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 on: June 30, 2017, 03:19:15 PM 
Started by andyjay729 - Last post by badninja
My guest suggestions (I would die if any of these suggestions came. Might even be willing to sell both testes and one of my kidneys to make it happen!)

Anime staff related:
- Makoto Shinkia - Your Name. 5cm. per second, etc. director -- Meh, worth a shot
- Mamoru Hosoda - Director of Summer Wars, Boy and the Beast, Girl who Leapt Through Time and more. Long shot, but worth a shot.
- Shinichiro Watanabe - Director of Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, and more.
- Shiro Sasaki - Producer of RahXephon, Samurai Champloo, X, Ghost in the Shell Solid State Society
- Kazuto Nakazawa - Character design for Samurai Champloo, key animator for Steamboy, Hunter x Hunter, Ergo Proxy, etc.

Anime / Game Voice Actors:
- Kazuya Nakai - Voice for Ryuuji from Blue Exorcist, Gaomon in Digimon, Lancer in Fate/Protoype, Borma in Ghost in the Shell, Mugen in Samurai Champloo.
- Maaya Sakamoto - Voice for Leila in Code Geass, Hitomi in Escaflowne, Aerith in FF7 Advent Children, Motoko in Ghost in the Shell movie + Arise.
- David Hayter - Voice for Snake in Metal Gear Solid

Manga related:
- Shinobu Kaitani - Author / artist behind Liar Game manga.
- Katsuhiro Otomo - Creator of Akira manga, directed the Anime.
- Ken Akamatsu - Creator / artist behind Love Hina and Magical Teacher Negima

Music related (will request in the music thread too):
- The Pillows - Famous for the FLCL soundtrack, Japanese rock group
- Babymetal - J-pop metal group
- Rip Slyme - Japanese Hip-hop group, did the Japanese sponge bob theme, the OP for Gantz, and more.
- UVERworld - Japanese rock group, did the OP for multiple Blue Exorcist incarnations.
- Joe Hisaishi - Japanese composer, famous for Ghibli soundtracks and more
- Nobuo uematsu or Distand Worlds - Japanese composer, famous for Final Fantasy soundtracks (Distand Worlds is a traveling orchestra/symphony that performs those songs).
- Dragon Ash - Rock/Ska/Hip-hop group from Japan famous for their song on the Battle Royale and Fast and the Furious (Tokyo drift) soundtracks
- Utada Hikaru - J-Pop. She came out of retirement recently I believe. Involved in Kingdom Hearts songs and others.

Cosplay/ Other related:
- Lisa Lou Who -
- Missyeru -
- Kairu Photography - Nor-cal published cosplay photographer -
- Danielle DeNicola -
- Ivan Orkin - Ramen Chef from New York
- Food Trucks - Maybe setup 5 or so food trucks in the parking lot behind the convention center (big blue tents)? Or setup a food festival on one of the days with Japanese related foods in the blue tent area (previously where the artist alley was a few years ago)?

 on: June 29, 2017, 12:51:19 AM 
Started by questionette - Last post by Sunara Ishi
^You're not that weird actually. I've always had a fascination with languages, their structures, etc etc. I used to be able to often tell most Latin languages about and sometimes meanings based on their root.

Along similar lines, I love code languages. I love secret messages, passages, hidden things, etc etc. I used to love to write messages to friends in code. Such as runes, angelic, etc etc. I even used love to play those puzzle games where you cracked codes. I was pretty good at them at one point.

 on: June 21, 2017, 02:58:44 AM 
Started by thecrazycyborggirl - Last post by thecrazycyborggirl
Thank you all so much for a fun gathering!! It was awesome getting to see everyone's cosplays! If you have any pictures, please feel free to share!

If anyone is attending Crunchyroll Expo, I plan to host a strictly Mob Psycho 100 Gathering. See you there!

 on: June 21, 2017, 02:25:00 AM 
Started by Imperial - Last post by thecrazycyborggirl
Great improvement this year, CGD! Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts.

I never walked by the CGD booth on the first floor, and must've missed the description of the location in the email that was sent out. When I began my search for the booth to check in as a host, I was sent by staff at badge pick up (literally 20 ft away from the CGD booth) to go upstairs to ask the info desk upstairs. When I went upstairs, I was sent back downstairs. From there I was sent back to badge-pick up (where I asked a different staff member). And then back upstairs, until after 30 minutes of wandering around I finally found the CGD booth but ended up late to my gathering. Bless your souls CGD, everything was smooth afterwards. However, what was sad to me is the lack of knowledge other staff had about Cosplay Gatherings. The same exact thing happened last year when I asked where a specific location was (I wasn't entirely familiar yet with every gathering location [letter#, ex: G8]).

I was so sad I never found the photo-op room; I was looking so forward to it too!!

I also wish my gathering was titled as a [ONE] Gathering OPM/MP100 as it was meant to be rather than just One Punch Man. There were so many Mob Psycho cosplayers this weekend that I saw but many did not show up; many MP cosplayers I informed of the gathering did not know about it beforehand but showed up in the end. However, what made things most awkward was that when the MP cosplayers arrived, the OPM cosplayers looked incredibly confused.

In short, better location for the CGD booth, more signs, landmarks for gathering spots (some cosplayers did not know where to find the gathering location and subsequently arrived late), and more informed general staff (I know this is out of CGD's power to control all staff, but still, it'd be great if staff as a whole were better prepared and more informed like that of SVCC.)

Great organization and fun nevertheless!! Thanks for a memorable experience and congrats on CGD's growth and improvement.

 on: June 21, 2017, 01:49:01 AM 
Started by G-Force - Last post by thecrazycyborggirl
I highly doubt Fanime will agree with you on this idea (as the costs are high), but I am 100% with you.

