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Erk.. some questions;;
1.) I mindlessly posted this question on the rules post, but if I have lyrics on stage with me on my phone or something, will I have points deducted?
2.) The song I want to do has a 1:30 TV size, but it's only available in the database as the full version. Should I be bringing my own karaoke track, or just go for a verse + chorus with the version on the database?
3.) The song I intend to sing if I make it past the prelims (as well as my prelim song, if I go with the TV size and not the full version) has a vocal line that starts right when the instrumental starts, but I don't know how to add a metronome/4 beats before to indicate when to start. What should I do? ):

Sorry for so many questions! First year doing this :,) Probably will have more later too...

Will points be deducted for having lyrics on your phone/printed? ; A ;

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