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Good morning old schoolers!  Another week passed already, where are they going?!  Fanime Cosplay Gatherings Department has released their gatherings form and the Old School Cosplay Gathering has been formally submitted.

Our target day and time is Friday at 6pm, the last regular time slot.  This will allow the most people to attend while still not interfering with Friday Swap Meet.  Due to Gatherings G4 (The Hub) being reclaimed for Fanime Registration as per the Registration FAQ, the plan is to move the gathering just a bit toward the main Convention Center entrance, utilizing Gatherings G2 or G3.  These are the tiered wooden steps that flank the main staircases just inside the entrance.  This is literally a twenty second walk from the previous location, so it should be easy to find.  Once the gathering has an official time and location they will be posted here as well as in the Fanime Forums thread.

The OP for today is my favorite "modern" mecha series, although it's from 1999.  A combination of a super robot and a real robot - Dai-Guard is loving parody to the genre, not quite as much serious wit as Patlabor, but cut from a bit of the same cloth.  Essentially a series about how ridiculous it is to use a giant robot for pretty much anything, as well as the bureaucracy that would come with it. It's kind of like Evangelion turned on its ear.  It also has a pretty unique approach to its conclusion.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's!  Earth Defense Corporation Dai-Guard (1999)

I was on the edge of the VHS fansub era outside of some episodes of the later Sailor Moon seasons.  However I did buy many, many artbooks from "some random guy" in the back of many comic stores - including the absolute doppelganger for Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons in a tiny town in the central valley.  "Which book I like least I will allow you the privilege of purchasing from me."  I swear he said that!

I've never been able to really get into Chrono Cross.  I've tried a few times over the years, since the day it was released actually, but it just doesn't click with me.  It's just too different from what I expected it to be and I've never been able to get over that I suppose.  The only Final Fantasy game I've ever really liked was IX but I've never been able to definitively explain why.  I mean to swing around and play VII (I know, I know) and VIII but as with anime, there are always fan translation efforts coming out that pull my attention.  The fan translation of Lagrange Point is next on my list and that's been out for over two years at this point.

For Evangelion, after finishing the original run completely, I think I went back and then watched the director's cut revised episodes 21 - 24, and then The End of Evangelion as if I'm remembering correctly that's how the new continuity ties together.  It didn't improve or diminish my feelings concerning the show, but there are some really nicely animated sequences.  If anything, I don't feel like it was a waste of my time to do so.  Then again, Kaji is my favorite character in Evangelion, so no one cares about my opinions on the series anyway. haha

I feel the same way about a lot of things. Is it nostalgia (even if I hadn't seen that anime before)? Or do I just tend to like that style of anime better?

An example: if an anime came out next season about two cute bikini-clad cops in space, I'd probably write it off as generic moe fanservice type stuff. Even if I watched it, I probably wouldn't like it. But if a show like that came out in 1985, it would be (and is...) my current obsession. Not that all anime from the '80s and '90s and automatically good (oh my god I just watch the Megami Paradise OVAs and that's easily the worst anime I've seen in a long time...but the designs are so cosplayable!), but I tend to like that kind of thing better than modern things, even if it doesn't always hold, even for classics (never got into Urusei Yatsura, for example). Sure, something like Dirty Pair is silly and fluffy and has major issues, but the style of it and the way an anime of that era is told appeals to me much more than something newer, even if the premise were similar. There's something stylistically endearing about older anime that newer anime just doesn't have for me.

Maybe if I got into anime now, I'd like the newer stuff and in 15 years be lamenting that things aren't as good as they were 15 or 20 years before. I don't know. But it seems like even if older anime fell into a lot of pandering to specific otaku tastes, it was at least pandering /my/ specific otaku tastes. (I think it also helps that ~15 years ago [probably more like 16 or 17 now -- I was quite young] when I got into anime, it was much harder to come by, so what made it to the US was pretty much the cream of the crop, and things like Megami Paradise were thankfully filtered out.  It was also right at the start of anime entering at least somewhat into the mainstream, with Toonami, anime on Adult Swim, Tokyopop and manga sections in bookstores, DVDs becoming available at Suncoast, etc., most of which I remember happening, so that there was a richer history of anime to mine that hadn't been released stateside yet, so we could get the best of multiple eras rather than just the current era.)