#5 got me there. If free play were allowed, I most definitely see my friends and I gaming all night for fun. Freeplay sounds like a great idea, espeically with the gamer theme.

 on: June 21, 2017, 01:44:03 AM 
Started by WorldDominationStudios - Last post by thecrazycyborggirl
In response to OP's...

Reason 1: I honestly feel that ensuring the second floor of the con and other ground-floor areas to badge-only con goers is a plus. As someone who doesn't really go to panels much, it makes me feel more like my ticket is worth it, and that I am not wasting my money. I paid for the con, it's organization, and events. Why should those who don't pay a cent get to enjoy the same experience as I do for free? It just doesn't make sense. You pay for a ticketed event, you get to enjoy it. Anyone can stand outside a stadium to enjoy a concert for free, but no one is allowed inside the stadium to roam the doorways and hallways, enjoy concessions, purchase merchandise, use the facilities and bathrooms for free.

Reason 2: Paying $85 for the full weekend is kinda on you, buddy. My friends and I paid in advanced and paid $65. I know that $85 is definitely and increase, but as the attendee numbers grow and the convention strives to improve, that's something to be expected. Even then, Fanime tickets for this year started off at $55; the price increases and their scheduled dates were posted on the website ahead of time for all to see. With good planning and organization, getting badges ahead of time and at a cheaper rate shouldn't be a problem.

I agree that one day badge prices are ridiculous, however. Their expensiveness is definitely a great way of getting attendees to purchase the full weekend badge as it is cheaper per day. However, I don't think Fanime realizes how much this method is deterring people who want to go but are literally only able to go for one day from attending the convention. If these one day badge prices continue to rise, the number of attendees for certain days may decline.

I also agree on the whole production value/level of Fanime. I don't expect an Anime Expo, but I do expect guests of equal if not (should be) higher levels as that of SacAnime's. Sacanime is a much smaller amd much cheaper convention, however the majority of the guests they get are much more interesting and tantalizing than a majority of Fanime's guests.

Even so, this year's fanime felt better than last year's, and my friends and I are definitely staying the full weekend and getting a hotel room.

 on: June 21, 2017, 01:20:27 AM 
Started by sincerelychrista - Last post by thecrazycyborggirl
Hello Everyone!! I don't have an online album of photos I took up, but I do have a slideshow at the end of my vlog videos on YouTube!!

Saturday // Day 2:
Sunday // Day 3:

Anyone happen to get pics of my cosplays?

I was a Pokemon Kyogre Gijinka on Saturday and Mob from Mob Psycho 100 & Barnacle Boy from Spongebob on Sunday :)
(I want to add photos if it might help but I'm not sure how this is done on here?)

 on: June 19, 2017, 03:04:57 PM 
Started by WorldDominationStudios - Last post by hikanteki
I had this lengthy post typed out then decided I hated most of it before posting.  So here are some pricing numbers from a similar sized con (even at the same location) with little other context:

Duration:3 days
Weekend badge cost: $99
One day admission: $50
Autographs cost extra for all attendees.

Silicon Valley Comic Con is not really a similar-sized con; it has pulled in 60-65k people each year, making it approx. twice as big as Fanime:

 on: June 19, 2017, 09:45:59 AM 
Started by gorillazGd - Last post by Abyss1
"you have to be pretty naive if you think the majority of people who listen to electronic music and dance all night don't do drugs..."

are you fricken kidding me? that's the same as thinking all asians are bad drivers.

How is it that you equate me saying majority (which is statistically proven at late night Electronic festivals/events/ clubs that majority of people are NOT sober) with ALL (insert racial stereotype)

In philosophy this is called the false equivalency argument which is where you fall into....nice reach tho, and you know Im right  ;)
just curious where you got your statistics from, this seems like not only a case of false equivalency from one poster, but an argument based on a "false fact" by another.  In statistics, this could be a "false casualty" or "proof of a null hypothesis".

"the no glowstick policy ....I dunno for a while now ...i seriously doubt Fanime was concerned with people spilling glow stick chemicals."

....if it wasn't that, why wouldn't they ban led gloves?

I thought they were banned too, well 2016 was my last year so my record for attendance (99'-16'), and I don't recall them at all.  Did they have them this year?  Can you tell me what the whole point of LED gloves...are people tutting again in the dark?

LED gloves have never been banned. laser gloves have.  An explanation of "gloving" can be found here:

lol false kids love to reach for anything ...want to prove this Null...and btw this is proven not a hypothesis  ::)

gloving lol...waering gloves was and still is a break dance thing the appropriation from you kids

 on: June 18, 2017, 07:53:29 PM 
Started by G-Force - Last post by G-Force

(3) If it was my cab, I wouldn't want any food or drinks near it.  The late night crowd also has individuals that are intoxicated and more likely to abuse the machines (that's a lot of risk and loss to consider).  I remember seeing a post that must've been deleted about the con and it's vendor, but one thing is for certain, if AX doesn't do a freeplay arcade either, there must be a reason it doesn't work for animecons.  not to be a troll, but "FanimeCon and AnimeExpo are not mainstream"? ...really?

It's in regards to Fanime's arcade practices. As listed in another post MomoCon, MagFest, ColossalCon, but also Anime Boston / Anime Central / SakuraCon + various other conventions have set their machines to free play and CA arcades are lagging behind this trend. These cons are in states with R1 in them and have managed to feature groove coaster, Jubeat and other Japanese machines. To say free play does not work for anime cons is an incorrect statement.

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