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 on: April 28, 2017, 11:04:09 PM 
Started by AdriaticCosplay - Last post by AdriaticCosplay
Bumping this up~ We're less than a month away to the con! I hope everyone's cosplays are coming along well \(^ - ^ )

 on: April 28, 2017, 10:02:00 PM 
Started by marisuga - Last post by pantsu
SUPER EXCITED for this year's contest!!!  (hoping the signup form shows up here soon)  I've got a new round 1 song that I can't wait to do at's old and FABULOUS.

 on: April 28, 2017, 04:24:37 PM 
Started by TC_X0_Lt_0X - Last post by Glitch
Most likely crx is heavily industry driven, so already I think it's too different than the fan driven Fanime.
Enough difference that they won't directly compete.

 on: April 28, 2017, 03:40:28 PM 
Started by Hakaru_chan - Last post by ShadowRoxas
I plan to go as Inigo from Awakening!

 on: April 28, 2017, 03:09:13 PM 
Started by Rurutie8 - Last post by lovepulse

I hope you're well regardless. Now I need to find something else to do on Monday xD

Could we take the SakuraCon one and have you grade it though.

(suffering through withdrawals)

 on: April 28, 2017, 08:19:07 AM 
Started by InsaneDavid - Last post by InsaneDavid
Good morning old schoolers! We're about ready to flip the calendar over to May, leaving just a little over three full weeks until Fanime is upon us. I hope everyone else isn't as far behind as I am! Pretty crazy since I thought I was quite a bit ahead for a change. It appears that the Cosplay Gatherings Department official gathering list will be set in stone next week and while this shouldn't affect the Old School Gathering any, it will make definitively laying out convention cosplay plans far easier.

For OPs today let's do a morning batch of a few and then an evening batch of a few more. How about a manga series set in 1974, that began publication in 1986, had its first anime adaptation in 1990, then a second anime series that is running to this day? Although everyone is far more familiar with the first ending theme, Odoru Pompokolin (which had a wonderful English cover by Captain Jack, eventually featured on DDR 5thMIX), the opening for Chibi Maruko-chan is one of my favorites. Additionally it's also currently being fansubbed - finally!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Chibi Maruko-chan (1990)

While Chibi Maruko-chan is an institution in Japan and a fansub finally beginning this late in the game is more due to differing cultural appeal, things are a bit different with this next series. Finding success only in Japan and with a later Italian dub, F is one I'd really love to see subtitled in English one day. I tend to enjoy motorsports anime (especially Cyber Formula and Bari Bari Densetsu - well, the short little movie that the manga spawned) and everything about this series seems like it would be right up my alley. As for the opening, I love the visual design, the music, the animation - everything. This is in my top three for "most desired English subtitled series."

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! F (1988)

Okay, both of those may be relatively obscure to the mainstream audience in the USA, so here's the other side of the coin. Apparently Atsuko Nakajima, who had a rather large hand in the anime adaptations of Rumiko Takahashi's works, such as Ranma 1/2, was an animation director on F.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Ranma 1/2 (1989)

Now a few for the evening set. Haven't featured any Go Nagai for awhile, let's change that!

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Devilman (1972)

Another fan favorite that finally had a proper licensed subtitled release just a few years ago.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Neo Human Casshern (1973)

One more for today. There's something about this late 1960's / early 1970's animation style from many studios that I find appealing. Character designs by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, in what I believe to be his first project!

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Sasurai no Taiyou / Wandering Sun (1971)

Time for a few Saturday OPs! Going way back for the first.

Celebrating An Era - 1960's! Tetsujin 28 (1963)

A genre-creating tactical RPG / dating sim set in a mashup of fantasy and science fiction, Sakura Wars soon exploded into one of the most popular gaming multimedia franchises of the late 1990's / early 2000's... in Japan. It spawned a ton more main series games and spinoffs (my favorite being Hanagumi Taisen Columns for the Saturn), a bunch of OVAs, a film, stage shows, light novels, a manga series, and in 2000 a television adaptation. This is one of those massive series that is only known very narrowly in the West.

Celebrating An Era - 2000! Sakura Taisen TV (2000)

After yesterday I'm trying to work the desire to watch a bunch of motorsports anime out of my system, so let's see if this OP will clear that up. Short as Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN was (only six episodes) it had multiple openings, this one being my favorite of them. Somewhat of a somber send-off to the series, as was SIN as a whole, the emphasis was placed on the redemption of Bleed Kaga. Originally a secondary character in the first series, he becomes more and more predominate in the cast throughout the franchise. While SIN concluded in 2000, Cyber Formula video games would be released until 2012, all generally fitting into the same coherent timeline. I still consider Cyber Formula the most realistic motorsports series as the characters, the teams, the corporations, the technology, all grow and change in a realistic fashion as the different series play out.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN (1998)

 on: April 28, 2017, 06:35:52 AM 
Started by KomaedaNagito - Last post by TrashdomCosplay Haiden
I really wish I could but I'd never be able to finish a cosplay in time! Good luck finding panelists!

 on: April 28, 2017, 12:39:08 AM 
Started by bahamutknightzero - Last post by bahamutknightzero
Updating with a photo shot order

 on: April 27, 2017, 11:27:05 PM 
Started by SirVexil - Last post by SirVexil

Hey there everybody! My name is Matt, and I want to try and do a NieR:Automata gathering at Fanime!This will be my first time hosting a gathering, and I am very excited to see fellow NieR fans in person, as I have seen posts about NieR.

Here are the details:
Name of the Gathering:NieR:Automata Fanime 2017 Gathering
Date: Saturday OR Sunday
Time: Saturday:At 12:00pm or 4:00pm/Sunday at 5:00pm. (Will update)
Meeting Place: G3-Tiered Platform West
Facebook Event Link:

If you plan on going and helping out, please let me know and I will update the list!

Here is the order of shots we will take:

-All YoRHa Units
-2B vs A2
-2B and 9S
-A2 vs 9S
-Friendly Machines
-Adam and Eve
-2B and 9S VS Adam and Eve
-Any Requests

I hope i didn't miss anything, and I hope to see you there!

Glory to Mankind!

 on: April 27, 2017, 10:33:42 PM 
Started by powerofunity - Last post by powerofunity
Great, added you to the list! Can't wait to see your Dark Magician Girl cosplay! :)

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