version (the color and symbols of the uniform changed). Would I need to revise my cosplay to the older version, or is just being part of the same series good enough?

No need to revise, as it all sprung from the same source work and lineage, it's all good.  Doubly so for a character like Mickey Simon, who has always been part of the franchise since the beginning, no matter the variation.

Technically Area 88 was created in 1979, making it a 70's property, although the first animated adaptation wasn't until 1985 with English issues of the manga even later.  For a franchise that never gained "mainstream" popularity, it sure spanned a lot of years and a lot of media!

Although, full disclosure, while I love the arcade and Super Famicom / Super Nintendo games based on Area 88, the otherwise unrelated arcade sequel Carrier Air Wing (U.S. Navy in Japan) takes the spot as my all time favorite shooter. hehe

Good morning old schoolers!

With the first draft of the FanimeCon 2018 Gatherings List posted it's nice to see so many returning gatherings - including this one!  Although slots are tentative until closer to the convention weekend, I suspect we'll stay right where we are on Friday evening at 6pm, as is tradition.

Starting out today's old school anime OPs with a pretty awesome one.  This is Moonlight Mask, a property that began in the late 1950's as a live-action TV series, one of (if not the first) Japanese TV superheroes.  He's kind of like a cross between Zorro and The Lone Ranger - but set in then modern Japan.  This anime adaptation from 1972 just blows my mind.  This has to be Mamoru Chiba's (Tuxedo Mask / Moonlight Knight) father in some alternate continuity.  Wham! Whip to the face!

Celebrating An Era - 1970's!  Moonlight Mask (1972)

Continuing on, here's an OP that I'm glad to see online again. At one point Albegas was slated to be localized as "Voltron II" along with Dairugger (Voltron I / Vehicle Voltron) and Golion (Voltron III, Lion Voltron).  Of course the continuing popularity of Lion Voltron in the wake of Vehicle Voltron prompted World Events Production to commission localization-specific continuation episodes of Lion Voltron, abandoning the original three-series concept.  Voltron II being limited to a few early toy sales of rebranded Albegas robots as "Voltron II."

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  Lightspeed Electroid Albegas (1983)

Rounding out Friday with one of my favorite series, especially for its time period.  A bold combination of a super robot hero functioning in the world of a real robot series.  Built by a private security company (who was also the lowest bidder for the contract) and operated by the marketing department, the hero robot is a lumbering behemoth that barely works. Dai-Guard turns the mecha genre on its ear, with a realistic parody of bureaucratic red tape, a loving nod at the history of the super robot genre, and a wink at the audience concerning how ridiculous it is to use giant robots for anything.  Also features an unexpected and somewhat polarizing conclusion.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's!  Earth Defense Corporation Dai-Guard (1999)

Here are a few Saturday anime OPs, leading off with an outstanding and sadly overlooked OVA.  Really beautiful and moody opening as well.  If you like Iria, do check out the two live action movies (the anime OVA is a prequel of sorts).  The live action movies are corny but fun small cast sci-fi monster movies.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's!  Iria: Zeiram the Animation (1994)

Yet another series that World Events Productions reworked for American audiences.  Following the success of their Golion rework into Voltron, Star Musketeer Bismark was adapted as Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.  In addition to the usual rewrites, renames and censoring, Saber Rider changed a supporting character (Richard Lancelot) into the titular hero, Saber Rider.  WEP also commissioned six unique episodes to better blend their localized narrative and changed the airing order of nearly every episode of the series.  Bismark is still number one of all the series I would like to see an English subtitled release of.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  Star Musketeer Bismark (1984)

Finishing off OPs for Saturday with a modern classic.  Such a cool opening theme that plays perfectly with the moody visuals.  Also one of the last series one may assume would air on expanded basic cable, but that's exactly what happened in 2003 when it aired on TechTV.  A good match for the upcoming overcast and rainy night here in Fanime's backyard.

