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Hey all. I totally forgot the forums existed this year.

My gf and I were the twin Tenryuus with rigging. I was the tall one so I kinda had to stay in the back for everything, but if anyone got any good shots of us, I'd love to see them!

Dealers Room / Re: Spotting Counterfeits???
« on: May 27, 2015, 08:06:39 AM »
From one I noticed last year:

Bad paint jobs. You can notice the paint was either not done completely/missed in spots or was chipping off and revealing the original color. In this case, it was supposed to be a "Custom Saber" (F/S-N) but was really just a re-painted figure with a different Saber's head. I mean, the skin color on the head and body weren't even the same...

There was also a Remilia (Touhou) that was on display for an insane amount and called custom just because they had placed it on a little decorative background. This same guy was at DH this year, too, doing the same thing. I can't recall which booth #, but he was near the middle on a corner table, very small area, with nothing but posters/scrolls of artwork done by artists I know are not him.

Thank you for the great gathering!

I'm really sorry I fell apart there toward the end. Hopefully I will improve my Full Metal Jayce for next year. Definitely lots to learn!

My Full Metal Jayce is ready! Unfortunately, my ability to move is very limited so I  may or may not be able to participate in all the shots, lol...

Things I have difficulty doing: Kneeling, full-range arm/leg movement. I'm 6'6'', the cosplay is pretty darn huge, so I'll likely need to stand near the back or some place out of the way. Please place me appropriately if I cannot for whatever reason kneel to be out of the way. My Mercury Hammer is about the same height as well.

I might go to this but I'm not sure yet. Been trying to think of a good block to wear my Jayce on Sat, starting it with this gathering might be good. I want to wear it more into night-time when the LED effects are more visible. How big of a gathering you think this is going to be?

Addendum: May not make it to this as Mr. Seitz's (Kog'Maw) segment begins at 5 and my gf really wants to go there since he said he would sign her official Kog'Maw statue. >__>

Serious Business / Re: Is Fanime worth going to anymore?
« on: April 17, 2015, 11:28:46 AM »
This will be my fifth year attending Fanime.

My first impression was: Not driving, staying at a hotel a mile away and having to wait through LineCon when the systems had that horrible failure. To top it off, once I finally got my badge, I missed the last train back to Redwood City and was forced to either pay $100 for a taxi or check in to my hotel early for $60. Obviously I chose the latter. It was a struggle to even convince myself to go in the first place. I had always wanted to go to a con but never really had the money for it until that year.

Once the con was over, I had to convince myself it was worth it. I wasn't sure I would go again, especially seeing as 80% of the content did not interest me. I'm not one for panels, I don't endorse the hentai nights or yaoi-related stuff (personally, I don't care if anyone else goes to these). The only rooms I visited were like... AMV countdowns, Abridged series, some anime showings, Artist's ALley and Dealer's hall.

The main reasons I wanted to go was to check out cosplays and purchase goods from the AA/DH. Those three reasons alone were just enough to convince me to go back the next year.

Then LineCon 2.0 happened, but this time it was outside in the terrible heat and all that happened around then. I had the misfortune to be in line behind a Marceline (Adventure Time) who apparently was really good (I don't watch the show; unsure of accuracy) and this creepy guy kept asking her for pictures and wanting her to sing songs (she had a guitar). I pretty much spent the entire day just kind of keeping an eye on hi and making sure he didn't do something he would end up regretting. Eventually he was asked to leave. It was still a horrible wait, though. I never want to be mazed through the courtyard and like 3 buildings ever again, lol.

DESPITE ALL THIS, I came back for Fanime 2014 where, to my great surprise and joy, there was NO LINE whatsoever! I got my badge right away. I attended a few more rooms, visited some panels, and even wore my first cosplay (Mafia Graves, League of Legends).

Fanime 2015... I'm excited. I got a room at the Mariott for the same price I spent on the mile-away hotel. I have a new badass cosplay I'm about to finish and I cannot wait to discover new things in AA/DH. There is still so much I have yet to discover about cons and Fanime in general and I am saying as someone who participates in only the smallest bit of the event...

Yes. YES. It is worth it. It only gets more worth it every year. 25k attendees last year? It can only get bigger!

I'll be donning Mecha Kha'zix again :)

Yay, let's be metal together!

Gaming / Re: What MMORPG are you playing?
« on: April 09, 2015, 10:29:36 AM »
Mabinogi and once in a while, FF14.

Then there are Everquest II and Everquest Landmark...

I created my own LED strips with styrene and single LEDs I bought from DigiKey.

I cut strips of styrene, drilled several holes for the LED holders, and just plugged the LEDs in — then did some soldering/wiring. I made sure to not make the LEDs point outwards towards the glass since it would have a very non-uniformed look (LEDs are brighter at the tips). Instead, I built the strips of LEDs to flood the a small chamber with light, that is then diffused by the glass to make it look like a solid piece.

The diffused glass I had cut at Tap Plastics. It was only a few bucks at the time.

So I count 14 LEDs per strip at a 90-degree angle?, which you're saying floods the chamber with indirect light? Is the entirety of the chamber natural white like the styrene?

