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Where it asks for what place you want to hold your gathering, I am keeping the code spots the same if you remember them Vets, otherwise, this post here will be continuously updated as with pictures to the code name for the place.

G1 = Gatherings Table = 1st floor Convention Center Lobby Area at the foot of the stairs
G2 = Tiered Platform (1st floor lobby by East stairs)
G3 = Downstairs Tiered Platform (on the lower floor, the wooden steps close to video)
G4 = Marriott Side
G5 = “The Art Spot” (front of the convention center under large art piece)
G6 = "Fallout Zone” outside alcove in front of Convention Center
G7 =  "The SLAB" (outside the Hilton Hotel Bar)
G8 a-c = Tree Area (tree area @ foot of stairs by "The Slab")
G9 =   Off Site (Check Gatherings Table on 1st floor to find out off site location info)

General update, sorry for the vagueness, but needed until the grounding is solid.


- Better signage, and better explanations of the locations. If you know where the locations are already, great, but if you don't, it's very hard to find that information leading up to con. I had to go through several different very similar-sounding forums threads in order to find an outdated listing of the gathering locations with the number key, and even then, I had to guess where some of these actually were just based on prior knowledge. I saw several people online leading up to the con asking things like "where the hell is G6??" and no one having a very specific map or list to point them towards. The maps at info tables this year were great (and saved my friend and I when trying to find the JJBA gathering and I was like "uhh...I think it's over in that area?" but thankfully we were able to find an info booth and just look it up) -- is it possible to post those maps online in an easy to find location so that people know where the gatherings are in the weeks leading up to con?

There was a hangup, and I hope to have a neutral map (not in line with the theme of the year, rather, general fanime design) with new location names and numbers soon. There was a snag for the map to come out this year to be in line with theme, and I do have plans to make gathering spaces in different areas to accomodate for the loss of G4 and half loss of G8 (I can't move the benches, so I can't do midsize gatherings there anymore). For future reference, and I didn't advertise it very well again, but on the Fanime Cosplay Gatherings page on facebook, There is a gallery with pictures showing where they are, and landmarks to help find the locations as needed.

Also, I don't know how feasible it is to have with the myriad locations and the outdoor locations, but is it possible to have some A-frame signs or something at the locations themselves, especially up near the front where photos are usually taken? These would have to be kind of out of the way of photographers, and the first and last gatherings of the day (or an associated staff member) would need to be responsible for setting these up and taking them back inside for the night, but I think that it could be really helpful to have certain information on site at the gatherings. I'd image that these would have the name and number code of the location as the largest text, and then the ability to post a piece of paper with the list of gatherings for that day in that location with their times underneath that (so the signs could be reused year after year with a different set of gatherings). It would be helpful to know exactly where the gathering is, how much time the gathering has in that location, and which series is coming in after. I was at a gathering this year where the series in the adjacent location was done early, so people quickly checked their phones to find out when the next gathering was coming in and took over that space for the larger group shots at the end. Having that information handy would be great for those trying to find where the gathering they are trying to attend is as well.

For me, I see the idea of having easels with what gatherings are at each spot, and proposed that with proper people, and was told that in order to ensure that the signs are not damaged if they are on the ground floor, is to have a staff member within reach of it. I don't have the number of staff to warrant those needs, but I get the idea you have. I have some alt ideas as to how to execute this, and I will get to talk with proper people on Alt idea by the end of the month.

- Already mentioned, but signage for the repair room. I knew generally where it was (at least, in terms of "it's in one of these rooms over on this side of this particular hallway" and still had a hard time finding it when I was specifically looking for it, until I just poked my head in and happened upon it. Also, I was only in there briefly, but there seemed to be different "stations" for different tasks (at least, I was pointed towards the table with sewing supplies, and noticed other tables with things like wig work going on), and if this is the case, having these clearly marked would be a benefit, so that they would be easier to find if you need something specific.

Its something that I am working on training my staff so they can always greet you as you enter, and point you the right way to what and where items for repair are. I didn't really get to do my training speel I normally do due to time constraints (first year of a full time job that is never consistant really screws any planning you want to do, especially if you got rained in from the one meeting you normally do it at.) But yes, signage will be increased for where said hangout will be. Signs as to stations, May be worked out in the future running of the room, but we don't want our room to seem like its unstaffed, hense the greeting and assisting with where X things are.

