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I myself never see (hear small grasps, but I want words in my face.) any of the feedback for my department that is submitted on the Official Feedback Form of Fanime even though I request it, I want to hear back from you, the fans, about Cosplay gatherings, the Cosplay Hangout and Repair station, and the new photo room. What went good, what went bad, etc. Did the hangout miss any supplies, what ran out on you, etc.

Some things to note that I know is a problem.

1. Not enough signage for hangout. I got a lot of people kinda shocked that we had a hangout, that there was a repair station, etc. It is duly noted, and I will add more signage/ social media presence on the hangout.

2. Not enough photographers. It is going to be a problem until I secure enough people to be photographers, as I dont want my staffers running ragged from gathering to gathering, attending 3 gatherings in the span of an hour (I have done that, I didn't have fun and people knew I smelled of con funk due to it.)

3. Better Social media presence. I admit I was better on facebook than here. I am somewhat shying away from here from requests of the higher ups, but until I work out a place where you dont need an account to view all info of a gathering, and post on it saying "HEY I WANNA COME TO THIS AS X FROM Z" its going to be here.

4. In general, not enough staff. Dear god I do a lot by myself, and my co-head keeps bonking me on the head to split the load. I had assistance, but I didn't clearly guide them for the purpose I needed them for, and lead to other issues arising.

Still, what did you peeps think of CGD this year? Be honest, I don't mind the bull being tossed, but I want notes that I can take and really put hammer to nail and fix as best I can.

Friday -
 Noon: Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts - G10 (Offsite)
 1pm: Macross - 1pm G7
2pm: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - G6 Bangou Stray Dogs - G8
3pm: Disney - G9 Magic: The Gathering - G2
4pm: Mass Effect - G3
5pm:  cat-aclysm: a cat themed gathering - G3, Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World - G8, Metal Gear - G10 (Offsite)
6pm: Old School Gathering - G2
 7:30pm: Yu-Gi-Oh - G3

Saturday -
 10am: Final Fantasy - G5, Gintama - G8 Marvel Universe - G9
 11am: Dragon Age - G3, Pokemon - G5, Monte Oum - G6, Tokusatu - G7, Fate Series - G8, Disney Expanded Universe - G9
 Noon: Tales of... Series - G5, Hunter X Hunter - G6, Show By Rock - G7, Capcom - G9
 1pm: Idolmaster - G3, Nintendo - G5, Kantai Collection - G6, CLAMP - G8, League of Legends - G9
 2pm: Super Smash Brothers - G5, One Piece - G6, DC Universe - G9
 3pm: Vocaloid - G5, NieR:Automata - G6, Touhou Project - G7, Undertale - G9
 4pm: Voltron - G5, Miraculous Ladybug - G6, All Idols - G9
 5pm: Avatar the Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra - G5, Shin Megami Tensai / Persona / Atlus - G6, Fallout - G9
 6pm: All Sports - G7, DragonBall Universe - G9,

 Sunday -
 11am Berserk - G3, Yandere Simulator - G6, Oran HS Host Club - G7, Sailor Moon - G9, Haikyuu!! - G10 (Offsite)
Noon: Full Metal Alchemist - G5, Naruto - G6, Overwatch - G9 at HIGH NOON,
 1pm: Touken Ranbu - G3, Gravity Falls - G6, ACCA 13: Territory Inspection Dept. - G8, Steven Universe - G9, Japanese Street Fashion - G10 (Offsite)
 2pm: Attack on Titan - G5, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - G6, Professional Wrestling - G7, One-Punch Man - G8, Love Live - G9
 3pm: Fairy Tail - G3, Borderlands - G5, Ace Attorney - G6, Legend of Zelda - G8, Star Wars - G9,
 4pm: Soul Eater - G6, Fire Emblem - G9
 5pm: Yuri on Ice!!! - G5, Osomatsu-san - G6, Shonen Jump - G9, Homestuck - G10
 6pm: Dramatical Murder - G5

Something I need to do in order for me to not get stressed out and trying to make everyone happy, is to set some policies. Last year was pretty lax cause I needed to learn what works and what didn't. Ill explain why I have each policy.

