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i think this is a long shot cause i don't really remember having my photo taken a lot in said cosplay, but i was dressed as Ako Tamaki from "and you thought there is never a girl online" and its the only cosplay i dont have a photo of lmao i was wearing it on saturday :~)

for reference

You sure you don't want to just make them? They're apparently very cheap and easy to make (probably would take less than an hour to do).

Use craft foam sheets and this pattern:

Then glue it to a headband, and you're done! They end up looking pretty good for being so cheap, but if you want it to have a shine to it, mod podge the foam (or use a similar gloss coat) and it'll look more plastic-y.

i was totally going to do this but the Michael's i went too didn't have any craft foam, in white OR PINK.

even when i had them look for some more, STILL NOTHING :( LOL

ok so, i ordered TWO PAIRS off ebay and it seems like neither of them are going to come on time ;o; /Thursday

so i was wondering if anyone on here had a pair of Chii/Persocom ears i could bother for the span of the convention ;.;

i know it's a long shot, but i can't really make my own, and i already spent like 30 bucks on two pairs that probably aren't going to make it by Thursday v_v

i just feel like i can't be Chii without the ears! D; it's the last piece i need for my cosplay v_v

any help would be loved <3!!

@Peach - OH this is actually from 2012, i have no idea if this is going down this year or not D:! i dont even know what im cosplaying this year @_@; if anything

is this happening this year? just wondering ;c?

Your Name of gathering/event: Monster High
Your Changes to gathering/event info: None
Your Possible attendee count: 8
Your Gathering/event photography order:
Requested Shots :D

ok ;o

and umm

how does 4 work for everyone?

oh and this is random but, im pretty sure you guys were my "?" marks. LOL.


so since more people are like joining and stuff

what time on friday would work best for you guys D:?

YAY! ill add you to the Ghoulia list~ :D

yeeyee :3 should be a good time

me and my friend are trying to get a group started~

we would like to do it on friday!

not sure what time/location yet though.

and this would be my first time being a runner/leader thing for a gathering D:;;

so any help would be loved :3

Day: Friday
Location: ?
Time: ?

So far have;

Draculaura - Melly ME :D..

Ghoulia - MissPanda, ?

Cleo - YuffieK

Operetta - Raven-Roth

Jackson - Fool of Leuda

Abbey - Kitkatcassy


and the ? marks are people idk but Vilay told me we got them already :3 LOL;;

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Registration / Re: what's the last day to pre-reg this year?
« on: March 09, 2012, 07:29:26 PM »
.. i wonder how i didn't see that. thank you <3

Registration / what's the last day to pre-reg this year?
« on: March 09, 2012, 05:55:51 PM »
i ask early because i'm trying to get the time off for my job XD.. since we're not really suppose to have holiday's off /i work at a grocery store and holidays are the busiest x_x;/

i tried looking on the website and didn't see anything, so i figured i'd try the forums C:

do you sew them or clip them in? wouldn't clip in ones look kinda obvious? D:? i actually found a pretty good wig but i dont want to buy another one if i dont have too v_v;

ok so, i'm pretty sure i'm doing Draculaura as a cosplay this year and well you see, i do have a long black wig but the problem is it doesnt have the signature pink streaks in it! so i was wondering if there was a way to either;

color a black wig


add extensions maybe?


hmm, i wish america had cute colored chips and such ;c LMAO

and ive never heard of Daiso ;o i pretty much live in nowheresville, california, but i will check out there website!

and i think the bags on the skirt are empty as far as i can tell ;o! or maybe they are.. /watching now to see if they are full or not v__v XD

thank you though <3!

i plan on doing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's outfit from Tsukema Tsukeru.

the second outfit, with all the little candy/food/idk bags on it /in the video at about 2:20 - the end

so im just curious on what kind of bags she has on her skirt.

i more than likely wont be able to get THE EXACT kinds of bags on that skirt. but i'd like to do the same kind of items XD

and i had no idea where to ask this. LMAO;;; and it probably seems quite random (Y); sorry LMAO; any help is nice though C:

i wonder that tooo.. :c

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