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Will this gathering be coming back next year? I might be revamping my Edgeworth cosplay! ^^

If this is indeed happening again next year, I might come back as Uryuu again, but in his Quincy attire. :3

I might as well post my suggestions. xD So here we go!!

Jun Fukuyama
Masuda Toshiki
Kishou Taniyama
Tomokazu Sugita
Noriyaki Sugiyama
Kensho Ono
Quinton Flynn
Chris Sabat
Derek Stephen Prince
Crispin Freeman
Wendee Lee

I might have more but those are my suggestions for now! :D

Big Event Showcase / Re: the masquerade is a huge joke
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:52:04 PM »
I haven't been to the Masquerade in years. I've heard it's been going downhill for the past couple years or so. I haven't even checked it out in a while. :/

I do kinda miss competing in skits, but idk when that'll happen again. ._."

Thank you so much for another great year in gatherings!! I hosted the Free! gathering with no issues and had a great time! And thanks to the official photographer as well! I know cameras can act up and understood there were technical issues but other than that everything went smoothly!

While I most likely won't be hosting the Free! gathering next year, I do plan to host some type of gathering!

Alright, gonna post who I was now. XD

Thursday: Kairi(school uniform) from Kingdom Hearts
Friday: Makoto Tachibana(Iwatobi x Samezuka festival - blue plaid shirt, waist apron) from Free!, Ed from Cowboy Bebop
Saturday: Kairi(school uniform) from Kingdom Hearts, Ed from Cowboy Bebop
Sunday: Shouta Mitarai from the Idolm@ster Side-M, Uryuu Ishida from Bleach, Mink from DRAMAtical Murder
Monday: Ed from Cowboy Bebop

Please let me know if you have any photos of me!! <3 I would love to see them! :) Thanks!

The gathering was SO MUCH FUN I had the best time. ;_;

My photos can be found in my Fanime pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155928914696284.1073741887.663126283&type=3

Hope to attend the gathering again next year!! <3 Will probly see about being Demyx next year..... <33 (I was sad there were none this year! D: )

I've started uploading photos so here's my album:


Will continue to be uploading photos as time goes on!

Hello! I was wondering if anyone took photos of me from Friday-Sunday? I was cosplaying as Fullbring Ichigo from Bleach, and on Sunday I brought my Rukia Kuchiki body pillow that got a lot of love and photos taken of! My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/patrick.esquivel and my  Instagram is @Kuchiki_Patrick

Thank you!
I remember you at the Shonen Jump gathering!!
I was the Uryuu, hi. 8D
I have pictures from the gathering that I'll link here once I upload them! ^^

General Convention Discussion / Re: 2019 Theme
« on: May 31, 2018, 06:26:38 PM »
Whooooo next year's gonna be big. <3

Thank you everyone who was at the gathering!!! It made me really happy to see you all and I had a lot of fun at the gathering! I will get my photos up soon and will link them in the first post once I upload them!!

Sadly I don't plan to do Free next year, so if someone wants to take over the gathering for next year, please do so!! ^^

I had a lot of fun again at the gathering!! Thank you once again for hosting it! <3 Being Ed is always fun and I'm glad to see two Spikes there! ^^

Next year I'll probly be there as Reno since I'm doing a Final Fantasy VII panel with friends next year. :D

Only a few more days!! Can't wait to see you all! XD

I noticed there wasn't a gathering on the list. :C

But I'll be cosplaying Uryuu in the school uniform for the Shonen Jump gathering as well as on Monday!! ^^

The map surely helps! ^^ Thank you for that!

I might show up as Uryuu. Have nothing else really going on at that time. :3

Woot woot thank you for hosting! I'm most likely going as "Where's my pantsu?" Rei! :D
Yay! :D Hope to see you there!!

So it looks like a gathering was submitted, as it's on the final gatherings list on Facebook, however I didn't submit it. So who did?? Also I remember the gathering usually being on Sunday, why is it on Saturday this year? :( I would go but I have other plans for Saturday so likely I'll miss this one. </3 It all depends on my DMMD group(btw yes we are doing the panel again this year at the same time, Sunday night! 8D Pls come to it, ty <3 This is our final year of doing the panel so we would love a good audience!)

So due to a recent cosplay mishap, it looks like I'm bringing Ed from Cowboy Bebop afterall! <3 Though I'm gonna be running late to the gathering since I'm hosting the Free! gathering right before it. D:

That's awesome! ^_^  I saw you're hosting Free!, congratulations.  With how potentially large the attendance for the Old School Cosplay Gathering looks like it could be, you should be fine running late.  I'm also still adding to the photography order list (and moving it around), so there are a ton of categories to go through this year, including a pair of group shots at the end.
Yup. :3 I'm glad I'm able to make it after all. xD Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!

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