Don't even get me started on video games! It doesn't exactly help that my favorite genre (JRPGs) have largely gone by the wayside in the form that I loved them in. The best game I've played in the past year came out in 1999.

As for newer anime, there's been a few things I've liked in the past several years. Eden of the East is a mess but I liked it. Mawaru Penguindrum is...certainly not Utena, but I enjoyed it enough to watch it a second time. (I've so far resisted Yuri Kuma Arashi.) I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed Yuri on Ice. It's not this amazing masterpiece that a lot of fans seem to think it is, but it's a pretty solid anime. This is coming from someone who generally does not like sports anime. Other things not quite old school but not new: I love both Red Garden and Kino's Journey. Watched them both around 10 years ago. RG is a mess, full of plotholes, and I'm really glad they did away with the musical aspect, but I liked it a lot. Kino is fantastic and was my favorite series for many years.

Otherwise, I've been watching a lot of anime in the past year and a half or so, more than I have in the past 10 or 15 years, but most of it has been older things I never got around to back in the day! It was all kicked off by my best friend forcing me to watch Utena, and...well, I fell in love. Easily my favorite anime of all time. I don't know why I never watched it sooner. I've watched Serial Experiments Lain and The Rose of Versailles since, and am currently working my way through Evangelion and the aforementioned Dirty Pair. I like to throw on anime in the background while sewing, and I've found that Golden Boy is good for that. Tried to do that with Lost Universe but it got plot heavy so I stopped because I couldn't pay attention to the subtitles /and/ my sewing machine.

Ugh. I'm too young to feel this old! I'm not even 30 yet!

I have to agree about there being something stylistically enduring about anime of an earlier era.  The pacing, the way scenes are set up, the bad in-betweeners now and then, the way establishing shots lead into scenes, different mediums being used for backgrounds and cels.. but I can't put my finger on something really specific or explain it well.  I think a big part of it is a lot of anime of that era wasn't trying to create a massive media mania behind it - they were artists telling their stories, maybe sell a few toys to keep their studio going, and that was it.  Then onto the next story.  Little self-contained worlds that only had to play to their specific audiences, and in that way they could play to them wonderfully.

I will say that movement in animation is one thing that isn't what it used to be.  Modern digital animation makes movement way too sterile.  Clean art is great but movement in reality is not clean, that's not how humans see things.  Watching Angel Heart for instance, the fast slapstick type scenes or quick action sequences don't have the pop of City Hunter (1987 - 1991) because with modern and more digital animation you see everything all the time.  If something is intentionally under-detailed to give it less emphasis, it sticks out.  In older animation that would simply shift the focus to where the attention is supposed to be given.

I was very fortunate during my adolescence to have a Hollywood Video with a good anime section and a store manager that would ask me what it should be stocked with out of their ordering list.  In addition to the mainstream stuff of the time like Akira and Devil Hunter Yohko, I was able to see Super Dimension Century Orguss, GunBuster, the later Project A-ko OVAs, Dancouga, Zenki, Hades Project Zeorymer (which I'll admit isn't good but I like it), Blue Seed, Dominion Tank Police, Detonator Orgun, Demon City Shinjuku (which I still FREAKING LOVE - I don't care what anyone says), 8 Man After, Magic Knight Rayearth, Mobile Police Patlabor, Urusei Yatsura, New Cutey Honey, and a ton more I don't recall until I stumble upon them somewhere.  They pulled in a lot of garbage too but heck, how were any of us supposed to know something was bad then until we watched it?  Then when the tapes were out of circulation he would put them aside for me so I could buy them for $4 a pop.

I think the most recent JRPG I really enjoyed was Dragon Quest VIII, but that game is kind of a celebration of the series up until that point.  It's not Grandia or anything, but what is.

