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Updated!! can't wait!!

Edited with the date and time and location! Hope everyone can make it!

Oh no! I'll make sure there's another group photo at the end so you'll get to at least be in one if you can make it in time!

Updating the first post and the facebook event tonight! :)

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Danganronpa Gathering
« on: February 26, 2018, 06:53:06 PM »
Excuse me. :) I'm actually hosting the official DanganRonpa Gathering at fanime this year. I wouldn't want any confusion. I'll give you the link! I hope you can join us!  If this is a non-official gathering, then please ignore this. But the official one has been taken. Thanks. <3,21297.0.html

Sweet! Hopefully we get a good group!

Added a Facebook event! Feel free to invite people and/or post!!! :D

Facebook event added! Please feel free to invite people and post! :D

A facebook event has been made! Please check the first post! :D Feel free to post on it and invite people!

I'll try, but it will end up depending on what works. :) I just know it'll be friday or sunday. Can't wait!

Bumping it up! :D

<3 bumping this up <3

I'm probably going to make a facebook event sometime soon. Depends on how busy I am. <3 I'll be sure to post it here when I do!

But can't wait! I was super sad there wasn't a gathering for this last year!

I'm thinking Sunday or Friday for this gathering. Not sure which would be best. What do you guys think? c: I can't guarantee anything but it's something to talk about xD

There will be! As for the FB page, I usually make that a bit closer to the con. :) But I'll definitely post here when its up!

I didn't see a Danganronpa gathering at fanime last year, so I'd love to take it! I just want to make sure this amazing series gets a gathering this year :D. And with the new game out, It deserves more love! This gathering is for all DanganRonpa-related works. :)

HEY! Disclaimer: If you don't want pictures taken at Fanime, I'm going to say for you to just back away from the shoots. You don't have to have pictures, just please don't ruin it for the rest of us.
Also, There will probably be spoilers. Kinda can't help that.

Day: Sunday
Time: 2PM
MP & L: The Slab G7 (If you need help finding it, please tell me! I could lead you there or try my best to explain!)


LuluuxDuplica1223 - Kaede
Silent Vengeance - Shuuichi

Pose Ideas:

1. Group
2. Silly Group
3. Protagonists
4. Junko and Monokuma
5. Monokuma and other robots
6. Danganronpa 1
7. Danganronpa 2
8. Danganronpa Another Episode
9. Danganronpa v3
10. Survivors
11. Dead
12. Future Foundation
13. Another Group Picture
14. Suggestions

Facebook Event Page:

Random bump. :) Still very early but cosplay plans are set up so I figured I'd post. <3

Forums are dead, but I wanted to bump this up a bit since I figured out my cosplay plans xD Hope everyone is doing well and can't wait to see you all next year :D

Me and my boyfriend were wandering the con a lot. :) If anyone took pictures, we'd love that xD

Friday: Hajime Hinata and Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2
Saturday: Mario and Peach from Super Mario (I had a knee-length dress and he wore black overalls with raccoon ears and tail <3)
Sunday: Mabel and Gideon from Gravity falls

If anyone has pictures from the Pokemon or Gravity Falls gatherings, I'd love those too! :D

Fanime is over, everyone! The gathering was super fun! Thanks for coming, everyone! you were all super fun! :D If you have pictures from the gathering, please post them!

Fanime is over. The gathering was great. Thanks everyone for coming. If you got any pictures, please feel free to post.

Hello everyone! Only a few more days now! As stated in my facebook post, The gathering spot might be a bit confusing to get to. I only know of two ways to get there myself. So if you don't know how to get there, I will happily help anyone after I check into the gathering 30 minutes prior. I will be a Mabel with a big Waddles plush(With matching sweaters) and will most likely have a Gideon and Dipper with me. I'd be happy to have a little group marching over there, so don't hesitate to stop me and ask if you can follow to the gathering spot. The answer will always be yes unless I haven't checked in yet...then the answer will be "I just need to check in then of course."

I can't wait to see everyone's cosplay. Gravity Falls has a huge place in my heart and I'm hoping this gathering goes well! This will most likely be my last post on here until after the gathering!

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