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Hello again, everyone!

It's that time of year again: Time to get ready for Fanime 2018's Karaoke Events!

Events ScheduleFriday, May 25 (Day 1):
3pm - 6pm: Karaoke Contest Check-in and At-con Signups.
6pm - 9pm: Karaoke Contest Preliminaries*
* Please note: To allow us time to finalize the contest order, the Preliminary Round itself will start at 6:30.
9pm-11pm: Karaoke Contest Finals

Saturday, May 26 (Day 2):
4pm - 6pm: Acoustikaraoke!

Sunday, May 27 (Day 3):
10pm - ???: Karaoke Gong Show

Online Signups
This year, in addition to pre-con online signups for the main Karaoke Contest, we are also taking pre-con signups for Acoustikaraoke! and the Karaoke Gong Show!

As is the case in years prior, the online signups sheet will close in one of two circumstances (barring any emergencies):
  • Once the pre-con signups cap of 35 signups is reached in a respective event.
  • At 12:00pm PST on May 20, 2018.

Please follow the below links to sign-up for the Karaoke Contests:

Fanime 2018 Karaoke Contest
(Now closed - Please see us at con!)

Fanime 2018 Acoustikaraoke! Contest

Fanime 2018 Karaoke Gong Show

Prior to signing up for the Karaoke Contest, please read the rules at the link below:

We have also made a handy chart that will help you determine which songs are suitable for different events:

Attendees are allowed to, and encouraged to, participate in all of our events!

We would very much like to see new faces at Acoustikaraoke and the Gong Show, and there's still time to put something together! Please help us get the word out!!
Please feel free to reply to this thread with any questions you may have about our Karaoke events.

Tommy Pedrini
Karaoke Head

Hi everyone!

Due to some issues with my previous forums account (it... disappeared??) I was a bit delayed in getting this information out this year. My apologies for any inconvenience.

For reference, the rules for the 2017 Karaoke Contest are available below:

Please use this link to sign up to the 2017 Karaoke Contest:

For those familiar with our contests, the rules are largely unchanged from previous years, with a slight clarification to the "user eligibility" section.

Good luck and happy singing!

-Tommy P
Karaoke Department Head

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