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Bump! Panel app is submitted!

Things in the Universe / happy singles awareness day
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:45:24 AM »
happy singles awareness day: from a guy whos somehow not single
Seriously how am I the only person in all of my friend groups that isn't single? I am genuinely concerned.

This is kinda like an all fandoms panel except it's limited to webcomics. It would also be on a Monday as I know all the popular fandoms have their panels on Saturday and Sunday so that way it wouldn't be likely that other cosplays don't conflict with our panelists. I'm excited to host this because it gives a chance for smaller more obscure panels to be shown off! Basically it would be a scripted games panel with possibly a short amount of time at the end for a Q&A.
A quick note before I get into panelist details: I am aware that Homestuck is indeed a webcomic. However, as Homestuck tends to have a singular panel, I would like to limit Homestuck to five panelists total just as more could end up making it a "Homestuck plus Others" panel, which is definitely not the intention.

Panelist Rules!
1. We are going to make this an all ages panel, so please be aware that if your character does swear we would like you to keep it to a minimum if not none at all.
2. Please be mature enough to follow rules of a game (unless it is in your character's personality to cheat) and learn mild scripted bits (mostly just for introducing games and possible other bits).
3. In your audition email or video please answer all questions, especially the in character ones! I obviously don't know every single webcomic out there and want to learn as much about each character as possible!
4. You may do either a video in cosplay (or partial cosplay) answering the questions or an email answering the questions with a photo of your cosplay (either you wearing it or just the pieces you have prepared of it) attached. Please send your auditions to haiden2319@gmail.com with your question answers and cosplay.

Questions to answer!
1. Out of character, please say your name (whichever you would like to be credited as), age, pronouns, and what character you are from what webcomic.
(From this point on all the questions are In Character)
2. Who are you?
3. Tell me a bit about yourself!
4. What is your stance on lying and cheating?
5. Do you get along with people easily?
6. What do you aspire to achieve in life?
7. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would it be??

Characters in Panel:
Jay from Awful Hospital (TrashdomCosplay AKA Me!)
(More TBD as auditions are recieved)

If I get it done in time I might be doing a Beast Boy cosplay. I wouldn’t say put me down yet, but it’s a possibility. Maybe put me down as a “tbd” or “possibly”? I don’t know how you’d wanna do that.

General Convention Discussion / Re: 2017 Hype Thread
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:10:31 PM »
Can't believe the con is next week already. Now let's look at my cosplay checklist.......

Kiki - Done
Tifa - Done
Giroro - Need to do one last little fix up to the belt, but otherwise done
Honey - Done
Mink - Need to finish his allmate, Tori, and do one other little fix up
Grell - Done

Yup, almost ready. 8D

Hmm, lets check mine.
Simon or Steven: Will depend on whether or not I have enough gah time after a dinner with grandparents to get all the blue makeup on for Simon. Otherwise both are all good!
Hades: Almost! Just need to finish the little skull pin in time!
Leo: It's good, I just need to dig out my "welding" goggles from my cosplay bin out in the garage and pick whether I should wear a plain shirt or an ironic shirt. Also maybe suspenders. Or makeshift suspenders if I can't get a real pair in time.
Monday: Will probably be a simple cosplay if anything. I won't be there for long if I do end up going.
I'm good too! I hope...

Registration / Re: Fan Name Issue?
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:04:56 PM »
It was the same deal with me. I really hope it's just a loose thread in the notification system.

So turns out I will be doing Hades for Saturday so can I be put down on the list here for my Hades (Hercules) cosplay?

So turns out I will be doing Hades on Saturday instead so I guess take me off of here? I'll still try to come hang out but I won't be Disney on Sunday.

General Convention Discussion / Re: 2017 Hype Thread
« on: May 03, 2017, 06:15:18 AM »

I really wish I could but I'd never be able to finish a cosplay in time! Good luck finding panelists!

Things in the Universe / Opinions on Cosplay Melee
« on: April 27, 2017, 06:03:48 PM »
So we all know the disaster that was Heroes of Cosplay. After that, most of us were hesitant to ask for another show about cosplayers. However, currently Cosplay Melee on SyFi is airing its first season and honestly I'm really enjoying it. I'm learning new tricks in costume making than before and getting my own ideas on certain costumes as well! However I was wondering what everyone else has been thinking?
For those that haven't seen it it's basically a chopped style competition show with four new cosplayers every time. They have 8 hours to build an accessory for a character they create within the guidelines given corresponding to their theme (so far themes have ranged from Anime to Space Operas to even Game of Thrones), get judged, one eliminated and one challenge winner chosen. They are given one more restriction before they have two days to finish before they walk the runway for the judges and an ultimate winner is chosen.
And the thing is, they do have a lot of great competitors, a range of diversity, range of skill, etc. They all interact with each other how any other cosplayer you'd see at fanime or any other con would. They're not traveling competitors nor do they get jelous and b*tchy with each other. They give each other tips and tricks and all are great sports when they win and loose.
However, don't take my word for it, go watch it yourself. I really do wanna know what everyone else thinks about this show.

Forum Games / Re: The Ctrl + V game
« on: April 18, 2017, 07:32:27 PM »
I also got two new pairs of shorts and a Harley Quinn shirt

Hey, if everything works out, I may actually have my Hades cosplay done in time and can do that instead of WALL-E. That's just a maybe, but I will update if it turns out it's happening.
Alright, yea. I will be doing Hades instead, so be prepared for your sassy gay friend to be there at the gathering!

Hey, if everything works out, I may actually have my Hades cosplay done in time and can do that instead of WALL-E. That's just a maybe, but I will update if it turns out it's happening.

Ah! Darn, I'm committed to my WALL-E cosplay on Sunday. Oh well, hope to be able to stop by at least!

Forum Games / Re: This or That?
« on: March 18, 2017, 10:58:09 AM »
I don't know either but after looking them up I'd have to say Vic Viper.


Hmm, I was hoping for this to fall on Sunday. I'll see if I can change my panel I applied for to Sunday, but if not I may not be able to go...
Whoops, never mind, I would still be able to attend the official Disney gathering either way, so no change! Just maybe take me off the list for this one. (Reminder, I am the Human WALL-E.)

Hmm, I was hoping for this to fall on Sunday. I'll see if I can change my panel I applied for to Sunday, but if not I may not be able to go...

Sadly I will not be cosplaying Homestuck this year but I will still try to stop by the gathering and hang out!

I may have to do Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors one day if it doesn't conflict with the Disney gathering or the Welcome to Night Vale panel I'm hoping to host.

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