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Dealers Room / I Hope Jones Bones will be returning
« on: January 11, 2015, 02:02:38 AM »
Last year I went to con dressed as Link and I had to choose between the $75 Ocarina of Time or the $59 Master Sword, only I picked the Ocarina because I hadn't seen the Master Sword yet. What caught my eye was that it wasn't one of those awful, skinny, boring ones with the cheap scabbard. It was actually an appropriate size and shape and had great detail on the handle. I don't think it came with a scabbard but I didn't care because the sword itself was so cool.

I got the guy's business card and later email'd him about it and he told me he could get it to me for about $98, shipping included. I was down to buy it, but he recommended me going to Sac Anime to buy it to save me the shipping. When I explained that going to another convention and spending more money on admission and hotel and gas was not, in fact, going to save me money, I never heard from him again. Not gonna lie, I was pretty miffed. I was basically a guaranteed sale. But I was set on that specific sword. If he's not around this year though, I guess I'll just get one from KCC Edge. Theirs come unsharpened, but being totally real here, I would probably have to re-profile the edge on the Jones Bones version anyway to bring it to my preferred standard.

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