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General Convention Discussion / Re: Pros and Cons of Fanime 2017
« on: June 01, 2017, 09:09:26 PM »
also, people checking badges are awful, i walked up with my badge in plain sight and he nearly grabbed me asking "BADGE?!?!" it was right in front of his face, maybe dont hire 90 year old staff members wtf.

Most of the facilities staff who were checking badges were great.  However, yes, there was ONE older gentleman who was an asshat.  Did the same thing, I'm holding my badge out in plain sight so he can see it easily, and he puts his hands on me.  I tell him very calmly, "Don't set your hands on me, brother" and he didn't know what to do except continue to look at my badge and move aside.  Everyone else was fine, and went as far as to complement me a couple times.

As for badge pick up, as was said, it really depended on how aware the person at the printer at your table was.  Overall I REALLY liked the self-service system and hope it comes back next year.  I'm sure if they keep it as it is and everyone is more familiar with how it will play out, then it'll be even smoother.

Registration / Re: Fan Name Issue?
« on: June 01, 2017, 08:45:24 PM »
Yup, same thing here - I'd guess whatever is supposed to be populating the e-mail that was just sent out is pointing to the wrong place to grab the data.  No issues when logging in and printing the confirmation directly so I'm not worried about it.

At least no barcode fiasco like last year!!

What was the barcode fiasco last year?

Okay, I got someone in trouble about this last year and yeah, I don't know what crawled up my ass about it because I got way out of line a few times then - but here's the basics from what I recall...

At the last minute, something like a week and a half before the convention, you could no longer log into registration and view your registration details.  Turns out that CMR wasn't going to be the registration partner in the end and another company was used instead.  Of course this was all kept quiet but eventually an employee of the new company opened his mouth on the unofficial facebook fan group.

The QR code that had been used for the previous two years was now going to be invalid, instead a barcode from the new company would be required.  If you e-mailed or called them directly they would explain this but aside from that they were completely silent.  In addition it seemed that the new company had ONE customer service person manning all phones and e-mail (unconfirmed but we all seemed to get the same person).

Like two days before Fanime they send out an e-mail with the barcode, way too late for a lot of people traveling to the convention to ever see until the absolute last minute.  Additionally it was way too late in the game to get the word out or alleviate any e-mail issues and if you needed to make a registration change you were SOL.

So when Fanime comes around a bunch of people have no idea about the change and have QR codes, so their information has to be looked up manually, this slows down registration.  The badge printing equipment is different than the previous two years (the kind that was back this year) and creates an additional assortment of problem variables.  Botched prints, information printed wrong, tons of stuff I both heard from other attendees and saw first hand myself.  Of course if you had a problem then you get to go wait in the special registration line to have it fixed - which already is overwhelmed with all the confirmation issues.  This along with a number of other technical issues meant that registration became an impossibly huge mess.  Because it was moved to a smaller space on the assumption it would be smooth as the two previous years, the chain of people in line stretched throughout the convention center.  I still feel bad for the rovers who had to police that line because they were all so overworked.

No badge issues this year.  Long live CMR!!

Makes me wonder, did anyone actually end up with @@UDF1 on their badge?

A lot of great advice so far!

For the past three years my wife and I have decided to cosplay every day of Fanime after cosplaying for a single day the year before that (2014).  We live about 10 minutes away from the convention center by freeway, so we drive in every morning.  We still head out pretty early to get a good space in our preferred lot as we pack a cooler and go eat lunch at the car Friday - Sunday and then have dinner downtown unless we leave on a day in the late evening.

The majority of our cosplays are based around reasonably standardized garments (jumpsuits, uniforms, specific civilian clothes) as those tend to be the characters we really like.  Convention planning really falls upon what props will be carried on what days.  Each morning we head to peacebonding first thing to get it out of the way, and then I'll sometimes run props back to the car to stash away, especially if we have alternate (daytime / evening) props that we switch out throughout the day, generally when we return to the car to eat lunch.

