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Which day is this gathering aiming for?

I'm already committed to the Clamp gathering for Saturday, but so long as these don't completely overlap, I'm definitely going to stop by for photos!

Ah. In that case, we shall not be there. Every other gathering on our list has scheduled for Saturday as well.

If this falls on a Friday or Sunday, my friends and I will definitely be there!

If this becomes official, my friends and I will definitely make an appearance.

Hey, while I totally understand and respect your decision, I do feel the need to point out that what happens on the forums isn't always an indicator of a small gathering.

Last year, the OPM gathering was a pretty decent size, despite the low feedback on the forums. And if you look at the threads for some of the HUGE gatherings (One Piece, DC and Marvel), you'll see that hardly anyone has confirmed to show up, and yet they boast some of the biggest gathering numbers.

Not morning. Lol...covering my eyebrows will take a while.

Oh man, if this gathering is held on Sunday (or even Friday), I can guarantee my group of 4 will go out of our way to make Mob Psycho cosplays just so we can attend this.

My friends and I will be there as Dressrosa characters. If I remember everyone correctly, there's Lucy, Sabo, Koala, and Bartolomeo. And possibly one more who's undecided.

Oh man, if this is able to fall on ANY day and time except for Saturday, my friends and I will be part of it in a heartbeat. We've got two DC cosplay this year - Teen Titans and Batman villains.

Our last cosplay is One Piece, and that gathering was quick to claim Saturday...

Alright, I KNOW I've got photos of at least two of you. Blue Spirit and Metal Bat.


If anyone got any photos of fem!Franky from One Piece or Assassins Creed!Korra, tag me! (@ShawnaBananuh)


I didn't take too many photos since it was hot as balls during the gathering, but hey, maybe some of you will get lucky and see yourselves :D

I'd like to see the Facebook event rule enforced a bit better. It was an awesome way to keep up-to-date with what was going on with gatherings, but sadly some of the gatherings I went to didn't have one, leaving me scrambling for info the now old-fashioned way, which I found a bit out putting after getting spoiled.


Here's my album with all the gatherings I went to. The Avatar gathering takes up a vast majority of it, so feel free to tag yourself and friends to spread the cosplay page love.

And if any of you would like to give my page a like while you're at it, I would forever appreciate it :D

I started reading the manga again and caught up JUST so I could attend this gathering.

Unfortunately, my group is doing One Piece (genderbent Strawhat crew!) on Saturday, but we'll probably still stop by for photos.

Korra, Tenzin, Mako, Asami, Varrick, and Zhu Li will be there!

I wish I could attend in costume!! I'll be a very Indian-themed Blue Diamond later on Sunday -- mainly for the Ball. But I'll still swing by as Korra to take pictures at the gathering :D

So, when we look in the books and on the signs at the con, it'll say this gathering is at G10?

Or have happy little police sticker badges?

If this gathering does go through, I'll be doing a human Nick Wilde on Monday.

Since there isn't an official thread for the 2016 Ball, I'm posting my question here.

I'm planning on wearing a traditional saree to the Ball (Blue Diamond cosplay), but traditional sarees typically come with halter tops due to shirt fabric twisting under the pull of the skirt. I intend to solve this problem by simply wearing a leotard underneath to hide my skin, but would it be alright if the leotard was skin colored so as not to ruin the look of the saree?

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