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Good afternoon old schoolers!

I hope you are all well this Friday and that you're doing whatever you wish to do today.  Going with an anime ending today, one of my favorites.  Also one of my favorite ending songs, Atsuku Naretara / If I Can Be Passionate from City Hunter 3.  I swear, the City Hunter franchise has the best anime series soundtracks ever released.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  City Hunter 3 (1989)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUtxTCDbUSs [ENDING]

Good afternoon old schoolers!

Crazy few days of summer-like weather here in FanimeCon's backyard, too bad I don't need to do any cosplay spray painting this year!  An extra thanks to those who have shared the event page for this gathering, it is most appreciated!  There are tons of pre-2001 cosplayers at Fanime, let's bring us all together for this gathering on Friday evening!

Going to stick to one OP per week each Friday through February but in March I'll start to pick them up and move to a few every weekend - as always - as there are a ton I'd like to get through and they really get me in that pre-2001 anime mood for the gathering!  Today an opening from 1971 that has been massively influential - just take a look at the Cowboy Bebop opening for proof.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's!  Lupin III (1971)

I started getting things to make Michiru! I'm aiming to get the fruit maid version done for Fanime. ^^

Yay!  Although I'll be wearing Captain Kiichi Goto from Mobile Police Patlabor ( 30th anniversary! ) at the Old School Cosplay Gathering, my wife and I are doing Sailor Moon S episode 106 Michiru and Haruka for the Sailor Moon gathering.  (Retiring Makoto Kino and Motoki Furuhata for Fanime 2018 after two years)  That's the origin / how they met flashback episode of the series - which means I ~really~ hope it isn't hot at Fanime this year as that cosplay consists of a full driving suit.

Really happy to see a Devilman / Go Nagai gathering this year!  For any classic Go Nagai cosplayers that may be suited up on Friday evening, you are also welcome at the Old School Cosplay Gathering - http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,21285.0.html

Two gatherings Go Nagai cosplayers can attend in 2018 - it's the end times, man!  :)

Definitely coming to the gathering as Pen Pen.

 But not sure where I would be in the line up.

Cool!  All Evangelion peeps are welcome at the gathering, obviously.

I think I'll add an animals spot to the photography list (always looking to expand the list every year) but for Pen Pen you have...
1990's (obviously).
Military / rank and file.
Public servants / government organizations / secret organizations.

And whatever else we all come up with at the gathering depending on who's there.

well, I do get to see the person who is working on said form on the 10th, so you could say an announcement of an announcement is the tenth of this month.

Ah, alright! Just another question though, do we all really need to wait till May 14th to get a confirmation on our gatherings slots as well receiving for the day, times, locations?
I feel as if this isn't enough time for cosplayers who would like to attend the gatherings to know if they would want to attend or not since it's only about 10 days before the con. Some cosplayers plan ahead of time so they'll need to know the exact day and such as soon as possible in order to see if they are able to make it. I've had others who came asking about my gathering and they were wondering about the same thing.

If I remember correctly, the May 14th date was for 2017 and was a last minute catch-all contingency for hosts that were unable to have their requested gathering times / locations fulfilled.  It was so an alternate time / location could get worked out before the gatherings list went to print for convention materials, basically the last stop before the final list was set in stone - or cardboard.  Again, that's what I recall from last year - I'm not convention staff or anything.  The gathering list came out well in advance of that date, it was just the last date for changes.

Good evening old schoolers!

Going to get back into an old school opening or ending every Friday once again, starting today.  Zillion is kind of an interesting one as while it is pretty obscure, the two Sega Mark III games (Sega Master System in the USA and other regions) were released stateside.  Additionally the Sega Light Phaser is the Zillion gun, and apparently the Zillion laser tag sets had limited North American distribution.  Cool opening with a catchy theme.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  Akai Kodan Zillion (1987)

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: HunterXHunter 2018
« on: January 30, 2018, 01:57:08 PM »

My friend who hosted last year will be hosting a HxH Gathering this year and will be posting an event soon. Thanks!

Cool, same thing - if any HxH peeps are cosplaying on Friday evening, they are welcome at the Old School Cosplay Gathering as a second gathering op.

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: HunterXHunter 2018
« on: January 29, 2018, 06:40:48 PM »
If you are unable to pull a gathering group together for Hunter x Hunter (and even if you are and attendees would like a second gathering to attend), friendly reminder you are all welcome at the Old School Cosplay Gathering as the manga began in 1998:


Traditionally the Old School Cosplay Gathering is on Friday evening and that is my advance plan yet again.

Good morning old schoolers!

Yeah, yeah, it's Saturday rather than Friday again.  Anyway... wow, a lot of interest (via Facebook) in the gathering already!  This week we're a few days shy of four months until FanimeCon, which means I personally need to get myself in gear and get moving on cosplay work.  I'm good for the Old School Cosplay Gathering but there's a ton to do still for the rest of the weekend's cosplay plans - and of course all of them are old school.

Today another one of those massively popular series of its time, and a reminder that all that great anime from the 1990's is outstanding basis for cosplay and falls well within the time range for the Old School Cosplay Gathering.  I meet people every year that had their anime interest expanded by the second western anime boom in the 1990's, including myself as my teenage years fell into the end of that range.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's!  Slayers (1995)

Rotating civilian Motoki Furuhata and Makoto Kino out for 2018 but my wife and I will be there as another civilian Sailor Moon couple.

