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I can't seem to find this though I'm sure it is somewhere and I am just having a terrible moment of stupidity, but what size should the adult content box be? I recall it having specific dimensions and want to be sure I get it right.
Per the Swap Meet rules:

"A maximum of 1 long box (L 27.25 x W 7.5 x H 10.8) of adult material is permitted, and it must be covered with an opaque lid and clearly marked indicating the contents. "

For attendees, are badges not needed to get into swap meet for Thursday night only?
Badges are not required to attend Swap Meet for Thursday.  Badges are required to sell at Swap Meet for Thursday (and Friday, for that matter).

Hello, I forgot to send my "occasional seller" form to the swapmeet email, is it too late to do that? Everything else is done and but I still haven't gotten my swapmeet placement so I figured this might be why. From what I understand I just have to fill out the form and send it digitally to the swapmeet email? Thanks for the help.
You need to bring a copy of any forms, including the Swap Meet Seller's Agreement, the signed copy of the rules, and any BOE forms or exemptions that apply to your specific situation.  We collect them from everyone as a normal part of check-in.

Quick question! For those who are setting up Swap Meet and will be selling there, would parking at the tent be allowed? I remember last time I was in line I saw there was a space for parking your car, but I wasn't sure if that is allowed for us sellers.
I don't have any control over or monitoring of parking at South Hall.  If parking there would otherwise be allowed, nothing in Swap Meet itself prohibits it.  That being said, neither does anything specifically permit it.  Parking there is subject to the normal rules.

The first batch of Waitlisted people should have received an e-mail from me a few days ago with instructions on completing their registration.  If you are still waitlisted, I will be letting the next batch through to process their registration in a couple days, assuming there are still spaces left (Which, at this rate, there likely will be, but no guarantees).

Wow, are you really fulfilling all the available spots already? Are you expanding to the entire hall? Sounds like you're going to have a huge turnout if you are, congrats. Use this as an excuse for more budget next year  ;D
Yes and no.  To peel back the curtain a bit, once an application makes it to a certain point in the process, it counts as a filled spot.  Even if that person then doesn't finish applying, the site will show that as an unavailable spot for anyone who tries to apply later.  I need to go in from time to time and check how many are actually completed.  From there, I can let in some to all of the waitlist.

This might be my first year doing swap meet (still on waitlist though). I have a question about the union rules. Hand trucks and dollies are explicitly not allowed inside, but does this also apply implicitly? Like if I use a suitcase with wheels that I could tow inside or put everything on a tarp at the door and drag the bundle in?

I also have a question about qualifying as an occasional seller.Nvm, I applied for a permit. I guess this question is more for occasional sellers. If the packaging and everything else inside looks new but the seal is broken, does that qualify as new?
Per union rules, hand trucks and carts are not allowed inside, but typically suitcases with wheels have been more allowed.  I haven't seen anyone in previous years put everything on a tarp to drag, but that is a creative solution and I applaud your problem-solving skills! 

Another thing to consider is that everything right up to the doors is public property and the rules don't apply.  As such, you can use a hand-cart up to the door, unload everything, then move it by hand once you're in the doors.

The first batch of Waitlisted people should have received an e-mail from me a few days ago with instructions on completing their registration.  If you are still waitlisted, I will be letting the next batch through to process their registration in a couple days, assuming there are still spaces left (Which, at this rate, there likely will be, but no guarantees).

Hello I have sent three emails since the swap meet registration opened but I have not gotten any emails back even checking my spam as well. Im putting in the correct badge number and email registered but it continues to tell me that they are not matched within the system. I've sent the email under jungalice@yahoo.com. If I could have some clarification that would be great because I have been unable to finish my application since registering.

Myself and my boy registered for swap meet, no confirmation, but you guys took our payment... and it's how long since the registration opened and still no confirmation??

Can you please settle this? Looks like i'm not the only one. The email we registered it with is kasou_x@yahoo.com
I believe I have contacted each of you independently over e-mail to resolve these issues.  If you are still seeing problems, please e-mail me again at swapmeet@fanime.com

Thanks Ben for the reply before, but I think my main concern would come from getting the badge. I have an event that I need to attend before and so I might not be able to get my badge on time for the swap meet since you also said that we would not have a special line for the swap meet when picking up our badges. Do you know if our friends can help us pick up our badges this year? or if it is possible to check in with the QR code/badge number print out if we dont make it on time?
I'm uncertain if friends can pick up badges if they have the code or not, but if you haven't gotten an answer on this, I can forward the question to Registration and see what they say.