1. Each gathering requires a Gathering thread in this forum, PERIOD.

I know its really popular for everyone to post an event on Facebook and make it go from there. However, not everyone has a facebook, and I want a place that doesn't require an account to see all information in regards to gatherings at con. I give the option to have a facebook event, however, its entirely optional, and that leads to my next policy

2. In order to maintain priority in leading a gathering, you MUST post in the forum thread every 2 weeks.

"but I dont want to be on the forums every 2 weeks" "I dont have the time to do this", etc, is not excusable. This will be in place as soon as the Form for gatherings goes live (no promises, but the second weekend of january looks like it might be a go.) I want a surefire way to make sure that you are dedicated to hosting your gathering, and this is the only way I know that you are still alive and kicking.

Now, what is Priority? Priority is where you are assured that you are the head honcho of your gathering type. In Example, Say Person A has a gathering post and submitted a form. As long as Person A keeps posting in the thread every 2 weeks, and or has posted in a 2 week gap of time (IE: I am going on vacation, and will be AFK for a bit), they will still be in control. However, If person B wants to host the gathering, and you have not posted in 2 weeks of the last post, I will reach out to your email, and give you a one week warning. This means, you have one week to reach back to me or I will transfer Priority to person B. and person B is obligated to 2 week posting in thread as well.

This policy is to help with communications with your gathering goers and me. IF you KNOW you cannot post for an extended period of time, TELL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If your stuck in the caribbian with no internet, I get it, just Tell me before you go, and if anything post on your thread that, so I dont panic.

3. The moment infighting over hosting a gathering happens, I am shutting it down. Period.

I had a pretty good fight going over who would host a gathering, and old host and new host were basically fighting and neither side wanted to give. So, due to that, I will make it clear as day on this policy, I don't want fighting, WORK TOGETHER AND SOLVE PROBLEMS TOGETHER. The moment it escalates is the moment I shut the party down.

Any questions and or additions to this policy list will be added to this post and answered in the thread where asked.

I would like to get some feedback from what my department did this year, but first some things I know need fixing:
  • Gatherings in the books all together (this is always in mind, its out of my hands rn)
  • The Moving of Dragon Age gathering (someone went over my head and moved a gathering that could have fit inside just fine)
  • No water in hangout(again, out of my hands, lets just say SJCC is "fun")
  • Lack of supplies in lounge (I had a list rolling around of things you all wanted)
  • Fire emblem gathering and its sprinklers (literally had no clue they were to go on. Facilities will know next year so it hopefully won't happen again.)

But beyond that, What went good, what when bad, etc. Tell me, I do a valve approach to reading this all (I read it all, it doesn't mean I respond to it all.) I will eventually release my letter of con in review. maybe here, meh. I want this department to do more eventually, and if I get it going again, have chopped cosplay again with the hosts we have had in the past do their thing. But again, its only my first year of being the head, so I know I need a lot of growing.

So, this thread will make it easy for people looking for others who ask if someone took their picture and want to link to their portfolios so others can find them easily.

Cosplay Gatherings Department pictures: Coming soon

Happy Things in the Happy Universe / Music to help your work happy?
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:08:29 AM »
As I work on my props and forms for fanime, I often have a good pace to music playing in the background. as I dont want to be dependant on just soundcloud and music from my work for music playing, what do you guys listen to as you work on things for con?

Currently on my list

Savant in his entire discography
Purity Ring
Persona Q soundtrack
Xenoblade Chronicles Soundtrack
The Copy, Paste, And Kill album (If you loved the soundtrack of Kill La Kill, You might enjoy this album)
La Roux - Trouble in paradise
NSP - Under the covers

Hello Everyone, This is the form to make your cosplay gathering official seen, thus getting advertised by my department and at con itself! Now, I believe the form is pretty explanitory if you have everything together before filling this out.