We plan on doing the most shopping and purchasing on whichever day we're wearing the most mobile cosplay.  For the past two years that's been Saturday while cosplaying as the two SV2 captains from Mobile Police Patlabor.  The cosplay is more or less a formal 1980's Japanese traffic control uniform (which the Patlabor uniforms were designed to be a near-future extension of) so it's easy to get around in and the boots are very comfortable all day.  I also made us some in-universe themed canvas tote bags with logos of the two major corporations in the series, so no matter how much stuff we buy, we still always fit completely in-universe.  I keep saying we'll retire the Patlabor uniforms for a year but I love wearing them WAY too much and we always run into the most awesome vintage anime people while wearing them, like a couple who attended AnimeCon '91 whom we met on Saturday night.

In addition to getting the majority of the "hard shopping" done in the easiest to move around in cosplay with the most minimal props, it also makes it easy to carry a camera (again, in one of those branded tote bags) and be able to have a 'normal' con day.  If there are autograph sessions we're interested in - that's the day to do them if at all possible.

Generally if there are large props involved during a day, it tends to be more low-key or we plan a specific break.  The year we did Densha de Go!, which consists of me wearing a super-deformed bullet train around my mid section, we stored everything in the car for a couple hours one afternoon after lunch and just had a 'normal' con afternoon into the evening, getting dressed again after dinner.  FYI - if you walk around con in business attire (the cosplay involves me dressed as a normal salaryman and my wife looks like a normal office lady without her JR platform conductor blazer and hat) people will ask if you are hotel staff. -_-;;

Splitting the day, as has been said previously by others, tends to work out the best for us regardless.  If you are carrying a large prop, simply putting it in your car or room for a few hours (between two meals for instance) can make a huge difference.  If you don't want to be sans props, think of smaller alternate props you can carry to free yourself up for at least part of the day.  This is also a good time for a footwear swap for a bit during the day, especially if you're going to do a couple hours worth of hall shopping.  For instance my wife changed to tennis shoes after the Sailor Moon gathering this year as we were going to take two of my sisters around the con (their first ever) and knew there would be more walking than usual.  Smart move.

Another planning tip that does well for us is quickly marking in the pocket guide ANYTHING that seems interesting, including anything reasonably interesting in the video rooms.  Of course if there's something specific we want to see or do then that takes priority, but it's nice to be able to see at a glance if there's anything coming up that we were interested in.  Once that's taken care of, we tend to play the rest of the convention fast and loose with no specific plan.  We only do one cosplay a day, so of course your mileage may vary, but these few things keep the convention what it should be - fun.

Okay, unofficial gallery is up, as well as the official Fanime gallery.  Both these are linked in the SECOND POST on the first page of this thread.

I had sooo much fun at the gathering!! ^^ Will get my pictures up soon! <3

Also hope to see everyone again next year. :) I'm sure I'll be doing another old school cosplay(if anything I'll be Aerith/Aeris next year so already got one XD )

Thank you so much for attending once again!!

The gaming theme for next year means it might be time to bring out the Densha de Go! bullet train suit again (which hasn't been to a convention since Fanime 2015) or Taizo Hori from Dig Dug (which hasn't been to Fanime since 2015 but I've worn it elsewhere since) for the 2018 Old School Cosplay Gathering.

Is the con getting bigger? It seemed smaller. It'd be interesting to see those stats!

A combination of no registration issues + perfect weather = people more up for spreading out, hanging out and mingling outside, walking around to eat in different places, going over to the park, having more outdoor photo shoots, etc.

As for the bacon hot dog vendors...there were way too many this year. I understand that you gotta make money somehow, but it was getting hard to walk through that front area on the sidewalk where they were all congregating, especially in large or delicate cosplay where you may not want to have to walk around a bunch of obstacles covered in grease. Some of the vendors were also a bit aggressive in their marketing. (Never mind that the smell of those things makes me feel a bit nauseous, but that's a personal issue I suppose)

Hahaha, I thought I was the only person who noticed how insane (har har) they were this year.  I swear, it looked like they were having some kind of street vendor cooking competition out there or something.  As for the smell, to me it smells good for about five minutes and then... yeah, bleh...  Too many years of salvaging vintage video games from flea markets, the smell of vendor cart food is forever linked to digging through dirty boxes of junk for me.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Corner of Market and San Carlos St.
« on: May 29, 2017, 11:09:07 PM »
Just one of those quirks of that part of downtown any time there is a big event, to be honest.  Way easier to use the lightrail platform crosswalk directly in front of the convention center to get to the other side of San Carlos.  I can only imagine the mess that will be down there when they begin the Parkside Hall redevelopment project.

