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Title: Mabinogi-oh! ♪
Post by: Dominium on May 15, 2009, 03:05:13 PM
It's as simple as the title. C:
Do you play Mabinogi?
I've found myself thoroughly addicted to it for the past few months,
and I just can't get enough. o.o Especially with Pioneers of Iria out~!
Elves. Elves. Elves! And I use the Giant title for my human.

What server are you on?
What's your main skills?
Want to be friends? Share your username~
What lvl are you?
What's your alliance?
Do you wanna give me rare items? C: Probably not.



[Elf] Archery (that's my main focus, for now)
[Human1] Melee, Icebolt, Healing
[Human2] Melee

[Elf] Cherienne
[Human1] is no longer in use. ): Retired.
[Human2] Ghostbee

[Cherie] 27 :: Total: 27 xD
[Human1] was 23 :: Total: 129
[Ghost] 3 xD She was just born~

My alliance was with Elves to get a store discount. +.+
But my original alliance was with Giants, so I could have the title for strength. u.u

Mmm. Nexon. C: