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Title: Cosplay: Overdoing It, and Nerd Courting, CCRStars is HERE.
Post by: Adam Cullen on May 13, 2009, 07:41:43 PM
Hello all!  Adam here, with CCRStars, and I just wanted to let everyone here know about the two panels we are hosting at Fanime this year. 

Our primary panel is Cosplay: Overdoing It, and it will be Sunday evening, in panel room 3, which is in the Mariott.  We are the last show of the day in there, and the last of the 9 cosplay panels on Sunday.   I am not sure why they put all of them on the same day, but them's the breaks. 

So what are we all about?  Well, as the name of the panel implies, we are all about overdoing our costumes.  We don't just want to look good, we want to have the best version of our costume to ever walk the halls of an anime convention.  I am not going to talk about $10 costumes you can put together in an afternoon.  I am talking about choosing the best of materials, spending enormous amounts of time, and building the greatest costume you can, all while having a wonderful time. 

We hosted this panel at Anime Expo last year, and the response was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to take it to fanime as well.  Humor is also sort of a trade mark of ours, so even if your just into cosplay a little bit, you may still enjoy our show.  If your curious to see the kinds of stuff we make, check out our profile, particularly our One Piece at Anime Expo '08 album, as it has more recent stuff.  You can also check our our myspace if you want:

Our other panel this year is Nerd Courting, which will be held Friday evening, in the Mariott, in Panel room 1.  This panel is all about addressing and understanding legitimate concerns and issues that all nerds share when it comes to dating.  To clarify, this is not a how to sort of thing, but rather an exploration of the process, and thus will be fun and useful to both guys and girls.  As with most things in life, humor is a big part of relationships, and so will be a big part of this panel. 

We will be covering the main stages of a relationship:  First glance, Flirting, Asking out, Dating, Sex, The Long Term, and the Breakup.  As you can imagine, we will be covering some very adult themes, especially during the sex part of the discussion, so this panel is 18+ only.  We are not going to be showing anything explicit, but I will be talking very openly about sex and sexuality, so we need to keep the kiddies out. 

Both panels are treated as open, dynamic discussions, so none of this "hold your questions till the end" crap.  If you have a question or are curious about an area we haven't touched on, raise your hand and ask.  I am happy to let your questions guide the direction of the panel. 

Anyway, this year is going to be lots of fun, so I hope to see you all there!!!

Adam,  CCRStars.
Title: Re: Cosplay: Overdoing It, and Nerd Courting, CCRStars is HERE.
Post by: HarpB on May 14, 2009, 08:00:39 PM
cool. looking forward to "nerd courting"
Title: Re: Cosplay: Overdoing It, and Nerd Courting, CCRStars is HERE.
Post by: PrincessCake on May 18, 2009, 08:57:35 AM
keep kiddies out? Even though there are 13 year old pregnant girls out there? and 13 and maybe younger fathers?
Title: Re: Cosplay: Overdoing It, and Nerd Courting, CCRStars is HERE.
Post by: aarondirebear on May 18, 2009, 08:06:54 PM
Yeah here's a tip: just act casually and don't talk about dating the moment you meet a woman.
Title: Re: Cosplay: Overdoing It, and Nerd Courting, CCRStars is HERE.
Post by: Adam Cullen on May 21, 2009, 10:51:32 AM
Thats a great way to land yourself squarely in the friend zone.  Pretending that you have no interest in dating is not a good way to show a girl that you are boyfriend material.  And while you should probably toss out a "Hi, my name is ______" and not start the conversation with "would you like to go out with me?" it's still important that you make your intent of going on a date clear from the beginning. 

Girls like getting asked out, it's extremely flattering.  If a girl gets creped out, it's usually not the asking out thats the problem, but rather the way in which the guy asks her, or the way in which he presents himself.  Women are attracted to confidence, and it takes alot of confidence to ask a women you have just met out. 

Being confident means being comfortable and happy with who you are.  How can you expect a girl to like you if you don't even like yourself?  So rather than focusing on "whats the best way to ask a girl out?" it's better to focus on figuring out what things you don't like about yourself, and start working on changing them so that you are proud of who you are. 

Just make sure that it's who you are, and who you want to be, and not what you think others want or expect you to be.  When a girl meets that real you, if she doesn't like it, then she is not the girl for you, and you should pick a different girl to pursue.  If the guy she meets is some fake air brushed version of your personality, then she is going to be pretty disappointed later when she figures out who you really are.  I would like to keep going, but I am off to work on costumes!!!!!
Title: Re: Cosplay: Overdoing It, and Nerd Courting, CCRStars is HERE.
Post by: Saeris on May 26, 2009, 12:07:11 AM
Hey, just commenting to let everyone know, as someone who went to both panels and stayed after each to hang out with Adam and his group, you should all come to these panels next year if they have them again. Nerd Courting was the single most entertaining and hilariously funny panel I have ever attended in 7 years of attendance at FanimeCon. This is not to say that there wasn't any good advice to be had at this panel, there of course, was a lot of information that would be useful to anyone. Adam as a panelist, though, is genuinely awesome. The number of stories this man has to tell are endless, and you can never get bored talking to him. As a great example of this, many of us stayed after the panels to chat for another 4-5 hours and periodically over the course of the convention. It's rare that anyone gets so involved with people they've just met. I'm very glad that I went along, and what I took away from these panels were more than just great information on Cosplay and process of design and how to pick up women, it was also a great social experience that introduced me to a number of new and interesting friends. Thanks Adam and the entire CCRStars group for making Fanime 2009 the best con I've ever been to.
Title: Re: Cosplay: Overdoing It, and Nerd Courting, CCRStars is HERE.
Post by: mistakim33 on May 28, 2009, 02:57:55 AM
Although I couldn't make it to the panel, I'll make note to attend it during Fanime 2010. =] I appreciate your endeavor in helping us nerd guys approach women in a socially acceptable - yet quirky - manner. =D