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Is there any RuPaul Drag Race fans out there?! Well get ready to start your engines! I would love to make this a official Gathering! I was thinking on going as Latrice Royale. Please let me know if your interested and we can get this race going Hunty! 💋

I too am going as Nun 707 with Normal 707 and we have a Jumin. Helloooooo~

Attending and going as Smokey Quartz ⭐

waah I think I will be missing it! I'm heading to the con as freddy and I really want to make it but if its a 3 I don't think I can. Getting out of class at 3 then heading straight to the con T_T Hope I meet other FNAF peeps tho!

I have three more friends who will be Chiaki,Naegi and I have a Asahina! Were watching Daganronpa  in our Anime Club so were aiming to have a small group and attend the gathering. ;D

I shall be going as Female Freddy Fazbear!  8)

omg! I hope they have a 2nd annual EAH Gathering! I shall totally make a Cedar Wood Cosplay! Or Ginger Breadhouse for next year! :3

A few of my anime club members will be cosplaying Daganronpa. We have a Junko and I shall be cosplaying as Sakura Oogami. I told them about the gathering so hope we can meet up!   ;D

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