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It's cool that we've been getting bigger names coming to Fanime but I wanna see some good relatively unknown/new indie bands as well... Someone who puts on a good live show!

Also, I would looooooooooove to see mothercoat again. They're still active, and the last time they were at Fanime they put on an awesome show.

Here's some stuff from them if you guys are unfamiliar... http://www.mothercoat.com/video (if you keep clicking the arrow at the top, the last video is a clip from the second day they performed at Fanime~)

Others I would love to see:

Aural Vampire
Yuki Kajiura

Some of these are probably not very likely butttt...

I would love to see either IIMIX Delta/TWO-MIX, ALI PROJECT, Aural Vampire, Ayabie, the brilliant green, D'espairsRay, DuelJewel (bring them back!), KOTOKO, mothercoat (bring them back!), T.M.Revolution, Tommy February6/Heavenly6, Vidoll, Yuki Kajiura...

Maybe GPKISM but considering the guitarist of that band was the guitarist of BLOOD and the band kind of got kicked out of Fanime years back... probably not.

okay I am so totally for a band that can be at con and talk to us laidback like !!!

so I would love to see some really HARD-ROCK bands come and play I think they are undervalued and would be really exciting and engaging

as for suggestions someone like these

Despair's ray (my favorite band)
http://www.despairsray.jp/ (official website)
http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=EE4768BEA5D2081E (videos)




Dir en Grey
no need to link them >.>

miyavi or HYDE would be awesome too but I doubt it will happen

but I really want Despair's Ray!! *begs*

anyone with music in this style *is sick of pop*

or if you're adventourous  Psycho Le Cemu

or maybe we can have tokio hotel? I know german band +anime dosen't exactly go together but as long as I'm putting up *in your dreams never happen* bands up like miyavi..... >>
not that miyavi is a band... 

so yeah I would like to see the hard-rock genre represented please <3

BLOOD broke up :(

They had their last tour this year. They came to Fanime in 2003 and 2004 but apparently had a bad experience in 2004 with Fanime so even if they had been still together the likelihood of them coming back to Fanime would have been slim.

Some of these are probably impossible but... these would definitely be awesome musical guests:

II Mix Delta, ALI PROJECT, Aural Vampire, Ayabie, Boom Boom Satellites, DJ SiSeN, DuelJewel, Haruko Momoi, mothercoat, T.M.Revolution, Tommy february6, Vidoll, Yuki Kajiura...

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanimecon 2009!!!!
« on: January 19, 2009, 10:30:23 PM »
Boom Boom Satellites.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanimecon 2009!!!!
« on: January 03, 2009, 06:29:41 PM »
Oh oh oh...

Tommy February6!!!

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanimecon 2009!!!!
« on: September 28, 2008, 12:57:15 PM »
Bring back mothercoat!!!

Musical guests I'd like to see are...

mothercoat, DuelJewel, Ayabie, Vidoll, Aural Vampire, KOTOKO...

General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime 2008 Feedback thread.
« on: May 29, 2008, 11:46:21 AM »
Hrrmm... I'm just going to name the cons... Don't get me wrong though, I still loved Fanime :)

- THE DANCE. I waited about half an hour in line with my boyfriend and we finally got up in front and they told us, "no bags!" when another staff member had told us we COULD have bags but it wasn't recommended. So we had to go all the way back to my hotel room and drop off his backpack and we waited another 30 minutes in line and we saw people going in with their bags/purses/backpacks and we were so pissed XD;

The music sucked, wasn't loud enough, and it didn't really seem like anyone really got into it. PLAY SOME FREAKING JPOP/JROCK. I enjoyed the dance the most the year that the DJ played some really cool remixes of anime songs (I remember a techno remix of the Oh My Goddess OVA theme and some TWO-MIX songs). Please play more of that, and please have the music louder. I would be very willing to wait in line if that happened.

- ANIME HELL. I was in Anime Hell one night... I can't remember which, but I was just like, "wtf is this". They played like really old reruns of skits/commercials from SNL or Mad TV and some other really awkward crap... My boyfriend called me in the middle of it and he asked me where I was and I said, "Anime Hell, literally." which is what it really was... I was surprised to see so many people in there. BUT, (positive) I came to Anime Hell on Friday before the Dealer's Room was opened and it was very very entertaining. It was basically just a bunch of anime parodies, which was cool... but please no more of these old Jimmy Kimmel episodes with people in monster costumes fighting...

