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 on: May 31, 2018, 06:27:44 PM 
Started by amadeus - Last post by Angelx624
Hello! I was wondering if anyone took photos of me from Friday-Sunday? I was cosplaying as Fullbring Ichigo from Bleach, and on Sunday I brought my Rukia Kuchiki body pillow that got a lot of love and photos taken of! My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/patrick.esquivel and my  Instagram is @Kuchiki_Patrick

Thank you!
I remember you at the Shonen Jump gathering!!
I was the Uryuu, hi. 8D
I have pictures from the gathering that I'll link here once I upload them! ^^

 on: May 31, 2018, 06:26:38 PM 
Started by Rurutie8 - Last post by Angelx624
Whooooo next year's gonna be big. <3

 on: May 31, 2018, 06:07:02 PM 
Started by Barnes - Last post by Alyxiane
Springhill Suites by Marriott San Jose Airport

  • The fact that it was far away from the con means there's a lot less noise and absolutely NO elevator con.
  • Check in and Check out was super clean and easy due to lack of Linecon: Hotel Edition.
  • The hotel itself looks new or at least renovated/updated. So everything especially the bathrooms looked clean without any issue with plumbing.
  • The room already came with a microwave, coffee maker, and an empty fridge.
  • Complimentary breakfast.

  • The main deal breaker for a lot of people: distance from the con.
  • While Fanime did provide free shuttles between the hotels and the con, the frequency of these shuttles to this hotel in particular left me and some other guests dissatisfied even though it seemed consistent with what it says on the guidebook and website. (Goes anywhere between every 20 minutes to every hour depending on peak vs off peak hours.) Any of the routes that included the Double Tree looked like it was the most frequent, given the amount of people not only staying at the hotel but also how there's now plenty of panels being held there. It makes complete sense, but it's still discouraging see at least 3 Route A and or B shuttles go by before seeing our Route D finally chugging along. Spending some extra money to call an uber/lyft became a viable option at that point, which kind of defeats the purpose of the con shuttles.

Other things to note:
  • The bathrooms are separated by two rooms: one with a shower and sink, and another with a toilet and sink. Both of those doors are sliding and have no locks whatsoever and has a frosted window which I personally find odd. It's not at all an issue with myself and my roommates but in the case that you're rooming with someone who likes to be a troll and starts invading some privacy, it might become awkward...
  • The Springhill Suites is combined with the Residence Inn since both hotels are under the Marriott name. The shuttle pick-up/drop-off area is on the Residence Inn side for the ease of the shuttle to stop there.

Overall, I still love the hotel since it's my second Fanime year staying in it. The shuttles were definitely the most disappointing part of my stay however, so I'd try my luck again next year in to book at either the Hyatt or Westin or possibly even the Double Tree considering the frequency of the shuttles there compared to everything else.

 on: May 31, 2018, 05:13:08 PM 
Started by sakaki - Last post by sakaki
@rawien In the past they didn’t allow non-anime costumes. Of course i last competed a while ago so stuff maybe changed since then? The rules don't seem to allow it though. Go figure?

@Amanojaku Nah dude the problem with crappy judges is that the quality of the show will be brought down even more. Look at this year and how there were so few entries. I haven’t competed since 2013 because nothing has ever gotten better (thought about it in 2016, then thought better of it). And i can tell you in 2013 there were a ton of amazing entries. Having novices win Best in Show with crap costumes DOES effect everything. Also not much motivation to enter when it sounds like most of the winners got $100. They had better prizing in the past.

I was mixed on the hosts. It seemed like some people enjoyed them. They were ok, not really much different from last year. And i mean at least they were better than some past shows (sorry Wendell).

 on: May 31, 2018, 02:44:59 PM 
Started by oneblueasterisk - Last post by Amanojaku
Way too many hotdogs, and not enough corn this year.  What the hell guys? :o

 on: May 31, 2018, 02:43:44 PM 
Started by sakaki - Last post by Amanojaku
OK now that i'm not hungover any more i have to say something about the masquerade.  WTF is going on??? This year was such a freaking joke it is not even funny. So it looks like the judges were giving awards to everyone who did anything but a skit, like it's some kind of talent show. Oh, girls were dancing with their butts hanging out. Clearly that's good enough for Best in Show!!!! Oh, a Doomfist (WTF is Overwatch doing in the contest anyway??) did a flip. That's good enough for an award!! And the Space Marine got nothing and it looked amazing!! If non anime things got awards why didn't he?? This thing has become such a joke with terrible costumes winning the biggest awards. No wonder the good cosplayers stay outside and just take photos.

The only thing I agree with you on is that the Masquerade was bad, but not for any of the reasons you listed.  I don't care about butts or non-anime costumes winning.  What made it unenjoyable for me were the hosts.  Annoying, and not funny.  I didn't care for their shtick at all, and never have I missed Ric Meyers more than I did during this year's Masquerade.

 on: May 31, 2018, 12:45:55 PM 
Started by Barnes - Last post by Weiss Schwarz
I stayed at the Fairmont this year again.


1. Check in was quick and easy. I got their early, too early because they didn't have my room type I originally booked available, so they offered to upgrade my room at no additional charge.*
2. Quiet area not by the elevator was appreciated.
3. Decent view from the window.
4. Room service was great.


1. The room they "upgraded" me to was meh. I originally booked a room with a king bed and was "upgraded" to a queen deluxe room. It was just me by myself so it wasn't a huge deal but the room itself wasn't anything special or more deluxe from the Kings I've stayed in previously. Room seemed it was the same size, just a smaller bed.
2. Elevator con this year seemed worse than previous years imo. I normally didn't have an issue getting to where I needed to go but this year was pretty bad. Granted, this wasn't 100% the hotel's fault but still felt it was worth mentioning.
3A. The bathroom. By far the worst bathroom experience so far. The faucet covers for the bath were literally falling off. I would easily take them off with no force, especially since they were already loosened off the wall when I got there. I didn't use the bath so not a huge deal to me but still.
3B. The water temperature was pretty bad this year. It was mostly hot but every minute or two it'd have 10-15 seconds of cold water. That's never happened before when I've stayed there. Pretty big con in my books.
3C. The toilet paper rolls. Everyone knows it's over, not under, however whoever was there before me (or maybe room service did) put it under. This isn't a serious con but one I feel may sway people either way. jkjk.
4. I was somehow checked out without me personally checking out. I waited in linecon to checkout on Monday just to be told I was already checked out. I was confused, I informed the service desk person that I haven't checked out yet and asked if there was some magical automated way I could have accidentally have done it even though I know I was never in any kind of area/position anywhere to accidentally checkout. I was assured it couldn't have been done automatically and had to have been done by someone personally. I did get a text about using the express checkout where I would text them the email I'd like my receipt and when I'd be checking out but I never did that so idk. If I would have known I was already somehow checked out, I wouldn't have waited in line forever.

Overall, I was still pleased with the Fairmont. Nothing I could really complain about. I plan on sticking with them next year and years after with the exception of I'll wait for my original room I booked rather than being "upgraded." Or at least check out the "upgraded" room first and decide if I want to stay there or wait until my room becomes available.

 on: May 31, 2018, 11:27:11 AM 
Started by amadeus - Last post by olingamer
Hello! I was wondering if anyone took photos of me from Friday-Sunday? I was cosplaying as Fullbring Ichigo from Bleach, and on Sunday I brought my Rukia Kuchiki body pillow that got a lot of love and photos taken of! My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/patrick.esquivel and my  Instagram is @Kuchiki_Patrick

Thank you!
Yeah. I got you. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bMrl4H6uaKmhtvkqXtx0wtLvxO-ceaj5oLvwkffgddelXwgO2jbB69wSklYKFt7P62I3NG11iU-thdCFMAdPvLAlKVkIVqrknxaN6GdgVJkGL2_XVl9MWCUvnfrTQMD3pxH_FWF-6shy3Bv_N23lREacFAjapo2q2TEIowyLFmceWs45ojqNZ8nOiwcAOZZm4jtRorjCdsGZze5X2pLnspDohqXwFUyFXnJYjB14u2VjaH2hiISFA8tFSqYWp2cllS0z1CIurhD765mxgWny1otuGZuLVnbCR9rrihe85COBZ6-jISYkbCqjA47byed7g-Xr5I43jOgIdC1p2Qqils2GfF5ZNCLM3DN29KcQf-SbgP3fuErYD_PPnBOlSpiCnIoaqeZsTCjKXqNRfZRCEqnj_o4vVemzsBTWHx-PrIuOwCJrZu83zWFUStG3xhiIvUlwBTV1O1_dI64rPdktHjymEklpWsnKY3GsV6JNxPwCzw3CG8DceCGZAflVk02NvyzA_D53Vo8lONsWB1_D5Gz1xxf9t0hfK-Jgc9Fq17KyJvikWxNU1boXl2QckbLjztMNBjj3NypSjD6SX8219N00XT6NcNAFkiu0DTQ=w903-h677-no

speaking of which did anyone get a picture of me? I know I didn't get many picture of me but I was Achiles from Fate Apocrypha on Saturday and that was when people got the most pictures of me.

 on: May 31, 2018, 11:13:58 AM 
Started by Barnes - Last post by TC_X0_Lt_0X
Generally the same as previous years, Hyatt had spacious rooms and decent elevator travel. Notably though, this year they trained the vetting system for the breakfast again this year, opting for tickets dated for specific days instead of armbands. Not to bad, but was bad is that they only gave enough tickets for 2 people per room, so half a full room could not go to breakfast. Very disappointing given previous years.
Also one of my rooms had an AC that was on the frits and only worked here or there (it was making an odd struggling noise). It wasn't too much of an issue, but the room could be a bit warm at times.

 on: May 31, 2018, 02:51:50 AM 
Started by pokefan995 - Last post by pokefan995
Is my page not loading right or is the 2018 official pics album not showing any pics from our gathering?

They may not be up yet, she said it may take a few days to upload. But they will be in that section when they get uploaded. I'll check again to make sure I have the right link though

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