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Title: Question! x2
Post by: POPSTAR on March 17, 2014, 06:38:10 AM
I applied to be staff and was contacted by Clockwork academy. I was ecstatic to hear that a department was interested in my skills.
However, I can't brush off the fact that i much rather prefer staffing at FANIME the majority of the time, as I'm not too big on Steam Punk.
My questions are, Is it possible to staff with Clockwork but not attend their events, at all? and is it still possible to be contacted by other departments?
Truthfully, when I checked the "No Preference" box I was expecting FANIME to hire me, not a different con.

Forgive me if this is hurtful, it is not intended to be and it is truly how I feel.
Clockwork, you guys are awesome.

Thanks for understanding,

Title: Re: Question! x2
Post by: ewu on March 17, 2014, 10:11:59 AM
Each person has those things that they are excited about, part of respect for the fandom is understanding that others may not have the same passion, but do indeed have interests of their own, albeit for other things. :)

And, of course, no department or division head would like a staffer that is not excited about working their shift.

Email me and I will put you in contact for the appropriate people. ericATfanimeDOTcom.