Evangelion is a series I used to really not like but that was because I pretty much refused to give it a chance.  A few years ago I came across the original ADV DVD boxset for a few dollars and picked it up for the heck of it, and my opinion changed.  I still don't see it as the most incredible thing ever created the way some do, but it is a very interesting series in my opinion - very visually interesting and well written.  Hideaki Anno can say whatever he wants but the series definitely did go off the rails and run out of money - but it just kind of works.  It's like the last episode of the British TV drama The Prisoner - how could it possibly have any ending that would be satisfying with where the series eventually lead itself to?  So yeah, after many years of stupidity of shrugging it off, I like Evangelion - it's still no GunBuster though.

And the update for this week!

Good morning old schoolers!  Here we are, about to close out February, so about three months to Fanime.  I want to express a tremendous amount of awareness and support to all those affected by the recent flooding in San Jose and throughout California.  Those in San Jose truly deserve better from our fair city.  I do hope everyone is safe.  For today's OP, Go Nagai once again lends future influence to the anime industry as a whole.  I really wouldn't mind cosplaying from Cutey Honey but I know I'd sweat to death as a Panther Claw henchman.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's!  Cutey Honey (1973)

I may have to do Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors one day if it doesn't conflict with the Disney gathering or the Welcome to Night Vale panel I'm hoping to host.

I'm really trying to keep a lean toward Japanese entertainment history as with the first Old School Gatherings I attended.  Absolutely no one will be turned away, obviously, because I wouldn't do that.  And let's be honest, old school cosplayers are like the geekiest fandom there (don't know about most but I wear that as a badge of honor) so we should all be celebrated.  :)

So I'm considering putting Kagura on the back burner and instead do a human version of Giroro from Sgt Frog. The manga was first released in 1999 so I feel it would work. xD I've re-discovered my love for that series so the switch just might happen. XD

Yup, that's all good since it began before the end of 2000. ^_^

Lately I've really been trying to think of more "modern" stuff that I like and, although I'm not specifically trying to thumb my nose at anything, there's really very little I can think of.  I did really like Durarara!!  Um, I'm finally getting around to watching Angel Heart, and I am really enjoying the kind of alternate-reality take on City Hunter.  Ah, I thought Space Symphony Maetel was great.  I thought Sailor Moon Crystal was ooooooookay.  Patlabor Reboot was a really good modernization of Mobile Police Patlabor in current society, one-off short as it was.

Yeah, a lot of that is a modern extension or rework or the like but I just absolutely cannot get into any of the things that are super popular right now.  Then I remember there is so much older stuff I've been interested in that is constantly getting a re-release or a new fansub that I have plenty to watch heading the other direction down the timeline.

Ah, and still unofficial at this point as to final location, but with the announcement that Gatherings G4 is going to be unavailable for Fanime this year, we're going to more than likely move the gathering just a bit toward the main entrance to one of the tiered platforms by the stairs.  I think this is the best choice as it's closest to where this gathering has traditionally been located and it shouldn't be THAT hectic over there on Friday evening.

Thank you for the update!

Are Gatherings G2 and G3 (tiered platform east and west) still in play for this year?  Or is that off the table as a ground floor gathering spot as well?

Those are still okay, and things shouldn't interact with those spots that's going into the hub. Least that's what I am being told.

Awesome, thank you again!!  The exemplification of the past shall migrate toward the entrance doors then!

Thank you for the update!

Are Gatherings G2 and G3 (tiered platform east and west) still in play for this year?  Or is that off the table as a ground floor gathering spot as well?
Right now it looks like G2 and G3 will be fine.

Much thanks.

Thank you for the update!

Are Gatherings G2 and G3 (tiered platform east and west) still in play for this year?  Or is that off the table as a ground floor gathering spot as well?