I've tried to teach myself basic electronics but just can't grasp it for some reason. I've got all the individual parts but I can't seem to find the right type of circuit boards. I imagine if I knew enough, I could just splice them all together with wires like you have, but I don't really know how. Are there any websites you think might better explain than a guidebook that came with a beginner's circuitry set? Lol.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: First time Mariott
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:47:40 PM »
I've stayed at the marriott several times but never for fanime. Although I will tell you that the hotel gets almost full monday-friday on a regular weekly basis due to business travelers so when most fanime people arrive friday wanting to check in super early thats not gonna happen.

I'm booked Thursday night through Sunday morning because even though I only live 30-40 mins drive away, I prefer to spend the night beforehand someplace close. I won't have any issues with waiting. And I tend not to stay for the Monday activities since Mon/Tues are my usual days off and I use them to recuperate, haha.

You can expect to pay $31 a day for valet parking with in and out privileges but with the hotel being that full you will most likely spend about 20 mins waiting for the people to get your car.

I have a close friend who is a regional manager for Towne Park, he hooks me up with Valet services. If I decided to use it, that won't be an issue. If, though. I don't know if Towne Park even has the contract for the Mariott currently.

None of the hotel rooms have balconies. There are larger rooms anything ending in 01 example 1201and jr suites end in 00 and both of these types are corner rooms facing San Carlos street. if you get anything else is a basic room. All rooms are very quiet.
That's too bad. Relaxing on a balcony and listening to the city at night would have been nice. Not a big deal, though.

Elevators will be packed and will likely take you several minutes waiting to get one if u have a high floor, lowest available floor for rooms is 4. I dont know if you can chose or make requests as to what type of room u want or upgrade or where in the hotel as groups get randomly assigned and will only consider higher paying costumers or elites requests. Pool is located on floor 3 and its a decent size as well as their hot tub So its worth checking it out although I dont know how busy it is during fanime. Their tv's are equipped with netflix app. But unless you are a gold or platinum member you are charged about 12 bucks a day for high speed internet. Also gold and platinum only get free breakfast and concierge lounge access. The Tanq bar is very nice but pricey. They tend to do anime inspired cocktails but seem to be toned down so stick with beer or strong drinks like martinis to get your moneys worth. Arcadia is a good steakhouse but pricey as well. I place it in my top 3 in sj (Lb steak, mortons steakhouse, Arcadia)

All good to know. Thanks!

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / 1-Way Visors
« on: April 08, 2015, 09:26:09 AM »
I've looked on various sites for the best way to do this but nobody really seems to be able to explain exactly how it works. I can get the construction down, but nobody seems to explicitly state how they make it look so good seeing out of the visor.

I'm looking to make a gold, mirrored visor (think Master Chief) and the easiest way I've been able to somewhat achieve this is by spraying some Krylon Looking Glass on one side of clear craft plastic and then layering it with gold/yellow vinyl. It works, but I can barely see through the side that isn't mirrored which is a potential safety hazard were I to walk around the con with it.

Any tips?

How did you do the LED strips? I've been trying to figure out a way to do things like that but my google-fu is failing me.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: First time Mariott
« on: April 08, 2015, 08:03:31 AM »
I haven't stayed at the Marriott, but I usually stay at the Hilton which is the other hotel that is connected to the convention center.  It's soooo nice having the room so close!  It makes it really easy to go up and rest for a bit or drop off goodies after shopping in the dealer's hall :)  Don't know if you're of drinking age, but it's also great because there's a pretty good bar inside the Marriott and having a room so close makes it easy to get "home" after having some drinks, hahaha!  The worst part is the elevators though.  Staying in one of the convention center hotels means that the elevators are constantly overcrowded with people going up to/ coming down from their rooms.  But other than that, I love staying at the Hilton :)

Oh god, yeah, the elevators... I'm pretty sure people are going to hate me because my cosplay is probably going to take up 2-3 people's worth of space. Well, I'm 6'6, I already take up almost 2 people's worth of space, lol.

And neither me nor my s/o will be touching the bar. We're of age but we don't drink.  :o I don't know that we'll even visit the in-house restaurant since I've heard it's so expensive.

Hotel and Facilities / First time Mariott
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:32:00 AM »
Hey guys.

So This year will be my 5th attending Fanime but my first staying in one of the fancier hotels.

To my surprise and joy, I was able to book a room for my S/O and I for the whole weekend.

Before this year, I've always stayed at Hotel Elan, which is about a mile away. I either walked to the convention or paid the horrendous vehicle storage fee.

Now that I cosplay, I can't really do the walking bit unless it is a minimal outfit, which this year it is not. So I'm very excited to have a Mariott room, especially at the same price as Hotel Elan.

So my question is; What can I expect from staying there? Will I get to choose what type of room I get (as in which side of the building, one with a balcony, do they all come with balconies? etc). What is the noise level like? I love swimming but considering how busy it will be, is the pool worth checking out? Is it open all night? (I'd likely want to relax in the evening and I love just kinda... hanging out, casual swimming, etc)

What other surprising are in store for me? O:

I will be attending as Full Metal Jayce.

Awesome as it sounds, I'm new to cosplay. Last year's Fanime was my first time.

I was at the gathering as Mafia Graves. I will likely bounce around in that once I get too sweaty/tired wearing the Jayce armor qq

See you all there!

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