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to saboli: You don't need a badge/registration to attend this or any cosplay gathering.  To my knowledge (I'm not staff or a volunteer with the cosplay department), having cosplay gatherings in areas that don't require a badge to access is an intentional decision by the gatherings department.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Photos at the Black and White Ball
« on: May 28, 2018, 10:47:43 AM »
Yies there is a cost for a photo at their photo booth.  A few years ago, i splurged on one; it was $5 each.

  Don't believe there's a cost for other photos taken by staff photographers but i'm near certain they don't take requests at the Ball.

(been offline all weekend so didn't see the question until after the event was over)

I'll be attending dinner.  Still don't know which cosplay I'll be in that day; I may go as Marisa or I may be Ayesha on Sat.

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Re: Loners? Unite?
« on: May 20, 2018, 04:20:50 PM »
From past experience, I've found the logistics of meeting up with new folks to be a hassle and sometimes was a distraction from being mentally present.

That said, I'm still open to making new friends and meeting potential ones.  By all means, go ahead and reach out through private messaging if I don't do so first.

  There's a couple of people in one of my social circles that are really into the series.  If you stop by a few minutes before or just after the Touhou cosplay gathering, a Nepgear cosplay will nearly certainly get their attention.

  By all means, come by and say hi.

General Convention Discussion / Fun with Game Show survey
« on: May 11, 2018, 01:33:27 AM »
I have this impression someone had fun coming up with the questions; I know I enjoyed responding to them.  Some highlights:

What would you hoard if you were a dragon?: Good one here.  If I were a dragon, I would have different priorities too.  One of my social circles suggested "fumos" which is certainly in the spirit of my train of thought; I went with something similarly silly.

Disney villain as a relative: First thought was Captain Hook due to appearing easy to manipulate.  I went with a different line of thinking for my actual response.  Now that I look back, being far, far, very far away would make another interesting primary criteria.

Anime to show someone who's never seen anime: Was really tempted to be a troll and pick something that the other person would likely go "wtf?"

unrelated note; I was indecisive about what name to include with my entry and left it blank.  Three planned cosplays this year is a factor in said indecision.

The presentation and writing of Lunar are the main things that draw me in.  I'm OK with the combat being merely slightly more advanced than Dragon Warrior.  Played both Playstation remakes and while I tend to prefer Eternal Blue, there are some little things I prefer about the first such as movement speed in dungeons.

  Having the healer be slower than the bosses makes that much of an impact on difficulty, eh?

  I went poking around for my Lucia's pendant and the other feelies.  Didn't find them in the mess that is my room but they're around somewhere.  Couldn't have gone that far.

  Only got around to playing Grandia 2 this year and have no experience with the first.  Do you ever feel that the character designers were cribbing from Lunar with the Grandia games' casts?  On an unrelated note, cosplaying Millenia would be such a blast because her character is so fun.  Too much exposed skin for my tastes plus I don't have the body shape for her means it will remain a silly thought.

5 seconds after clicking the Lunar: SSSC opening link, realized I have access to the game and a console to run it on.  (The A/V cables have seen better days though, nearly worn out)

Ovelia from Final Fantasy Tactics  All decked out in princess garb and carrying a (prop) battle axe.  The gag makes more sense to those familiar with the game.

Equip Axe Ovelia is on my future cosplay plans list, just not for this year.

Maybe I'll get lucky this year and catch "Witches' Ball" in person.


(part of me says to give it a rest for a year though since the staff liked it enough for a tango piece before, may as well put it on the table)

And for something new from me.  "Sylpheed" from Atelier Ayesha  No idea what dance style this goes with (if any)

(despite the length of the extended version, the tune loops in about 1:20.)

Officially Fridey?  I'll be pulling Laguna Loire (Final Fantasy 8) out of the closet for this.  Most likely will leave before it's over to catch public transit; so it goes when being a commuter.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests for Fanimecon 2018
« on: February 07, 2018, 01:41:34 AM »
Erika Harlacher I would line up for, though it is contingent upon my associated cosplay being completed.