What you need:

Your Forum post, as formated to instructions posted here : http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,20387.0.html

Ideal times for your gathering, and/or previous times of your gatherings

Contact information outside of the forums. Do note that only I will have this information, and the only time I will be contacting you would either most likely be May 14th as I could not get any of your preferances posted, and wanted to just do a simple call to achieve something in 5 minutes rather than what could take 25-45 minutes in emails/texts. Or As an email to you telling you what slot you got for your gathering, giving you permission to change the spots as instructed earlier.

And the links to where you have it already posted on the internet.

Now that you have read what is needed from you for me to get to your gathering into my system of organizing the gatherings, The link to the form is http://apps.fanime.com/2017/gatheringapp/

Good luck in getting your gathering into your spot, as it will be prioritized with history as an organizer here, followed by history at the spot requested.

If any questions arise, do not be afraid to post here on it, and I will answer it as promptly as I can.

I'm doing the backup plan, as my online form is not together yet. So, This is the forums end of the form that I will have, and all the information needed on the forums will be in your forum post, but you may ask the following Question


The answer is easy. Your top post of your gathering thread just needs to consist of the following, preferably in the order presented:

Name of the gathering (pretty self explanatory, but what is the name of your gathering)
This Gathering Includes : (If your gathering is wide, or if you the organizer is okay with crossing the streams a little bit, mention what is in the gathering to the bare roots, I.E. A Bethesda Gathering would include All Fallout Games, and all Elder Scrolls games. Otherwise, the name of what media form you are gathering for will do just fine.)

Day : (Leave this blank in the forum until given a message from me telling you to change it)
Time : (Leave this blank in the forum until given a message from me telling you to change it)
Meeting Place (MP) : (If you are gathering that plans to move from a meeting place to a place for shooting, mention that here.)
Location (L) :(Leave this blank in the forum until given a message from me telling you to change it)

Cosplayers : Imperial as AXE (each person that plans to be x character from something in the gathering should be mentioned, this is more of a head count for me to look over and plan accordingly)

Legal Statement-Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photo Order (Have a list in a reasonable order of what shots you plan on having the gathering go in. I highly recommend having ships, or custom pairs that may not be massively significant to the story of the game, Like idk, Cloud close with Vincent in a Final Fantasy Gathering, be after the majority of the gathering, as otherwise you may run out of time for some more important shots for your gathering.)

Link to Facebook event: ( This is highly recommended, but not mandatory this year. We, Cosplay Gatherings Department, Are slowly making the transition from the Forums to the Social media world of Facebook, as a means to help advertise gatherings, and reach more of our demographic, as forums are not as popular these days unfortunately. However, we are transitioning, and thus we are making the best of both worlds. as for the date of the facebook event, any time is fine, however for now, the date of the gathering should be May 22nd, as a means of not giving false hope to those wishing their 1st time pick guarenteed to get their first pick.  Again, as soon as I tell you in a PM to do the changes instructed to you, please change the dates as need be.)

Link to other gathering relevent things : (if you also post on say cosplay.com a gathering, or elsewhere the information for your gathering needs to be, please link that here)

News of the gathering : (if an update happens, or if you want to confirm something with your cosplayers, post here, or your next post in your thread)

All the following is subject to change, as nothing is nailed down quite yet.

Day: Saturday
Time: 4-5pm
MP: G4
L: G4

Shot Order:
Goat people (Toriel, Asgore, Asreil)
Pundant Bone People (Sans, Papyrus)
Gills and Scales (Undyne, Alphys)
Final Bosses


Disclaimer: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Other stuff: So, I know there is a Draw for this gathering, and others wanted to host this, but, This gathering is going to warrent some special things by me, SO ITS NOW ON! Not to break bones on others, but I couldn't knee it to you that its somewhat of my little baby....

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Bethesda Gathering 2016
« on: January 21, 2016, 12:57:13 AM »
All the following is subject to change, as nothing is Nailed down quite yet.