For those saying that this was the worst Fanime ever, the common denominator I noticed so far is alcohol and social issues. Those are you and your friends' choices for ir/responsibility, not the convention.

It's been compliments all around.
No one has blamed the con for their own personal issues... at least not yet. Dun dun dun.

Ah, you just jinxed it.

My biggest gripe which it really hasn't anything to do with FanimeCon, is the atmosphere around the convention center between hotels, garages, and the streets in general. The homeless and panhandling crowd has gotten bad and dangerous (and even the hot dog vendors have been a little too much...). I avoid the Santa Clara Street area at all times, and the San Carlos St area near Iguanas/La Vic has been getting bad too. Druggies, homeless, hecklers, harassers, etc... has made San Jose an unwelcoming place, especially at night. It has become an eyesore just walking from Marriott to Fairmont, and that's just across the street.

I am not sure what can be done from the convention's point of view. The convention center and hotels themselves are the safest places to be 24 hours a day. What can be done to make sure downtown San Jose is safe?

You're telling me dude, it has gotten pretty bad in the past few years.  I don't want to get "San Jose political" on the Fanime forums, so all I will say is that I love this city, I am a native of this city, and I completely agree with you. If anyone feels they may have solutions to this, please run for city government, get involved in city politics.  I know in San Jose it can feel like you're beating your head against granite about things like this - but this city can get back to what it once was eventually, I will always believe that.

Huge thanks again to Fanime for protecting the convention center and connected hotels during the convention, and keeping it a secure place for us to enjoy over the weekend.

I completely feel you pain about sinus issues at con.  In 2016, the Wednesday before Day Zero, 11pm, three stitches before finishing up the last cosplay, I felt my throat get irritated.  I felt feverish during Day Zero but was able to get my badge, one of the few with no issue, and came back for swap.  Friday I was in a bit of a daze (from the allergies and sinus issues + the decongestants I was taking by that time), but good until I blew out my voice during my gathering.  Saturday even worse so my wife and I spent the day sitting around and getting some autographs.  Sunday we bailed immediately after the Sailor Moon gathering as now the meds were making me loopy.  Went home, slept for three hours, then came back that evening out of cosplay - by then I had broken the sinus crap and could get off the meds.  Monday back to normal.  It sucked ass, completely sucked ass, my extreme condolences!

For 2017, things were awesome all around - and throughout the weekend I remarked how great it was not to feel like I did in 2016.  I was a little raspy from the wind at the start of the weekend but it went away - and I need to realize my voice is just going to keep getting more raspy the older I get it seems.

Friday: Got in early, got our peacebonding done for the only day we would require it.  Settled into the Nostalgia Room to watch City Hunter (as that was what we were cosplaying from) - pretty good turnout!  Mokkori!!  Actually got recognized by a few people - not bad for a series that has been out of print in the US for a long time and is 30+ years old.  Hosted the Old School Cosplay Gathering at 6pm - outstanding turnout there!  I cannot express how much I respect and appreciate my fellow pre-2001 cosplayers!  Can't wait to do it again in 2018!

Saturday: Mobile Police Patlabor cosplay, which I freaking love to wear.  As it's the most mobile (har har) this is the day we knock out most of our shopping.  Bought some Patlabor and City Hunter cels in the dealer's hall, pretty awesome.  As pretty much every Patlabor cosplayer ever will tell you - people will assume you work for the convention center, assume you work for facilities, assume you work for the convention, assume you are security, assume you are a parking attendant, and generally think you are authoritative and ask you questions when they need help.  Even one of the convention center facilities guys checking badges to get upstairs complemented us on how nice we looked. ahaha ;D It must be the blazing orange vests - they do make us stick out like a sore thumb.  That all said, I'm happy to help out any fellow con-goers and point them in the direction of official channels for things I don't know or are beyond a question suited to ask another attendee.  Ran into a couple out front on Saturday night while coming back from dinner that attended AnimeCon '91 and we got to talking for a couple hours, that was really nice.