Hello! I'm sure you're still working on emails, I just want to make sure mine got to you. The name is Melissa Metcalf. No rush at all, my anxiety just keeps telling me it never properly sent to you lol. Thank you very much for helping everyone!
For some reason, I'm not seeing this e-mail, but I was able to locate the account and fix the issue I think you were having.  You should be good to continue.  If you're having further problems, e-mail me again.

Any information on if cash is still accepted as a form of payment for Swap Meet registration, and if so how to complete registration?
Not for pre-registration.  If you want to pre-reg for Swap Meet, you have to pay online.

For at-the-door registration, cash is acceptable, but that depends on there actually being space available (which, based on previous years, is probably going to be the case).

I sent 3 emails and a message on here that I cannot get pass step 5 because it tell me, my information doesn't match. I been waiting all day for a reply I'm so frustrated and scared that I won't get a spot. I need help, I want both nights.
Relax.  As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I get flooded with e-mails on the first day of reg and it takes a while to process them.  Based on previous years in South Hall, we should have plenty of space, so there should be no issues.

I’ll be answering e-mails and dealing with the issues in the order I got them.

Very excited, and will be planning on signing up for Thursday. Quick question: my selling partner and I both have disabilities, making it very hard for us to stand for long periods of time. If we bring out own chairs, would we be allowed to use them/sit in them while at our space? We wouldn't need any reserved for us, but we wanted to make sure it would be okay to bring our own!

Thanks, and please let me know whenever you have time! No rush, I can only imagine how busy everyone is with preparations!
Yup.  You couldn’t use them to display any items for sale, but bringing a chair to sit in is just fine.

It was announced on Facebook and Twitter that Swap Meet sign ups will open at 12 noon tomorrow (Saturday 28th)
Yes indeed!  Based on previous years, we should have plenty of space for everyone in South Hall.  Please keep in mind that sometimes registration gets hung up and requires manual approval.  I’m likely to get absolutely flooded with e-mails for all the registrations on Saturday, so please have some patience.  It might take me a little while to process them all, but I will get to them.

Hi Ben!  Thank you for once again heading up swap meet at Fanime!  Definitely looking forward to going back!  I have a few questions for you:

1) Will we be able to get our badges from a separate registration line, like previous years?
2) My selling partner is planning to purchase his badge at con, which is available starting on Friday.  Does this mean he is unable to sell on Thursday night?
3) My selling partner is medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Is it possible to accommodate his condition with a chair?  Sitting on the floor is too physically painful for his body.
1). Not this year.  We hopefully have the registration issues of two years ago worked out, so there shouldn’t be issues.  If there are problems, I’ll work to accommodate based around them.

2). That is correct, your friend could sell with you on Friday, but not Thursday.  You must have a valid FanimeCon Badge to sell.

3). That’s fine.  You can bring chairs to sit in in your own space, but you can’t use them for displaying anything.  Please note that we won’t have chairs available for your use in the booths, though.

Another question, I have is about seller check-in. I am planning on registering with a sub-seller to share the spot with. But problem is that I might not be able to arrive at the same time as him. Is it possible for him to get the spot first and then I check-in once I get there or do we both have to be there at the same time? Does it matter who is primary and who is secondary if the one who shows up has the forms for both of us completely filled? Then considering it would be day 0, would I also need to have my badge present when checking in or just having the forms be enough? Thanks
Yes, you will need your badge when you check in.

Typically, we would need both registered sellers to be present at check-in.  If your friend gets there early and gets in line, but you arrive before we actually start check-in, that's no problem, though.  We also definitely need all your items for sale there when you check in.  How late do you expect to be to check-in?

A main question that I have would be if dollys/hand trucks are allowed to bring stuff in to the swap meet hall. Every year, we are told that it is not allowed but people still get to bring stuff in with them. I want to know since this year my friend would be having less help with the items than previous years. And if you were wondering, we were part of the group that had boxes of things but no dollys, so we want to know what the policy is for this year. Thanks

lol, use 'em up to the door, once inside, no more cart. Union rules. Plan ahead for once you're at the door. I used to strap all my boxes of stuff together with a ratcheting strap and just drag it by the strap itself or carry the whole thing on my shoulders. And yes, I had a lot of boxes too, and 2-3 people helping.

