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Will points be deducted for having lyrics on your phone/printed? ; A ;

Nope! But this can impact your ability to relate to the audience/"emote," so make sure you are still connecting with the crowd. =)

I put down to perform as early as possible, but could I change that to go as late as possible instead?

I'm David H, singing Go My Way and Moonlight Densetsu.

We will be happy to accommodate the preference change, but cannot make any changes until you check in to the contest. Check-in begins at 2pm tomorrow. :)

See you all there!

(So, I tried to post the signup info here as a reply... but it doesn't seem to have taken? So it will either show up later or it won't, I imagine...)

Apologies for this year's delay! (My forums account... disappeared, I think??)
A new thread is available in the Live Events forum with the rules and signup link. I will also be periodically attempting to answer questions here in the run-up to the convention.

We look forward to seeing you at con!

-Tommy P
Karaoke Dept Head

Hi everyone!

Due to some issues with my previous forums account (it... disappeared??) I was a bit delayed in getting this information out this year. My apologies for any inconvenience.

For reference, the rules for the 2017 Karaoke Contest are available below:

Please use this link to sign up to the 2017 Karaoke Contest:

For those familiar with our contests, the rules are largely unchanged from previous years, with a slight clarification to the "user eligibility" section.

Good luck and happy singing!

-Tommy P
Karaoke Department Head

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