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You are on the list friend. Sunday afternoon.

Is G4 still available as a gathering spot? I'm not seeing it on the form.

No, The Hub (Gatherings G4) is not available this year.

Correct, Hub is now being used for Registration. Kinda sad, and I will be editing my mistakes.

I fixed the link problem!

Don't get me wrong, I think this could be cool, but I am being told by the Higher Ups to not run this gathering. They think this could be a PR nightmare if given to the wrong hands. I won't be able to put it on any lists, but I will keep this unlisted due to requests from people on high.

Update on the first gatherings list, as well as a link to the form. can be found here:

Friday -
 Noon: Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts - G10 (Offsite)
 1pm: Macross - 1pm G7
2pm: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - G6 Bangou Stray Dogs - G8
3pm: Disney - G9 Magic: The Gathering - G2
4pm: Mass Effect - G3
5pm:  cat-aclysm: a cat themed gathering - G3, Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World - G8, Metal Gear - G10 (Offsite)
6pm: Old School Gathering - G2
 7:30pm: Yu-Gi-Oh - G3

Saturday -
 10am: Final Fantasy - G5, Gintama - G8 Marvel Universe - G9
 11am: Dragon Age - G3, Pokemon - G5, Monte Oum - G6, Tokusatu - G7, Fate Series - G8, Disney Expanded Universe - G9
 Noon: Tales of... Series - G5, Hunter X Hunter - G6, Show By Rock - G7, Capcom - G9
 1pm: Idolmaster - G3, Nintendo - G5, Kantai Collection - G6, CLAMP - G8, League of Legends - G9
 2pm: Super Smash Brothers - G5, One Piece - G6, DC Universe - G9
 3pm: Vocaloid - G5, NieR:Automata - G6, Touhou Project - G7, Undertale - G9
 4pm: Voltron - G5, Miraculous Ladybug - G6, All Idols - G9
 5pm: Avatar the Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra - G5, Shin Megami Tensai / Persona / Atlus - G6, Fallout - G9
 6pm: All Sports - G7, DragonBall Universe - G9,

 Sunday -
 11am Berserk - G3, Yandere Simulator - G6, Oran HS Host Club - G7, Sailor Moon - G9, Haikyuu!! - G10 (Offsite)
Noon: Full Metal Alchemist - G5, Naruto - G6, Overwatch - G9 at HIGH NOON,
 1pm: Touken Ranbu - G3, Gravity Falls - G6, ACCA 13: Territory Inspection Dept. - G8, Steven Universe - G9, Japanese Street Fashion - G10 (Offsite)
 2pm: Attack on Titan - G5, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - G6, Professional Wrestling - G7, One-Punch Man - G8, Love Live - G9
 3pm: Fairy Tail - G3, Borderlands - G5, Ace Attorney - G6, Legend of Zelda - G8, Star Wars - G9,
 4pm: Soul Eater - G6, Fire Emblem - G9
 5pm: Yuri on Ice!!! - G5, Osomatsu-san - G6, Shonen Jump - G9, Homestuck - G10
 6pm: Dramatical Murder - G5

Last I heard, registration and badge pickup will be set up in the hub.  Well, that solves the mystery of why G4 won't be available.   8)

I'm going to pull a mark rosewater and say maybe :)

Thank you for the update!

Are Gatherings G2 and G3 (tiered platform east and west) still in play for this year?  Or is that off the table as a ground floor gathering spot as well?

Those are still okay, and things shouldn't interact with those spots that's going into the hub. Least that's what I am being told.

Main Post got an update, ORGANIZERS SHOULD READ THIS.

When will the 2017 form be available?

I am waiting on IT to finish up changes, I hope to give a timeline by 2-11

Do you need to be a staff member in order to host a gathering?
No, Never needed to be a staff member to host a gathering. I will never make that a requirement, as that would make my staff list too long, and my hours spread too thin. I just set some rules down so you all can make my life with the bureaucracy a lot more, friendly.

