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The list is updated! Over on Facebook, Shawna and friends will come as Sakura, Tomoyo, and several Clow Cards :D

Update 3/12/18: I submitted the form recently and have requested usual day/time. I also created a Facebook event page, which is linked on the first pinned post.

Update 3/13/18: Gathering is now on the official list. Unfortunately our time is at 11 AM, but will still be at the usual location (G4 - Marriott side). I hope you can still join us if yoh are interested.

Not definite yet, but I am thinking of throwing together a human Ruth cosplay.

Will the 2018 CLAMP gathering likely be on the same date/time as 2017's (Saturday, 1pm)? Just checking for logistics/planning. Thanks!

Most likely, yes. I like putting that as the gathering’s first choice!

Thank you all for another successful annual gathering! Next time I'll resume creating a facebook event page for better publicity.

Good news, heulangel is able to have photos from the gathering up! See them here:

Good news! Our photographer was finally able to publish Staff Photos from last year's gathering. Here's heulangel's gallery:

And on that note, see you all on Saturday 

And gathering is confirmed for Saturday at 1pm! We'll be at the usual spot on the Marriott end, upper corner by the con center.

I'm excited to see all of you there. Thanks for your continuing presence and enthusiasm ^^

Any word yet if the gathering form went through? (' ^ ' )

My form just went through, hurray! So far the usual spot by the Marriott and the con center is not taken for 1PM, so I say we have a very good chance that it'll be on Sat. at 1PM. Once the master list for all gatherings is updated, I'll go ahead and update the sticky post.

Thanks for the patience!

I'm not sure if my form was properly submitted for the Monty Oum gathering.

 Should I re-submit?

I also have the same question/concern for my CLAMP Gathering form. If I need to resubmit, no problem, but I'd like to know first.

Either the form did not sent through when I applied or something else happened, but I will check in with the head organizer.

I'm going to try to do a young Kurogane cosplay.

I'm so excited - thank you for organizing an official one! Wonder how big it will be

I plan to go as Viktor either as coach in a suit, or coach + skater ala post s1.

And the gathering thread is now revived for 2017, whee!! Heulangel and I look forward to seeing you all!

I just sent the form to the department and put down Saturday at 1PM for first choice.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Name of acoustic band at Masquerade
« on: June 01, 2016, 02:03:37 AM »
Awesome! Thanks so much

Big Event Showcase / Name of acoustic band at Masquerade
« on: May 30, 2016, 01:50:24 AM »
I really enjoyed the guest band that played while the judges were finalizing awards. (Plus they are Akatsuki no Yona fans, awesome!) What is their name?

That works out then. =)

I'm amazed how much MKR will be represented this year.

Was there an AkaYona gathering last year? If so, where did they meet up? Maybe that might be a good location to revisit. Or if not, I personally think the tree area by Marriott would be a good choice that's close to the main hub (con center).

Gathering is now on the list for Saturday at 1pm! I've also linked to the facebook event page.

Please share around! -->

Going to try to go as fem!Edgeworth. I recently inherited a magenta dress suit from my aunt (the right shade even!)

If this gathering takes place on Saturday, my twin and I will be Sakura and Tomoyo from Tsubasa (art book versions). Hopefully we can make it depending on the time! I would love to see fellow CLAMP lovers!!

I will be planning to bring my eriol cosplay from Cardcaptor Sakura.  Just need to know the time that is all.

Imperial hasn't updated the gatherings list yet, but based on what's up so far, it's a pretty solid chance that our block would be Saturday at 1pm. But again, still waiting on him to confirm . . .

Ahhhh awesome! My friends and I are doing the Magic Knights and Ferio from Rayearth, and we are wearing them Saturday! I will be Umi. :D Either time would probably be fine but I voted for 11 because it's probably a little easier~

[edit] Oh I just saw the posts in the thread. 8D 1pm is also great. Hahaha. I will just be leaving/changing out around 2pm.

No worries. Based on past years, the average total time for this gathering has been half an hour.

I'm mostly planning on wearing my Princess Tomoyo from Tusbasa cosplay on Sunday, but if you guys make it saturday then I might switch things around so I can attend!

Yeah, the plan is on Saturday as usual. Happy to have you participate!

Right now the poll has 1 vote per option, minus the noon one (gonna scratch that out). I'm going to submit the form to the head organizer this weekend, so I'll put 1-2pm as the first option, 3pm as the 2nd, and 11am as the 3rd. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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