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Panels and Workshops / Re: Vintage Anime - Name That Year!
« on: Yesterday at 11:34:23 AM »
I guess I better brush on my old-school knowledge.

Or just watch a lot of pre-2001 anime openings.  :D

Last year we had a three-way tie at Round 8 that progressed to a two-way tie after the Final Round, so it went to a tiebreaker.

Panels and Workshops / Re: Vintage Anime - Name That Year!
« on: November 07, 2018, 07:08:32 AM »
With registration now open, I wanted to ping this thread as we plan on hosting this again for 2019!  Due to positive feedback we're considering expanding to a second session depending on policy once panel registration opens.

Thank you to all our attendees and contestants from FanimeCon 2018 for sharing a bit of your Saturday morning with us and expanding your vintage anime knowledge.

Hold Space (B).

Photo Galleries From OSCG 2018 (Previous Year) :

Updated Photography Order As It Was Called / Shot:

By era - 1960's (or earlier).
By era - 1970's.
By era - 1980's.
By era - 1990's (to 2000).
Timeline group shot by era / cumulative group shot by era.
Characters who use swords / knives / blades / etc.
Characters known to get physical / fighters / brawlers.
Military / rank and file / soldiers.
Characters with psychic powers / spiritual powers / espers / magic / etc.
Pilots / drivers / craft operators / mech jockeys.
Teachers / students / faculty / school attendants / etc.
Characters who use firearms / laser guns / projectile weapons / etc.
Magical girls.
Spacefaring characters / those who live off-world.
Robots / androids / synthetic people / mecha.
Characters who are mysterious / shadowy.
Animals / pets.
Public servants / government organizations / secret organizations.
Dead / expired / lifeless characters.
Characters with secret identities.
Characters in uniform of any type.
Battle teams.
Characters who are on the run / fugitives / scoundrels / bounty hunters.
Monsters / demons / youma / etc.
Characters who are technically minded / deductive / intelligent / geniuses.
Heroes vs Villains.
Great warriors / legendary masters.
Age vs Youth / old characters vs young characters.
Video game characters.
Pairings / couples.
Final group shot for late attendees (regular / humorous).

Unofficial Gallery of pictures taken by the co-host can be found here:

These are high quality, untouched, non-watermarked pictures, essentially everything she shot.  Feel free to tag, share, download, etc. and if you are a cosplayer in a picture you are absolutely welcome to reupload pictures of yourself elsewhere!  If anyone has issue with a specific picture, just let me know here (a PM is fine) and I'll take care of it.  We were without an official FanimeCon photographer this year, so I suppose our photos have become the "official" photos.

ephemient via Fanime Forums, Old School Gathering Gallery -
Thank you for taking pictures at the gathering!

bahamutknightzero via Fanime Forums, Fanime 2018 Gallery -
Thank you for taking pictures at the gathering!

Studio Stormfalcon, FanimeCon 2018-05-25, Old School Gathering beginning on page 8 -
Thank you for taking pictures at the gathering!

OSCG 2018 Fanime Forums Thread:


Greetings old school cosplayers!  Last year's Old School Gathering was spectacular, thank you all for your amazing attendance, awesome cosplay, and for once again putting up with me as everyone's favorite middle-aged nanpa boy - Ryo Saeba!  Last year was my third time hosting the gathering and of course I'm doing it again!  Continuing the tradition of the gathering that got me into cosplay, I announce the...

Fanime 2019 Old School (Pre-2001) Cosplay Gathering!

Come celebrate the rich history of Japanese entertainment culture!

This is a hugely open gathering for those of you / us who cosplay as characters from the previous century.  Essentially if your cosplay character appears in Anime, Manga, Video Games or Live Action (resident beings of Nebula M78 are welcome) that began prior to 2001, then this is the gathering for you!  Although I like to have a decidedly Japanese lean to this gathering, it is not completely exclusive.