- The photo room. I never actually went in, but I poked my head in a couple of times (including during some very busy times of con, like Saturday afternoon), and it seemed pretty empty. It's a great idea, but if there's only one photographer in there, it seems like a bit of a waste. Maybe it was just the perfect weather where all the photographers were lined up outside still, but I feel that more can be done with this space. Maybe some photo sets like AX has, even on a much smaller scale? Some props or backdrops at the very least? Something that can entice people to want to visit that room rather than standing outside in front of the cement wall.

I did mention in the announcement of the room that it would be just black drape sets due to limited turnaround, but I get where you are at. Future plans due include art themed backdrops, some generic, some in theme. I just couldn't turn it to be made in time with the request of us getting the room.


- I think there was supposed to be an email or other message sent out about the check-in procedure at con, but I never received it, so I wasn't aware that I was supposed to check in prior to my cosplay gathering. Luckily, one of your staff members found me, but I felt bad that she had to hunt me down.

- Not sure if the Fanime Slickpic galleries are part of your department, but it was a little disconcerting that they were categorized by when the photos were taken, rather than by gathering or topic. It works for random hall photos, but it was a little frustrating trying to find all of the photos for a single gathering.

Neither Pros Nor Cons:
* Some people were wondering why Monday was no longer an option for cosplay gatherings. Can you give any info about this? I understand that it might be kind of a hassle because people will be checking out of hotels and such, but it would be nice to get an official word about this.

All in all, thanks for the hard work that you and your staff put in!

so, from the top.

I think people naturally block Bcc emails or something, because last year i got complaints for just CCing people and their name out and about, so I tried Bcc. as you can see, things didn't roll properly.

I had it sorted by time, as if I didn't, the nightmare that is organizing the photos would even be worse, cause I have photogs dump their photos in their downtime. if they had to remember what gatherings where what photos when dear god it would be a mess regardless. I thought times would be the best go at it.

I pulled mondays from gatherings in 2 parts. 1 being lack of demand. 2 being I am cleaning the room back up to ship to logistics, and that is a massive time sink we have to do at end of con, and I just want to celebrate that I made it through sunday night.

I myself never see (hear small grasps, but I want words in my face.) any of the feedback for my department that is submitted on the Official Feedback Form of Fanime even though I request it, I want to hear back from you, the fans, about Cosplay gatherings, the Cosplay Hangout and Repair station, and the new photo room. What went good, what went bad, etc. Did the hangout miss any supplies, what ran out on you, etc.

Some things to note that I know is a problem.

1. Not enough signage for hangout. I got a lot of people kinda shocked that we had a hangout, that there was a repair station, etc. It is duly noted, and I will add more signage/ social media presence on the hangout.

2. Not enough photographers. It is going to be a problem until I secure enough people to be photographers, as I dont want my staffers running ragged from gathering to gathering, attending 3 gatherings in the span of an hour (I have done that, I didn't have fun and people knew I smelled of con funk due to it.)

3. Better Social media presence. I admit I was better on facebook than here. I am somewhat shying away from here from requests of the higher ups, but until I work out a place where you dont need an account to view all info of a gathering, and post on it saying "HEY I WANNA COME TO THIS AS X FROM Z" its going to be here.

4. In general, not enough staff. Dear god I do a lot by myself, and my co-head keeps bonking me on the head to split the load. I had assistance, but I didn't clearly guide them for the purpose I needed them for, and lead to other issues arising.

Still, what did you peeps think of CGD this year? Be honest, I don't mind the bull being tossed, but I want notes that I can take and really put hammer to nail and fix as best I can.

You are on the list friend. Sunday afternoon.

Is G4 still available as a gathering spot? I'm not seeing it on the form.

No, The Hub (Gatherings G4) is not available this year.

Correct, Hub is now being used for Registration. Kinda sad, and I will be editing my mistakes.

I fixed the link problem!

Don't get me wrong, I think this could be cool, but I am being told by the Higher Ups to not run this gathering. They think this could be a PR nightmare if given to the wrong hands. I won't be able to put it on any lists, but I will keep this unlisted due to requests from people on high.