Day: Saturday
Time: tbd, Aiming for night
MP: tbd
L: tbd

Shot Order:
Fallout 1/2/tactics
Fallout 3
Fallout New Vegas
Fallout 4
Elder Scrolls Oblivion and back
Elder Scrolls Skyrim
Key Characters

Disclaimer: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Other stuff: So, Since the pull normally for these gatherings is rather small, but I still love it to death, I plan on Hosting This gathering. I Broke it down as such, because of what it can be, and what it should be. I could get away with running this and a fallout gathering seperately, but I got some ideas for good things to come. Stay classy, New Vegas.

Hello Everyone,

Year 2 of me being the head of this department is nice. I got more of a grasp as to what my boss did from previous years, I got some policy changes for this next year that is critical for all the organizers to know (lets just say I had a headache with this previous year in some of the planning, most of it was my bad in comms, this policy change will make things clear for all.), and im finally getting back into con planning mode with a job in hand. I am announcing an announcement for the start of the year, 1/1/2017 as for all of my policy plans to be reveiled. gathering organizers, just know your going to be poking in here more often to maintain your gathering. and the hangout will be greater than ever!

Till the first, This is the madman from the reach,





Funny done, yay. Anywho, Update time, and quite a bit of news.

1. I have intituted a set of policies in regards to cosplay gatherings in order to maintain order between cosplayers, and establish rules. Its mostly for my sanity, but there for yours as well. You can read about it HERE

2. The big Fanime staff meeting is Sunday, January 8th. If you ever wanted to join Cosplay Gatherings staff, or wanted to meet the madman in charge of the department, you can do that at the meeting, place to be determined(its always one of the hotels of Fanime, so, can't go wrong there), but time is 99% of the time 2:30pm. At this meeting you get to learn alot of the con, and how much fun you can have in staffing it. if you want to say "SKREW THE MEETING I HAVE INTERNETZ", you can apply to a department anywhere here

3. Photos. We have had a problem with photos this year in getting them done in a timely matter. What I can do is point you to some of our photographers we had last year and allow you to get at the photos they each did until i can edit them all into a place proper. Here are some of their works (X) (x) X

And as soon as I get a decent group done of photos, I will post them and point you as to where they are.

Thats all she wrote for this round. I hope to see you all at the meeting if you wish, but until next time, this is the madman from the Reach,




So, I do owe this area an update.

 I myself appolgize that I don't have the form ready yet. I am waiting on my IT guy(It has to be done inhouse, so I cant take others work on google forms due to "lack of professionalism"), but he does have a good chunk of it done, just a matter of adding some things to the form. The moment he sets it live is the moment I will post here and update you on this.

Photos. The department that is responsible for posting said pictures has not finished last year's. I keep asking the chain as to updates, and yet to hear a solid date for them to be posted. Something that I myself may be doing is getting an outfit to do the watermarking so we can post them in a more timely matter. The person in charge knows this, and the editor in-house knows this. the voices are heard by me and the higher ups, and I just am trying to make things work out.

Gathering spots. So, Bad news, we (the department, not the con) are losing G4, the Raiser stages in the Hub. I don't know if I can say what will be there in its place yet, as I think the higher ups plan on announcing that at a later date, I will confirm and edit this accordingly. That said, I am being denied at putting a gathering space on the ground floor, so I currently do not have a replacement for it. Organizers should plan accordingly, let alone everyone else who used that space to sit down and cool off (There is always the Cosplay hangout, come drop by and check it out.)

New Room: We as a department gained a new room. We shall call this room for this year "Fantasic Cosplays, and Where to Find them." What this room will be used for is for photographers (not ours, but the folks that often set up outside) as a photography area, where pros can set up with backdrops and lights, the whole shebang in a controlled room. We plan to have the area used as a means to allow other photographers to do shoots inside with all means needed. More on this soon.

I think that's all I want to announce now. Thanks!


Yeah, I forgot my love again.

We launched the Gatherings list, and the Form. I ideally would be updating weekly, but I just sometimes cant sink the time proper to work on the applications in a week. I will try, but I will not promise anything for now.

