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Registration / Re: Early morning wait time?
« on: May 22, 2014, 01:22:08 AM »
Thanks for the replies--didn't know you could buy the night before. I'll most likely do that, as anything that makes the wait time shorter would be fantastic.

Hopefully someone can share what they know of last year's Saturday morning wait times.

Registration / Early morning wait time?
« on: May 21, 2014, 04:09:50 PM »
Didn't expect to go to Fanime this year, but a friend of mine is doing a panel on Saturday afternoon. It's way too late to preorder, so I'd have to buy single-day badges on-site.

If I get to the con at 6 or 7 AM, do you guys think I could get in safely before 2 PM? I attended 2012 on a Saturday, and the wait time was around 6 hours, but I'm not sure if the lines will be longer this time around.

Really appreciate any replies!

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