Update on the first gatherings list, as well as a link to the form. can be found here:

Friday -
 Noon: Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts - G10 (Offsite)
 1pm: Macross - 1pm G7
2pm: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - G6 Bangou Stray Dogs - G8
3pm: Disney - G9 Magic: The Gathering - G2
4pm: Mass Effect - G3
5pm:  cat-aclysm: a cat themed gathering - G3, Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World - G8, Metal Gear - G10 (Offsite)
6pm: Old School Gathering - G2
 7:30pm: Yu-Gi-Oh - G3

Saturday -
 10am: Final Fantasy - G5, Gintama - G8 Marvel Universe - G9
 11am: Dragon Age - G3, Pokemon - G5, Monte Oum - G6, Tokusatu - G7, Fate Series - G8, Disney Expanded Universe - G9
 Noon: Tales of... Series - G5, Hunter X Hunter - G6, Show By Rock - G7, Capcom - G9
 1pm: Idolmaster - G3, Nintendo - G5, Kantai Collection - G6, CLAMP - G8, League of Legends - G9
 2pm: Super Smash Brothers - G5, One Piece - G6, DC Universe - G9
 3pm: Vocaloid - G5, NieR:Automata - G6, Touhou Project - G7, Undertale - G9
 4pm: Voltron - G5, Miraculous Ladybug - G6, All Idols - G9
 5pm: Avatar the Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra - G5, Shin Megami Tensai / Persona / Atlus - G6, Fallout - G9
 6pm: All Sports - G7, DragonBall Universe - G9,

 Sunday -
 11am Berserk - G3, Yandere Simulator - G6, Oran HS Host Club - G7, Sailor Moon - G9, Haikyuu!! - G10 (Offsite)
Noon: Full Metal Alchemist - G5, Naruto - G6, Overwatch - G9 at HIGH NOON,
 1pm: Touken Ranbu - G3, Gravity Falls - G6, ACCA 13: Territory Inspection Dept. - G8, Steven Universe - G9, Japanese Street Fashion - G10 (Offsite)
 2pm: Attack on Titan - G5, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - G6, Professional Wrestling - G7, One-Punch Man - G8, Love Live - G9
 3pm: Fairy Tail - G3, Borderlands - G5, Ace Attorney - G6, Legend of Zelda - G8, Star Wars - G9,
 4pm: Soul Eater - G6, Fire Emblem - G9
 5pm: Yuri on Ice!!! - G5, Osomatsu-san - G6, Shonen Jump - G9, Homestuck - G10
 6pm: Dramatical Murder - G5

Last I heard, registration and badge pickup will be set up in the hub.  Well, that solves the mystery of why G4 won't be available.   8)

I'm going to pull a mark rosewater and say maybe :)

Thank you for the update!

Are Gatherings G2 and G3 (tiered platform east and west) still in play for this year?  Or is that off the table as a ground floor gathering spot as well?

Those are still okay, and things shouldn't interact with those spots that's going into the hub. Least that's what I am being told.

Main Post got an update, ORGANIZERS SHOULD READ THIS.

When will the 2017 form be available?

I am waiting on IT to finish up changes, I hope to give a timeline by 2-11

Do you need to be a staff member in order to host a gathering?
No, Never needed to be a staff member to host a gathering. I will never make that a requirement, as that would make my staff list too long, and my hours spread too thin. I just set some rules down so you all can make my life with the bureaucracy a lot more, friendly.

Just a mini update, as I have gotten some pings asking if everything is still going. It still is, I just got a bunch of paperwork, and waiting on others, before I can give another update for you guys proper. That, and 96 hour work weeks are "fun".

We had a Shonen Jump gathering (Dragon Ball had a good run on it) and a metal gear gathering last year, we should wait however until the form gets up until we determine making a gathering before hand.

This, is something I want to cosplay at. Legitimately I will have a Roadhog cosplay built by May, so, boss man may appear here.

Yay! Thanks for the update! I pm'ed you but this update answers all my questions. I'll hopefully see you Jan. 8 - (I'll fill out the staff form just in case as well). Definitely want to help where I can since I got my megaphone and by this Fanime, hopefully have a portable loud speaker as well. ( I recommend to all cosplay gatherers to purchase or borrow some kind of voice amplifier so as not to lose your voice.

On another note - this Fanime, 2017 - marks the 10th anniversary of TTGL (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan) so I was asked by a few friends to bring this series back as a gathering :)

Who do you think I am to not let this happen?!? Go for it!
The one thing I'm bringing is a portable speaker with a mic and other connectivity that can be rented out for gatherings, but I can only afford 1 personally, so I will definitely push for you all to byo projection.
Also I haven't gotten any pm's since July soooooooo

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