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There has to be some mistake. Guitar Freaks will be there but no Drummania?

Application submitted.

Much respect bro ^^^ always ppreciate the support but unless I get my money for playing 2012 fanime. I won't be going back especially without a contract. They did me dirty.

Money? I didn't even ask for my money. I was just happy to play for and with some great people. They can keep the badge reimbursement.

Okay.  So my friend and I have a huge problem on our hands.  We want to go to fanime but there are no hotels in the area available. We've always waited until the week before the con and have always gotten a room.  I don't know what the hell is different this year, but unfortunately it is.

Can anyone help us out?  Details:

-We're both 21
-We Smash
-We can bring probably any video game you've ever heard of if you don't already own it
-We make great roommates, will only contribute to the fun, and know how to have a good time.

And most importantly:

-Name a price, any price, it doesn't matter

We're desperate.  Good things are coming to whoever helps us out.  Dead serious on that one.

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