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 on: June 08, 2017, 11:49:19 AM 
Started by Anna_Cherry - Last post by eHash
Wouldn't this make it easier for predators to identify prey as well?

I can understand being uncomfortable meeting and chatting with people and then finding out they're half your age. It feels like it can get real inappropriate real fast, even if you're not making any sort of sexual advances. (I also have the problem of having to reject a lot of 14-year-old baby lesbians who are constantly hitting on me at cons, but I don't think that 18+ badges would help with that :P) Even though nothing salacious is happening, and I'm not a flirty person, I'd much rather chill with people closer to my own age, thankyouverymuch.

For something where it's just a social issue, something like ribbons might be a good idea -- not mandatory, and not something that would allow or disallow access to an 18+ event, but something where if you want it, you can stick it on your badge and indicate to others that you are above/below legal age. Might help parents feel a little more safe with their kids there, though I can also see how predators might try to single underage people out, and it might be an issue if someone under 18 gets a hold of an over 18 ribbon, but if people /are/ trying to hook up and are smart about it regardless of ribbon, that shouldn't be as much of a problem, since they wouldn't be official.

There's no way that badges or anything would be a good way to very age for official reasons, but if it's just the social aspect, it might be worth a shot to try unofficially.

Is OP afraid that she'll have a one-night stand with someone she meets at the con, only to find out later that he's under 18?

I do not see the purpose of this thread or the suggestion.

Not everyone who is uncomfortable with the idea of hanging out with people way younger is trying to hook up with them. Besides, OP literally said that she likes to meet women at cons. If you're going to suggest this (hey, nothing wrong with it between consenting adults), then at least get the gender right. ;]

 on: June 07, 2017, 09:04:28 PM 
Started by Dajoo - Last post by DankLordPopo
oh, I would like to point out something, when I was looking at the anime and manga being offered for sale, most of the vendors that were selling them  had either the cases of the anime dvd's cracked or damaged  and some manga was torn or bent. The only booth that didn't have this problem was the vendor that had the security cameras and bag holding.

 on: June 07, 2017, 08:44:32 PM 
Started by Kaiyoko - Last post by Kaiyoko
Hi everyone, we needed a breather but we want to thank everyone for checking out the "Gaming Hall" and "+18 Late Night Game Room" at FanimeCon 2017!

Arcade comments - we are reviewing what happened with the "posted list" vs "what was on site". While I cannot comment about the "new arcade supplier", we do want to acknowledge we are taking feedback about it + our arcade operations in general.

Please do keep the feedback coming in here (+our FB/Twitter outlets). With Gaming being the 2018 theme, well as they say, "Challenge accepted"?

 on: June 07, 2017, 08:19:38 PM 
Started by sincerelychrista - Last post by ChocoBurst
Here are all my Fanime shots on Flickr.

Hall Shots:

Yuri On Ice:
Love Live:
League of Legends:

 on: June 07, 2017, 05:09:42 PM 
Started by Imperial - Last post by Shinigami_Lover
I was the one in charge of One Piece and Naruto but this is in response to the One Piece gathering.  I have become really good at hiding my frustration but I really do feel this needs to be put to light...

And if I am over stepping I am sorry... but I really disliked having this happen in my gatherings. To me ALL COSPLAYERS are guest of honors in my gatherings they have all put time, money and effort into their outfits/ wigs/ props. So when the cons guest of honor comes to join in I wish they would give the gathering leads respect so that everyone can feel special at the gatherings (it is one place 'regular cosplayers' can shine)...

The guest of honor I had was talking to the cosplayers and making it hard for me to call out the photo groups (and I have a megaphone) and I had been requested to make more group photos with her (so I did add in some more) but she would make me call out the groups many times. I was trying showing respect to her by adding a few a extra shots for her and by introducing and welcoming her but I was not given any respect back... I know she is one of the cons Guest of Honor but she did not even come over to me a say thank you or anything. 

I have been doing photo shoots at Fanime since 2010 and I was made to feel like I had no knowledge about the shoot that I was running and I also was being told to slow down my count downs and it felt like they kept being taken away from me. The way I do my count downs are to kept everyone with me and wanting to stay to the end because I know that if I go slow I lose photographers and cosplayers attention (oh squirrel)... plus I have an hour to do my shoots and with the larger groups (aka manga/anime that have many seasons/movies) I have figured out how long each group has so that I can get them all done on time and have room for request. Also I do not want the people that come to watch/ participate in the shoots to be burned or to get overly hot.

In the years past I have been told that I keep everyone on their toes and am able to run my shoots very well... this year though I did not feel like I did as well as I have in past.

I am just one of the 'regular cosplayers' that want to help others have a chance to show off their work. If the Guest of Honor wants to come to my gatherings next year I am open for it, but I ask that you guys mention that the gatherings are for EVERYONE and not just them... they have times for themselves to shine... The gatherings might be the only time some of the other 'regular cosplayers' get photos taken...

Thank you and see you next year,

 on: June 07, 2017, 04:23:11 PM 
Started by Shinigami_Lover - Last post by Shinigami_Lover
Already for 2018.... but keep posting your 2017 photos

 on: June 07, 2017, 04:20:36 PM 
Started by Shinigami_Lover - Last post by Shinigami_Lover
Getting ready for 2018 already....

 on: June 07, 2017, 03:40:35 PM 
Started by Anna_Cherry - Last post by Abyss1

If you want to find someone of age, go to one of the bars in San Jose?? o_O

Or you can got to one of the bars in the adjacent con hotels...there are like 3 i think...

 on: June 07, 2017, 03:10:43 PM 
Started by WorldDominationStudios - Last post by cassz

5. Lying bout the history of pass price increases doesn't do any favors for one's credibility, especially when some of us like to keep our old paperwork and can fact-check all of this stuff.

Post paperwork please. Let's stop messing around and get serious about this matter.

I went through Wayback Machine to find registration prices over the last 10 years: http://imgur.com/a/jpxlh

 on: June 07, 2017, 02:31:40 PM 
Started by Glitch - Last post by Glitch
Bump for videos of the event.

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