Good morning old schoolers!  Back to torrential downpours and high wind gusts here in Fanime's backyard - fun.  Hope you all had an enjoyable week to this point, an enjoyable Valentine's Day, and have an enjoyable weekend ahead.  Opening today is from Zenki, a series that gets absolutely no love despite being pretty entertaining in my opinion and having a great classic 90's anime opening theme.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's!  Kishin Douji Zenki (1995)

Good morning old schoolers!  A deep breath for me this morning as I seal up part of a prop I'm working on that will essentially make everything up to this point permanent.  I hope everyone's plans are coming together and that you are doing well as we finish off the top half of February.  Today's OP is from the series of which all my cosplay work this year has been related to.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's!  City Hunter (1987)

Things in the Universe / Re: Fanime Competition: Crunchyroll Expo
« on: February 10, 2017, 07:50:47 AM »
If it gets all that large it would be moved to another venue anyway as the Santa Clara Convention center honestly isn't all that large of a facility, even if they were to spill over into the Hyatt Regency.  Using both facilities would have its own problems as well as the convention center is union to the degree that you can't pick up a tissue on your own and the Hyatt is not.

What ages are we talking about?

That's the key.  The San Jose McEnery Convention Center is a large facility and Fanime events and attendees sprawl out over much of the surrounding area as well, with tens of thousands of people at the convention and the surrounding downtown area over the course of the weekend.

Good morning old schoolers! Chewing through to the end of another week has brought with it rainy skies in the South Bay.  Not downpours but rather the heavy soaking mist that makes outdoor painting or adhesive work impossible.  It's February already - and still so much cosplay work left to do!  Very important and influential (as seems to be the case with nearly everything Tezuka touched) series as today's OP.

Celebrating An Era - 1960's!  Ribon no Kishi / Princess Knight (1967)

Good morning old schoolers! Amazing to me that this is already the last Friday in January. Looking back at how far along with cosplay props I usually am by this time, shows me how far behind I am this time around - I have gotten a lot done this week however. As for today's opening, well, I couldn't resist.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Mobile Police Patlabor (1989)

Thank you very much!

Good afternoon old schoolers! If you require Fanime housing I hope things went smoothly for you this week (looking like it was that way for quite a few). Finally got some prop work done myself during a break in the rain today.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Galaxy Express 999 (1978)

I'm always cool with someone asking, regardless of what I may be doing at the time.  Worst I can do is say no or to hold on a moment while I attend to something.  My wife and I do nothing but old and/or obscure stuff though, so it's always a pleasure when someone can address us by character name or stop us in a hall to get a shot of something they might not be able to place.  We also don't mind being asked if we "work here" when wearing Patlabor cosplay!

I don't see anything wrong with wanting to take pictures of specific groupings at gatherings - that's a big part of why they exist.  However you wouldn't want to interfere with the gathering itself (pulling people away, trying to act like a secondary organizer, etc.) and may want to get in touch with people as a gathering is drawing to a close if you're looking for specific setups.  I guess a lot of it also depends on the organizer - I was pretty relaxed in terms of what people wanted at 2016's Old School Gathering and plan on being so again this year as in my mind that gathering is to celebrate the cosplayers who carry the torch for old anime / manga / etc.

It's all part of the fun of cosplaying, although that itself is different to everyone.

Really looking forward to attending this gathering for 2017 as an old school Jump couple.  Which reminds me, I have a really, really, really big hammer to finish making.

That's great, thank you for doing that! :)

No problem at all!

Okay, here we go - settling into the Friday update. I hope everyone's cosplay plans are going smoothly - and if you're looking for Fanime housing that you have a solid time slot.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Future GPX Cyber Formula SAGA (1996)

Trying to get into the habit of making sure the thread is constantly updated this year, I've decided to move the weekly Anime Openings posts that we had on the Facebook Event Page, to the Fanime Forums thread as well!  Generally these will be one OP per week (usually on Friday) right up until Fanime, along with any gathering updates for the week.

I'll be around more than that for general replies and updates and so forth, this is more to ensure I meet my obligation as gathering host and that I'm super easy to get a hold of on here.  Yeah, today is Thursday but let's kick things off a little early!

Celebrating An Era - 1960's!  Ogon Bat (1967)

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