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Will be going as Hermione tomorrow! Much late reply!

Debating whether to go as Empress C.C. or going in one of my new Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card manga costume (as shown in profile picture).

Will the gathering be on Sunday or Friday? The FB group and this post say different things.

Will possibly go as Hermione Granger! It really depends on the day~!
Hopefully you can make it! I need to talk to my cohosts, but we might be going for later on Friday again.
Friday would be great!! sometime mid afternoon would be amazing!!

Will possibly go as Hermione Granger! It really depends on the day~!

Looking for people who took photos over the weekend!
Friday: Hermione Granger from HP (I had a Marauder's Map)
Saturday: Sakura Kinomoto from CCS Movie 2 outfit
Sunday: Empress CC from Code Geass

I too have my Hermione cospaly ready to go for this con. Let me know of dates and times. Gotta out number those other houses. lolz.

There isn't really a date and time... I guess we'll just run into each other this weekend. haha.

I will be there as Remus Lupin! Marauders Era! : D

I'll be in my Hogwarts outfit on Friday! :D

I think my group might have a Lantis now too!


You guys are living my dream tbh. wanting to do a Magic Knight Rayearth cosplay in forever.

I will be planning to bring my eriol cosplay from Cardcaptor Sakura.  Just need to know the time that is all.

Awe! I'm wearing my CCS Sakura outfit on Sunday! Can't wait to see you Errol cosplay, love his character!

Great! I will hopefully be doing CC's empress outfit from Code Geass~ I'm still in process but goal is to finish it before Fanime! Thanks again for having another CLAMP gathering!

Great! I'm very excited for another gathering!  ;D

Last year for CLAMP/CCS gathering was awesome! I'm hoping to have one again this year since I will hopefully be going as C.C. in her empress outfit. If not I'd go as my CCS Movie 2 battle outfit again. Hopefully we'd have one again this year!

My friends and I will be around as Harry, Draco, Ron, either Hermione or Pansy, and possibly Snape.

Nice! I hopefully go as Hermione~ I'm still gonna look for a wig though. But I have everything else, hopefully we could meet up or something?

Since the new movie "Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them" will come out later this year in November, will anyone be dressing up as Hogwarts students?

Oh I'm not even sure... Probably somewhere outside would be great~ but probably at 1 it might be hot, it really depends on what area is not occupied at that time on Saturday.

This is great, thanks guys! And Saturday and 1PM is actually perfect, since that is when I would be actually wearing my costume (the other days I would be doing another anime)! I shall be Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura, in her movie 2 battle outfit! Excited to see all the CLAMP cosplayers!

Hello! My brother is actually attending Touhou gathering this year as Shinki. His username is "Shinki", he just doesn't have a forum account.

I hope it's on a Saturday, since I have another gathering on Sunday  :'( I'm not sure if I can make a Friday or not...

would there be any final verification of a CLAMP gathering?

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