Gatherings form can be found here : https://apps.fanime.com/2017/gatheringapp/

The NEW Homestuck 2016 Gathering

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Sunday
Time : Probably the same as last year, 4pm
Where: Same as last year, Most Likely.

Watch this Video If you want to Help this gathering come into Fruition

***Homestuck Gathering Rules***: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CsxJSNpSph-9BmBidS4P69PI6ACxUh1GXb6eUtonl_4

The Following Positions NEED to be FILLED so PLEASE step up to make this gathering happen.
On Site (Fanime) Gathering Organizers and Assistants:
Lead Organizer: Tjimmy2
Assistant #1:
Assistant #2:
Assistant #3:
Assistant #4:

Photography Roll Call Assistants:
#1: Tjimmy2
#2: "John"
#3: "Tony"

Want to help? Message here or PM me or Email, or phone if you prefer, and I can let you know what you can do to help!


BETA KIDS GROUP SHOT (John, Rose, Dave, Jade)
(Jane, Dirk, Roxy, Jake.)

(Mom, Bro, Dad, Bec, Grandpa Harley, Alpha Guardians, JaspersSprite, Jade Sprite, Dave Sprite, Nanna Sprite, Tavris Sprite, Erisol Sprite, Fefeta Sprite, ARquius Sprite.)

CARAPACE & INTERMISSION CHARACTERS (Propitians, Dersites, Felt, Midnight Crew, Ms Paint, Skaia Royalty, Problem Sleuth Jack Noir, Bec Noir, PM, etc.)

CHERUBS & HUSSIE (Calliope, Calliborn, Lord English, Hussie)

OTHER (AU's, Original Designs, Fantrolls.)

Video Game Characters

Ancestors (Summoner, Psionic, Mindfang, Condes, etc)

Dancestors (Alpha trolls etc)


TROLLS BY BLOOD COLOR. (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)


All the following is subject to change, as nothing is Nailed down quite yet.

Day: Friday
Time: tbd
MP: tbd
L: tbd

Shot Order:
FNAF1 Crew
FNAF2 crew

Disclaimer: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Other stuff: I decided to turn this into an actual gathering since I had enough of a draw to warrent one. I may add more if we get more information on FNAF3, but we know too little.

Ideas and Suggestions / Dota 2 Tornament?
« on: February 12, 2014, 10:36:28 PM »
Since it is Possible to do a locally hosted torney, could we possibly run a tornament, or local games at Fanime? if anything, I could get it set up in under an hour tops for 11 computers.....

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=181099802 is a guide on how to do it, so its not a matter of not knowing how to....

Staff & Volunteers / Staff rooms?
« on: February 02, 2014, 06:18:40 PM »
I haven't heard a word from anyone concerning staff rooms, and getting into a room of staff together. Should I worry since hotel reg is happening tomorrow, or is that on the minds of the uppers and we will get an email on the matter asap?

All the following is subject to change, as nothing is Nailed down quite yet.

Day: TBD
Time: TBD

List of attending ~ Character of attendee

Photography Order:
Group Shot
Radiant Heros
Dire Heros
Strength Heroes
Agility Heroes
Intelligence Heros
Group Shot

Disclaimer: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Other information, and introductions:

Hello Folks, I was Pudge last year that gathered somewhat together the Dota gathering, as it was attached to the League gathering, but we kinda got blown out of the water (no offence to League whatsoever, I barely advertised this gathering), so I decided to make our own gathering, as we had a decent number of cosplayers, and I hope for more to join us. If you got a question at all of what the gathering is going to be(as it is getting nailed down), I am more than willing to answer your questions, just ask.

Photos of previous gatherings : http://digital-haze.net/photos/tag/dota.html

Staff & Volunteers / Staff site down?
« on: December 28, 2013, 03:05:23 PM »
I tried going to the staff site, but im getting 504 errors across the board since my hefe gave me a code. I usually am okay within a month of waiting, its offseason and might be fixing it, but now im kinda worried. Is it suppose to be down and i didn't get the message?

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