Sunday: Convinced two of my sisters to come out for a few hours for the day so we met up with them in the morning.  My wife and I were cosplaying as Motoki and Makoto from Sailor Moon for Sunday, the one cosplay we do where she is more recognizable than me.  However this year I did have a few people recognize me as Motoki Furuhata!  Awesome!!  I've only ever seen a very few Motoki cosplayers online.  Tons of fun at the Sailor Moon gathering - the one other gathering we attend besides our own.  Then we took my sisters around the convention center, went through the halls a few times, watched some videos, general stuff.  They really want to come back next year - was the first large con they've ever been to.

Monday: Low key day, my wife stayed out of cosplay and her and I went around and got some shots of myself as Ryo Saeba from City Hunter around downtown while it wasn't so busy and the lighting was even.  Hit the halls a couple times more and then called it a day / con.

No issues what so ever this year other than small, very brief shake it off, type things.  Really looking forward to 2018.

Nothing but old school / vintage anime cosplay from me.

Friday I was Ryo Saeba along with my wife as Kaori Makimura from City Hunter.  We hosted the Old School Cosplay Gathering (official gathering photos here - https://fanimecon.slickpic.com/albums/FanimeCon-Friday-4pm-7pm/?wallpaper - unofficial photos on the way)  Yes, I know I'm a total idiot when I cosplay as Ryo.

Saturday I was Kiichi Goto along with my wife as Shinobu Nagumo from Mobile Police Patlabor.

Sunday I was Motoki Furuhata along with my wife as Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon. We were also at the awesome Sailor Moon gathering.

Wonderful Fanime this year, all around.

More of a placeholder and a quick posting for those anxious for pictures from the gathering.

Official FanimeCon pictures can be found here -

Tye / Imperal, FanimeCon Friday, 4pm - 7pm Gatherings Gallery -
(scroll down to see an awesome set of official pictures from the gathering)

Unofficial photos from your gathering hosts will be up mid-week.  If anyone has pictures from this gathering, please post them in this thread!  During the middle of this week I will begin to assemble a gallery index listing as pictures surface after Fanime wraps up.

Thank you again to all who attended or showed interest in this gathering!

Big thank you to the Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayers who also came out to the Old School Cosplay Gathering earlier in the day!

Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to all who attended or showed interest in this gathering!!

Thank you to the awesome Cosplay Gatherings Department for all the support they provide to allow us to host these gatherings!!!

Unofficial photos from the gathering co-host will be up within the week at facebook.com/mokkoricosplay - when that gallery goes live I will also add it to the first post here, as well as post it on the Facebook event page (although Facebook likes to hide events after they happen).

As other gathering albums surface after con, I will post their links in the first post here as well!

If you have photos from this gathering, PLEASE post a link to your gallery as a reply and I will collect them for a photo index on the first post!

We will absolutely be back for 2018 to host this gathering on Friday evening!!  Bigger and better every year!

Okay old schoolers!!

Just about 24 hours to go until the gathering.  We should be in the gathering area around this time tomorrow, getting checked in at the gathering's table and so forth.  (and probably running props back and forth to the car)

I've updated the second post with some visual aides for those who may be unfamiliar with the new gathering location, Gatherings G2.

See you all tomorrow evening!

There's an outside chance I'll show for this.  I'm one pair of yellow baggy pants away from having a complete enough Secret of Mana cosplay (it looks like a darker yellow on the spritesheet anyways; this character is so minor I can't find even a fanart reference)

Alternate option is pulling Final Fantasy 8 Laguna out of the closet.

That would be outstanding!

General Convention Discussion / Re: 2017 Hype Thread
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:48:43 PM »
In and out, badges in hand, allergies are far more manageable than last year at this time - Weekend is off to a solid start so far!

also if i bring a 2nd cosplay do i need to get props checked when i get my props checked for cosplay im wearing or can i get my prop check when i switch cosplays

You have to be in the cosplay that matches the prop you are having peacebonded.

Registration / Re: Tiny QR code
« on: May 24, 2017, 07:55:24 PM »
In the three years they've used QR codes (2014, 2015, and this year) the e-mailed code and the log-in and reprint code have looked different.  Both in 2014 and 2015 I presented the larger original code and had no issue.  Although, as has been said above, I also had the smaller later sent one with me just in case.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Over night parking?
« on: May 23, 2017, 02:54:48 PM »
As far as I know the parking garage next to Vons

Ahahaha, SoCal, SoCal, SoCal! *points* Just kidding - I do that whenever my wife says the same.

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