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 I have seen the idea floated elsewhere, but i haven't seen a thread about it unless I am missing it somehow. I have seen it discussed on the facebook page a bit, figured i would bring it up here as it is the official Forum for the convention.

I think it would be a great idea as right now anyone can book a room and it doesn't cost them anything to do so. I think it would be a great way of alleviating some of the hotel opening stress as it would make people really think about if they are really going to Fanimecon or not. I have been on the wait list for rooms before in the past and have seen people posting online that they are willing to sell a reservation as they got in and booked a whole bunch of rooms, but don't plan on going themselves. Also, i have always gotten a room from the wait list as it seems that once Fanimecon gets closer and becomes a more real thing on the horizon. People either cancel due to not having the money or just canceling because no one wanted the room anyways. 

Just my two cents, wondering what everyone else thinks :)

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