Hello! I'd like to know if there's a target date for Swap Meet registration to go live/how much notice you think we'll have before it goes live. I've missed out for a few years now due to being out of the loop and I'd like to make sure I have a shot this year. Thank you!

If taking the past 2 years as a trend, I'd say about an hour's worth of notice will happen before the registration goes live... lol, sorry Ben, gotta bust your chops a little on that one, it's gotten continually worse every year. I know it's probably not your fault, but somebody has to say something, right?

Good luck to the all sellers this year. I'm fully "retired" from selling and attending Fanime in general.
Both of these are correct.

Hand trucks and dollys are allowed right up to the doors into South Hall, as that's a public street and sidewalk.  Once inside South Hall, however, union rules apply and they can no longer be used.

The most precise answer I can give is that I'll give you as much notice as I have.  We want them to go live pretty soon and I'll try to get the information out as quickly as possible.  Once I know something, I'll get word out as best I can.  Since I want to make sure we have as much time as possible for people to sign up, this may translate into less advance notice.

Hello all!  This is Ben, your head of Swap Meet again for this year.  As in previous years, I will have this thread to answer questions and post copies of the rules and all that good stuff.  Here's the basic information regarding Swap Meet for everyone!

-Swap Meet Registration IS NOW OPEN!  Please go to https://apps.fanime.com/2018/swapmeet/ to sign up!

-Swap Meet Registration will cost $40 per space per day.

-Swap Meet spaces will be a 14' by 6' space of floor.  While chairs may be used for sitting, you may not use tables, racks, displays, or other furniture like that for your merchandise.

-Swap Meet 2018 will once again be held in SOUTH HALL, the big tent-like building behind the convention center.  Go out the East side of the convention center (the Marriott side) and take a right.  It’s very hard to miss.

-Swap Meet 2018 will be held on Thursday, May 24 from 7:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and on Friday, May 25 from 8:00 p.m.to 1:00 a.m. (times potentially subject to some modification)

-Check-in for Sellers will begin about an hour and a half to two hours before doors open to the public.

-As we are in South Hall again this year, that means we must once again say that amplified sound will not be allowed in Swap Meet.  This is the trade-off we have to make for a larger area.  I know some people don’t necessarily like the lack of music, but I think that the bigger space more than makes up for it, personally.

-The Swap Meet Seller’s Agreement has been approved, and is substantially similar to previous years.  Standard rules like no bootlegs, no metal weapons, only one longbox of adult material allowed per space (which must be covered, labeled, and out of reach when not being reviewed), and the like.  As always, Swap Meet Staff will have final say on whether something violates the rules.

-All sellers at Swap Meet must fill out both the Seller’s Application form and sign the Rules and Guidelines.  Please have these ready to go prior to arriving at the convention.

 -Seller’s Permits tend to generate questions every year, so here's some general info.  Please read over the Seller Application form for more information.  Short version is if you qualify as an “occasional seller,” then you should need to fill out the Seller Application Form and mark yourself as an occasional seller.  Occasional sellers are basically people who sell no more than twice in a 12 month period, don’t buy things specifically for resale, and are not selling new merchandise.  Those last two requirements are prohibited by Swap Meet rules anyways.  Be sure to look over the information and find out if you qualify as an occasional seller.  Just remember, Swap Meet staff is not your attorney, and thus cannot answer legal questions about whether your specific situation qualifies as an occasional seller.  If you think you might not qualify as an occasional seller, please follow the link on the form to get more information.  If you know you don’t qualify as an occasional seller, please be sure to have a copy of your valid seller’s permit for staff to look at when you check in.

Is there any limit to how much stuff we can bring in? Can we make multiple trips from outside into the hall? I have more stuff than I can carry in one go.
You will need all of your items with you when you check in.  Part of the check-in process is to go through all your things to make sure they comply with Swap Meet rules.  However, if it's just multiple trips to and from the door, then pushing all of it to your spot, that's fine.  However, there is no running back to your car to get more things one you've been checked in and seated.

Benjamin Levy
Swap Meet Head
FanimeCon 2017

I signed up for both night at Swap meet.
First night is no problem, but on friday I have to run my artist booth.  Artist Alley closes at 8pm (stays open till 9pm for artists to clean up) and Swap meet begins at 8pm.
How late could I get there for check in on Friday?
That should be fine.  I'll make a note next to your account that you might be late to check in.

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