Just a mini update, as I have gotten some pings asking if everything is still going. It still is, I just got a bunch of paperwork, and waiting on others, before I can give another update for you guys proper. That, and 96 hour work weeks are "fun".

We had a Shonen Jump gathering (Dragon Ball had a good run on it) and a metal gear gathering last year, we should wait however until the form gets up until we determine making a gathering before hand.

This, is something I want to cosplay at. Legitimately I will have a Roadhog cosplay built by May, so, boss man may appear here.

Yay! Thanks for the update! I pm'ed you but this update answers all my questions. I'll hopefully see you Jan. 8 - (I'll fill out the staff form just in case as well). Definitely want to help where I can since I got my megaphone and by this Fanime, hopefully have a portable loud speaker as well. ( I recommend to all cosplay gatherers to purchase or borrow some kind of voice amplifier so as not to lose your voice.

On another note - this Fanime, 2017 - marks the 10th anniversary of TTGL (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan) so I was asked by a few friends to bring this series back as a gathering :)

Who do you think I am to not let this happen?!? Go for it!
The one thing I'm bringing is a portable speaker with a mic and other connectivity that can be rented out for gatherings, but I can only afford 1 personally, so I will definitely push for you all to byo projection.
Also I haven't gotten any pm's since July soooooooo

Update for you all!

Something I need to do in order for me to not get stressed out and trying to make everyone happy, is to set some policies. Last year was pretty lax cause I needed to learn what works and what didn't. Ill explain why I have each policy.

1. Each gathering requires a Gathering thread in this forum, PERIOD.

I know its really popular for everyone to post an event on Facebook and make it go from there. However, not everyone has a facebook, and I want a place that doesn't require an account to see all information in regards to gatherings at con. I give the option to have a facebook event, however, its entirely optional, and that leads to my next policy

2. In order to maintain priority in leading a gathering, you MUST post in the forum thread every 2 weeks.

"but I dont want to be on the forums every 2 weeks" "I dont have the time to do this", etc, is not excusable. This will be in place as soon as the Form for gatherings goes live (no promises, but the second weekend of january looks like it might be a go.) I want a surefire way to make sure that you are dedicated to hosting your gathering, and this is the only way I know that you are still alive and kicking.

Now, what is Priority? Priority is where you are assured that you are the head honcho of your gathering type. In Example, Say Person A has a gathering post and submitted a form. As long as Person A keeps posting in the thread every 2 weeks, and or has posted in a 2 week gap of time (IE: I am going on vacation, and will be AFK for a bit), they will still be in control. However, If person B wants to host the gathering, and you have not posted in 2 weeks of the last post, I will reach out to your email, and give you a one week warning. This means, you have one week to reach back to me or I will transfer Priority to person B. and person B is obligated to 2 week posting in thread as well.

This policy is to help with communications with your gathering goers and me. IF you KNOW you cannot post for an extended period of time, TELL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If your stuck in the caribbian with no internet, I get it, just Tell me before you go, and if anything post on your thread that, so I dont panic.

3. The moment infighting over hosting a gathering happens, I am shutting it down. Period.

I had a pretty good fight going over who would host a gathering, and old host and new host were basically fighting and neither side wanted to give. So, due to that, I will make it clear as day on this policy, I don't want fighting, WORK TOGETHER AND SOLVE PROBLEMS TOGETHER. The moment it escalates is the moment I shut the party down.

Any questions and or additions to this policy list will be added to this post and answered in the thread where asked.

I can't say. Its something I'm definitely going to improve on for next year. Unless I buy out of pocket a mass photo editing agency to handle editing pictures proper for you guys. I feel extremely bad that I can't give you this by year's end.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Suggestion: Social Room
« on: October 28, 2016, 10:53:29 AM »
I personally have no qualms against people just coming in, just know that some people are there to unwind, so volume is a thing. beyond that, Come on in!

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Suggestion: Social Room
« on: October 23, 2016, 11:10:53 PM »
We do have that, in the means of the Cosplay Hangout. Its a place to cool off, fix your cosplays, and chitchat in a press free zone!

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