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Having attended the Twilight Knights’ longsword workshop last year and seeing that they will be presenting again this year, I must speak up. To be frank, their workshop does nothing but spread misconceptions, falsehoods, and misinformation about the longsword and parts of European history in general. Nearly every supposed fact they state is at odds with what historical accounts, official records, historians, and more have to say about the subject. If the Twilight Knights do not do their research regarding the topic they are representing, then they should not be allowed to hold this workshop. If that does not happen, then dozens if not hundreds of people will walk away completely misinformed without even realizing it.

I can provide proof of the inaccuracies stated in the workshop and the corresponding facts if needed. For example, it was stated by the Twilight Knights that the longsword was not a knightly weapon but a peasant weapon. The fact of the matter is the longsword was used extensively throughout Europe by all manners of people. Nobles, knights, men-at-arms, commoners. It is not too uncommon to find depictions of longswords on knightly effigies either.

Capwell & Easton: Longswords on English knightly effigies:

History of the Italian Longsword:

General information of the longsword:

Specifications of historical longsword examples (museum links included):

Background information regarding misconceptions of historical swords:

Perpetuation of public misconceptions, falsehoods, and misinformation is something the anime community has always had to deal with. “All anime is porn,” “Anime is only for kids,” “Everything in anime is weird,” “Anyone who watches anime is a pervert.” Such sentiments are just a handful of what people have sincerely thought about the medium we love. With that in mind, steps should be taken to help another community experiencing the same thing, if only a little bit. The first step: getting the facts straight.

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