Celebrating An Era - 2000! Boogiepop Phantom (2000)

Starting this Sunday's three old school anime OPs with comedy, style, and destruction.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Dirty Pair (1985)

Continuing the 80's cool with one of my all-time favorite series, City Hunter.  While Mokkori Cosplay will not be wearing Ryo and Kaori at the Old School Cosplay Gathering again this year, we will be doing so on Fanime Saturday.  So if you attended the gathering last year and was wondering what was up with the host wearing a blue suit jacket with women's underwear hanging out of the pockets - well then, here you go.  And yes, this is where our cosplay pair got its name (and primary logo) from.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  City Hunter (1987)

Finishing off this weekend's OPs with another 80's-tastic series.  Sonic Soldier Borgman first aired just about thirty years ago.  While the series has never been released in the USA, the two short OVA films were.  The series is worth checking out and can be found subtitled online but the subs are pretty bad, even by HK subtitle standards.  The biggest brush with the mainstream Borgman had in the West was when the Sega Mark III game based on the series was localized as "Cyborg Hunter" and released on the Sega Master System in the USA.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  Sonic Soldier Borgman (1988)
*** 30th Anime Anniversary ***

Good (very early) morning old schoolers!

*** Important Gathering Update ***

The Old School Cosplay (Pre-2001) Gathering has been officially confirmed! We are set for Friday, May 25th (Day 1) at 6PM. This year we will be moving just around the corner from last year to the ~new~ Gatherings G3 location.

Gatherings G3 is the wooden tiered platform area along the STAIRS THAT LEAD DOWN TO THE VIDEO ROOMS on the lower level. This location will give us more space to spread out, even lighting, lower stair platforms, and a protected backdrop wall. It's all around more convenient and if it works out well I would like it to become the new permanent location for the gathering.

Additionally the Photography Order has been expanded once again! If anyone has any ideas for photography order additions, any time from now until right up to at the gathering, let me know and I will add them to our extensive list!

Thank you all so much for your interest! Keep spreading the word, join us on Fanime Friday and continue to prove that just because it's old doesn't mean it isn't awesome!

Good afternoon old schoolers!

There are so many awesome pre-2001 cosplayers at Fanime every year and the amount of interest this gathering has generated is testament to that.  I am truly blown away with the amount of people that are looking at attending the Old School Cosplay Gathering, something that celebrates all of us and the media that created the fandom we all share in.  Speaking of sharing, thank you so much to everyone who has shared the event page!

In honor of Ryotaro Okiayu being announced as a FanimeCon 2018 guest of honor last week, I though I'd lead off the old school anime OPs and EDs this time around with my all time favorite shojo series, which he happens to voice the lead in.  Marmalade Boy was recently re-licensed and re-released, making the long out of print series affordable and available once more.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's!  Marmalade Boy (1994)

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  Hokuto no Ken (1984)

Celebrating An Era - 1970's!  Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978)
*** 40th Anime Anniversary ***

Doing one more OP for Friday as it appears that it began thirty years ago to this day!  It's also in my top three anime series I'd like to see an English fansub or official English subtitled release of, awesome opening song as well...

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  F (1988)
*** 30th Anime Anniversary ***

Good morning! Let's do three from Go Nagai this Saturday, beginning with my personal favorite of his works.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Cutey Honey (1973)

Continuing on with another massively influential Go Nagai creation -

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Mazinger Z (1972)

And fishing up Saturday with what is currently the most well-known Go Nagai property outside of Japan -

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Devilman (1972)

Let's begin Sunday's OPs with one of my favorite series. Yes, I'm one of the five people on the planet who likes Orguss more than Macross. The link features both the OP and the awesome ED as well!

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Super Dimension Century Orguss (1983)

Another of my absolute favorites, crazy to think this first aired 40 years ago this September.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Galaxy Express 999 (1978)
*** 40th Anime Anniversary ***

Another favorite of mine to round out Sunday. Then again, I have a soft spot for Tsukasa Hojo's works. All kinds of crazy photographic tricks in this opening, I can't think of another anime series that has this much composite work in the OP, but there's a subtlety to it.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Cat's Eye (1983)

Registration / Re: Registration Question
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I am not staff.

No idea about the opening times, they should be listed on the registration section of the website - if not now, they will be as the convention gets closer.  Usually it's open around 8am if I remember correctly.

If they use the same self-service badge-on-demand system as last year the at-con line should move fast as it takes to register and pay.

For single-day registration, I would suggest buying your badge online the day of to speed up registration.  Then at-con all you have to do is go up to one of the self-service stations, scan your code, and grab your badge.  No delays while they take your information or process your payment, that's all done beforehand.  That's how my sisters did single-day last year (I do all weekend with Day Zero pickup) and it took them as long as walking through the small registration area to be finished.