As the year's theme is gaming, how about John Truitt?  Voiced Ghaleon in the LUNAR games.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Missed Connections - 2017
« on: July 25, 2017, 07:45:46 PM »
Some shoutouts to people I met at Fanime:

To Gabby: Real fun chatting with you in the cosplay hangout.  Would be happy to connect offline and (now that I'm out of costume) feel I can trust you with my real name; message me privately for that.

To "Flora": You were a great dance partner.  Wish I'd thought to ask to take a picture of your cosplay because validation but by the time i thought to do so, it was almost time for me to leave to catch public transit.

To Kelly; Glad to meet you.  Having a place to sit and settle between dances (or if I wanted to rest my feet) made a big positive impact.  Thank you for being so welcoming.

I had this lengthy post typed out then decided I hated most of it before posting.  So here are some pricing numbers from a similar sized con (even at the same location) with little other context:

Duration:3 days
Weekend badge cost: $99
One day admission: $50
Autographs cost extra for all attendees.


Thanks to the staff of the Cosplay Gathering for all the work they put into this, including the unglamourous behind-the-scenes grunt work that goes into having a smooth experience for the attendees.  It's easy to take CGD for granted until one attends a con that doesn't have such a presence, heh. I was able to locate the available gatherings that wanted to attend or take photos at no problems.  Having a place I could visit to rest my feet and fill up my water bottle, if nothing else, is welcomed.

  Some unsorted thoughts from my own personal experience:

- I was happy to see the mirror there.  Did come in to touch up makeup a time or two and even pulling up a chair next to it beats braving the bathrooms.

- No sings for the cosplay hangout.  I just guessed it was in the same place as last year.  Anyways, already noted so nothing to add.

- I don't recall seeing any signs that had the list of cosplay gatherings downstairs.  Is that really the case or did I miss one completely?  (never went by downstairs info booth after buying badge but it would have been the first place to check)

- Didn't really stop by the photo room and the few times I did more than peek in, it was a deserted oasis.  I didn't really expect to find anything in the way of props to do poses with though it would have been fantastic to find a broom to pose with since I didn't want to carry mine around all day.   :)  And now that my imagination has been stirred, I can visualize a selection of props and accessories to do poses with such as party hats, silly glasses, party masks, pom-poms, and more.  Wonder if there's ways to get some of this donated since I'm thinking of cheap party store crap?  Having a few backdrops to pose in front of would also inspire me to stay longer. (at the moment I'm visualizing the one used in the 2015 B&W Ball photo booth; that felt classy.  Sorry, sidetracking)

- OK, this may be going off topic; I feel inclined to lend a helping hand to the cosplay department.  Whether as staff or a volunteer doesn't matter to me.  Where do I apply?

This subject caught my attention mostly because I'm putting together a cosplay of a character from an SNES game and wondered to myself "what would this shade of yellow look like in real life?"  I'm not sure this makes a panel talking point but color limitations are a thing in digital media (especially older games) and I have thought about color choices when converting to a real world outfit that's not limited to 256 colors on screen at a time (or some other number).

Just speaking for myself that I don't think I have the attention span for a 2 hour panel on the subject you're proposing.  My perception is that attention spans at Fanime are short in general though I see this could fill a niche for attendees looking for something more focused.

There's an outside chance I'll show for this.  I'm one pair of yellow baggy pants away from having a complete enough Secret of Mana cosplay (it looks like a darker yellow on the spritesheet anyways; this character is so minor I can't find even a fanart reference)

Alternate option is pulling Final Fantasy 8 Laguna out of the closet.

I have no expectations of getting anything I put down here.  That said, ideas.  And words.

- A makeup station: A table with a mirror that can stand on it's own so I can see what I'm doing and have both of my hands free is the idea here (which is totally borrowed from SVCC; I was so happy when I found this in their cosplay lounge)  Bathrooms can get crowded and their mirrors are set back quite a distance which hinders close-up makeup work.

- Extra glue sticks; Because one eyebrow concealing technique uses them so I can picture them being used up faster than other crafting supplies

- I'd be tickled if the cosplay raffle made a return.  Though I'm guessing that relies on enough people having stuff they want to give away.

Last I heard, registration and badge pickup will be set up in the hub.  Well, that solves the mystery of why G4 won't be available.   8)

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