- Like everyone said, the Black & White Ball clashing with the An Cafe concert, and actually, quite a few events clashing with each other... kinda sucked </3

- Lastly, I don't really know what this was but... I decided to go to the Comedy Club with my boyfriend and it...wasn't funny...even though a lot of people there seemed to think it was funny. No offense...it was awkward...but if you other con-goers enjoyed it I won't ruin your fun. Just definitely not going to it again. There were a few things that kinda made me go, "heh" but that's about it. Couldn't handle the smell either XD; SHOWER FANBOYS, SHOWER.

Yup and that's it...other than that, I loved Fanime. Just pleaseeeeeeeee get a better DJ or something. I was really looking forward to the dance.

EDIT: Oops, also...

- CONSOLE GAME WHORES. SERIOUSLY. PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO TAKE TURNS. My brother's super shy and he waited forever to play Brawl... even brought his own controller... he just stood there, forever, watching a bunch of n00bs play... we finally got to play when people left but we felt bad because we knew other people were waiting forever so we only did two matches each. And this didn't happen just with Brawl.

- ALSO, I don't understand the limited amount of space in the tournaments... or at least the Brawl tournament. I was really looking forward to entering the SSBB tournament but apparently it was full... normal tournaments don't usually fill up, do they? It was a bit of a disappointment. I say if Fanime has a Brawl tournament again, maybe get a separate area for the tournament, have a entrance fee, and there should be winners from 1st to 3rd place winning...money...or something, and unlimited entry. Please.

Dealers Room / New room for the Dealer's Room?
« on: May 16, 2008, 12:30:13 PM »
"This year, it's in Exhibit Hall 3..."

(meaning it's in a different room?)

Unless I read the schedule incorrectly, the Dealer's Room is in a new room this year?

If so, why is that and is the room better and/or bigger?

If not... completely disregard this post :D

Registration / Free registration for younger kids?
« on: March 31, 2008, 02:16:41 PM »
I just wanted to make sure before I registered; are the tickets still free for younger kids? If so, what is the age limit?

Thank you in advance~

Ideas and Suggestions / Guests I want for FanimeCon 2008!!!
« on: June 07, 2007, 11:53:37 AM »
Voice Actors:

Asami Sanada (she's so cute!)
Okiayu Ryuutarou (he did Dark Mousy from D.N.Angel, Shigure Souma from Fruits Basket, and some characters from Di Gi Charat, Prince of Tennis...etc)


Kosuke Fujishima!!!


DuelJewel (bring them back!!!)
Aural Vampire (I think this could be do-able...)
D'espairRay (or like how it was two years ago...)
Tommy February6 (haha maybe too much...)

Ideas and Suggestions / Guests I want for Fanimecon 2007!!
« on: August 12, 2006, 11:18:55 AM »
Other than my suggestion for Duel Jewel I would also love to see;

bands: Vidoll, Ayabie, Aural Vampire

voice actors: Okiayu Ryoutarou

Ideas and Suggestions / Guests I want for Fanimecon 2007!!
« on: August 06, 2006, 04:15:53 PM »
Quote from: "Rufus Shinra"
Quote from: "petit ningyou"
I think Duel Jewel should come back... :D

Duel Jewel? Who or what is that? I've only been to two fanime cons so I'm still not up on all the artists, singers, voice actors and stuff.

Duel Jewel is a very awesome Japanese indies rock band. They came to Fanime '04 to the Musicfest. If you're curious, they have some videos up on Youtube.


Ideas and Suggestions / Guests I want for Fanimecon 2007!!
« on: August 05, 2006, 12:53:25 AM »
I think Duel Jewel should come back... :D

I loved Mothercoat. I think this year's Musicfest was a LOT better than last year's. But did anyone else miss Ramen & Rice? I didn't seem them at the Fanime at all.

Big Event Showcase / Future MusicFest 2006 Guest Possibilities?
« on: March 19, 2006, 09:26:22 AM »
http://www.japanfiles.com <--- has info on Guitar Vader, Poplar, and Swinging Popsicle.

Big Event Showcase / Future MusicFest 2006 Guest Possibilities?
« on: March 18, 2006, 02:22:53 PM »
Ahaha, it's extremely easy to find out which bands are coming if you google it...

Ideas and Suggestions / Guests I Want For FanimeCon 2006
« on: July 05, 2005, 01:32:37 AM »
*cough* BLOOD *cough*...

C'mon, you can forgive them, can't you?

Okay I'll shut up.

But more pratical...um...

Duel Jewel and Camino~ I loved them. As for pop bands/singers, T.M.Revolution or Nami Tamaki XD;

I swear, the first Fanime Musicfest was the best ._.; Even if we had to wait so long, it was worth it.

I'm not so sure for voice actors and stuff, because usually I miss out, unless it's someone I really like.

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