Granted, that's if they use the same system, which I would assume they would considering how it looks like registration is going this year.

FanimeCon badges don't sell out, that's not something to worry about.

On another post you said HxH cosplayers were welcome on Friday evening. What time exactly? I'll be there as Killua

You are correct, Hunter x Hunter is good to go as it began in 1998.  Until final confirmation of gathering slots is given by the Cosplay Gatherings Department, times are tentative.  However we're always on Friday evening and the plan is to have the gathering at 6pm (again) as it accommodates more people getting off work and getting through registration.  I'd assume we'd retain that time slot as the gathering has a long history at that time.

If I can find it (and still fit in it =P), I'll go as Mickey Simon from Area 88.

Ah, that would be freaking awesome!!  We had Shin Kazama there two years ago!

I remember being around two years ago as Moonlight Knight.  Long as my schedule and plans don't clash, wouldn't mind making a comeback.

That would be great, we'd love to see you return!

Good afternoon old schoolers!

Here we are at the beginning of March, just about three full months until FanimeCon 2018! Crazy rain and wind in Fanime's backyard right now - let's hope for cool temperatures and clear skies come the end of May.

As we're within three months of the convention, I'm going to expand the old school anime openings and endings to a couple every day, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As a courtesy the Fanime Forums thread will only be bumped once with OPs / EDs each Friday along with the initial post weekly, with all the following OPs / EDs for that weekend being added as a post edit.

I'm kicking things off this time with my favorite of Hideaki Anno's works, which will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this October.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Aim for the Top! / GunBuster (1988)
*** 30th Anime Anniversary ***

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (1993)

Celebrating An Era - 1960's!  Ribon no Kishi / Princess Knight (1967)

Keeping things rolling along this Saturday with more OPs and EDs...

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Martian Successor Nadesico (1996)

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (1972)

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Ranma 1/2 (1989)

'Morning everyone, here are a few more OPs for Sunday...

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Outlaw Star (1998)
*** 20th Anime Anniversary ***

Another one of those once super well-known and highly regarded series that sort of just faded out of the fandom as time rolled on.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (1990)

Rounding out the classic OPs for this Sunday, one that just got re-uploaded ten hours ago! Glad to see this one back up because it has a great theme song and a cool intro. For whatever reason it gets pulled down all the time. Makes no sense, it's not like the Dairugger was very big in Japan or the USA, the subtitled DVD release was notoriously limited and of poor quality, and WEP hasn't done anything with their localized Vehicle Voltron version in forever. Oh well, check it out while you can!

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Armored Squadron Dairugger XV (1982)

Good evening old schoolers!

FanimeCon gatherings submissions are now live, so if anyone here is hosting a gathering of their own, check out the forums for an official post and link to the gathering form.  The Old School Cosplay Gathering has been submitted and upon hearing confirmation of our date, time and location it will be made official.  In the meantime, the tentative plan is still for Friday evening as usual, 6pm, but we should be moving around the corner to the lower wooden riser staircase that leads down to the video rooms.  There we should have way better and more consistent lighting, less foot traffic behind the gathering, and easier accessibility (no climbing up and down the huge stair platforms).

As the voyage to gatherings for FanimeCon 2018 sort of officially began today, I thought this OP was appropriate.  Next weekend we'll pick up with more OPs and EDs each Friday, Saturday and Sunday as March begins.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's!  Space Battleship Yamato (1974)

I'm still figuring out my cosplay lineup, but if all goes well, I'll be Shaina from Saint Seiya. It was a 1980s-1990s manga/anime. Hope to see you there!

Cool!  We had a couple of Saint Seiya cosplayers at the gathering last year. ^_^

I've been giving things a lot of thought, and while I want to do Michiru, I think it would be better if I did Boi instead because I'm already in the middle of that cosplay since I was trying to have it done for Sac-Anime last year, and if I did him for Fanime, I would have him done for PMC.

So yeah. ><" Next year though I'll probly do Michiru. :3

Hehe, cool. ^_^

At least with Sailor Moon characters, they're pretty timeless in the vibe of current anime fandom, so they usually don't have the urgency to complete that some other cosplays may cause.

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