Good morning old schoolers!

With Fanime housing now cycled through for the early registrants (I sincerely hope you all were able to book housing if needed or at least have booked something and registered on the waitlist), we're starting to see convention activity begin to spin up for 2018.  To that end, I thought I would get things going here as we're now a little more than four months away from Fanime!

As in previous years, the weekly old school anime opening (OP) posts are back.  I know they're not everyone's cup of sake but I really enjoy searching them out and it keeps me in the habit of updating the gathering event page and forum thread.  Generally these will be one OP per week (usually on Friday) right up until Fanime, along with any gathering updates for the week.  The information posted here is also cross-posted in the gathering thread on the Fanime forums.

Today may be Saturday but I seem have a tradition of sorts in kicking things off on a non-Friday.  So here we go with a series that had its anime premiere fifty years ago this month!

Celebrating An Era - 1960's!  Gegege no Kitaro (1968)
*** 50th Anime Anniversary ***

That's the thing, we didn't get a junior suite. There were 4 options with the marriott: king with rollaway, double bed room, junior suite and then a king room with no rollaway. The website and CMR customer service rep confirmed that the room can hold 4 people. So again, are they expecting 4 people to sleep on one bed or are 2 people sleeping on the floor???

Exactly.  It's a single king but the fire regulation occupancy for the room is four.

« on: January 18, 2018, 04:26:17 PM »
As I said in the unofficial group on Facebook -

If you NEED a room for the entire weekend, book at one of the airport hotels and waitlist with the other location choices you'd like to have. Then at least you have a place to stay all weekend, worst case.

If you're a room-optional person, book a single day at the hotel you want most, and waitlist for more days / full weekend at another location.

I did the latter as I don't need a room but some parts of my group MAY need housing as the convention gets closer, but would simply change their plans (attending for a single day rather than all weekend) if full on-site housing doesn't pan out.

Just remember, if you want to bail on a reservation you have until April 27th (may change) to cancel without penalty.

First and foremost - help yourself by waitlisting for the locations / rooms you need.  If you go back to the housing site after you finish your booking, go to the room availability list, and you will notice that some of the "Reserve / Unavailable" buttons have changed to "Waitlist." Click one of those and it'll take you to the Waitlist form.  Complete that, then it'll e-mail you the waitlist details confirmation after that.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: 2018 Hotel Registration times?
« on: January 11, 2018, 07:04:20 PM »
The 18th at 10am for me.  I registered on November 11th, if anyone is curious.  Could have done it immediately (and should have done it immediately anyway - stupid I didn't) but I needed to see how big the attending group was going to be after the "no group reg" change this year.

Merp, my plans keep changing, as of now I'm not doing anything old school. :C I might still take photos, though!

*Kicks self for changing a lot* Scratch what I keep saying, and because of my recent change, I may be there as Michiru from Sailor Moon. xD (I've had the wig for what feels like ages but haven't cosplayed her yet so I'm gonna try to stick with this plan XD )

Hehe, that's no problem.  Fanime is still almost five months away so I'm sure your plans may shift again.  I always enjoy seeing Sailor Moon characters at the Old School Cosplay Gathering!

I know the Sailor Moon Gathering absorbs most of them however, including my wife and I as Makoto Kino and Motoki Furuhata over the past two years.  We're rotating Makoto and Motoki (still my favorite anime couple that never was, until the live action series but they made Motoki such a dope in that!) out for 2018 but plan on being at the Sailor Moon Gathering as an early days Michiru and Haruka... because I love obscurity even with mainstream titles.

For the Old School Cosplay Gathering we'll probably be wearing our Mobile Police Patlabor uniforms (Shinobu Nagumo and Kiichi Goto specifically) once more.  We were going to give them a rest in 2018 but it's the 30th anniversary of Patlabor, along with a new anime series "Patlabor EZY" slated for 2018, so that's our Friday plan.

Good morning old schoolers!

It looks like many returning FanimeCon cosplay gathering organizers have begun to stir their interest threads on the Fanime forums.  Still don't expect a lot of movement here until into the New Year (no changes planned, Fanime Friday as usual) but I did want to touch base once more, and wish everyone a happy holiday season.

As the FanimeCon 2018 theme is "Gaming" I want to extend a reminder that pre-2001 video game cosplay is absolutely good to go for the Old School Cosplay Gathering.  And as this is the Friday prior to Christmas, an appropriate piece of old school video game music...

From the Winter season of 1999 and DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX, Silent Hill -


Clockwork has grown into a separate independent event.

Our Gaming departments are definitely interested in ideas. What do you have in mind?

A couple rows of candy cabs (traditional Japanese sit-down arcade cabinets prevalent since the JAMMA standard was introduced in 1985) like was seen at AOD this year.  It would be cool to have an area of the arcade super-themed to be like an old style Japanese game center or even a separate room that was like that.  And of course you can run anything on those cabinets, shooters, fighting games, run and guns, classic arcade titles, etc.

Registration / Re: Artist Alley Cancellation?
« on: November 04, 2017, 01:55:04 PM »
Or, you know, this could be another instance of confusing the "Art Gallery" with "Artist's Alley."

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