Day : Friday, May 24th (Day 1)
Time : 5PM - 6PM (TBA)
Meeting Place (MP) : Same as Location, TBA
Location (L) : TBA

This will be our fourth year hosting! All information is TBA (To Be Announced) at this time. We may be moving to a larger gathering area for 2019 as attendance for 2018 outgrew our gathering location. This is a wonderful problem to have, having so many old school cosplayers attend the gathering - you are all amazing! Moving outdoors to a larger area for the gathering in 2019 means we may have to move it ahead an hour to have good lighting. Details will be smoothed out as FanimeCon gets closer. At this time we're considering Gatherings G6 "Fallout Zone" (going off 2018 locations), the covered outdoor area just outside of the video rooms at the bottom of the concrete terrace.

Yes, I will actually remember the megaphone for 2019!

Cosplayers : If you would like, please post who your cosplay character is, what title it is from and what year you are representing!  As this gathering is a total wildcard mix of different characters, series, studios, and genres - spanning time rather than properties - a definitive list is otherwise not provided.  Part of the fun of the OSCG is seeing just who shows up.

Legal Statement : Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photography Order : If there is any specific setup or shot you would like, just let me know!  This gathering is to celebrate all of us as cosplayers who keep the vintage fire alive.

By era - 1960's (or earlier).
By era - 1970's.
By era - 1980's.
By era - 1990's (to 2000).
Group shot.
Timeline group shot by era / cumulative group shot by era (dependent on gathering size).
Characters who use swords / knives / blades / etc.
Characters known to get physical / fighters / brawlers.
Military / rank and file / soldiers.
Characters with psychic powers / spiritual powers / espers / magic / etc.
Pilots / drivers / craft operators / mech jockeys.
Teachers / students / faculty / school attendants / etc.
Characters who use firearms / laser guns / projectile weapons / etc.
Magical girls.
Spacefaring characters / those who live off-world.
Robots / androids / synthetic people / mecha.
Characters who are mysterious / shadowy.
Public servants / government organizations / secret organizations.
Dead / expired / lifeless characters.
Characters with secret identities.
Characters in uniform of any type.
Battle teams.
Characters who are on the run / fugitives / scoundrels / bounty hunters.
Monsters / demons / youma / etc.
Characters who are technically minded / deductive / intelligent / geniuses.
Heroes vs Villains.
Great warriors / legendary masters.
Animals / pets.
Age vs Youth / old characters vs young characters.
Video game characters.
Manga only characters.
Live Action only characters.
Pairings / couples.
Series groups (dependent on attendance / request).
By studio / production team (dependent on attendance / request).
Solo shots (dependent on request).
Additional requests (cosplayer requested).
Final group shot for late attendees (regular / humorous).

I am always up for future ideas to add to the list!  A good portion of the photo order is built upon suggestions from previous years.

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/612912282458404/

This is an excellent gathering to psyche you up for the convention weekend.  If you're an old school cosplayer, stop by and join us!  Feel free to pop in for a moment to say hi, see some incredible cosplay, pose for some pictures, and continue to prove that just because it's old doesn't mean it isn't awesome!

Thank you so very much.  Let's have another great turnout and continue this wonderful Fanime tradition!

I've added some additional galleries that feature the Old School Gathering, check the second post of this thread for the links!  If anyone else has a gallery of pictures from this gathering, post it here and I'll add it to that post!

In wrapping up the 2018 Old School Cosplay Gathering, we plan on utilizing the same location for 2019 with a few small changes:

-- I'll actually have my small megaphone with me to make hearing the photo sequence easier for everyone.
-- Introduce both our unofficial photographer (my co-host) as well as any official photographer we may have so people will know where they are.
-- We're going to push everyone back another two feet or so to allow more space for cosplayers to be able to get up onto the platforms and also to disembark during photo changes easier. This should also cut way down on photobombing and give our official / unofficial photographers priority position.
-- With the crowd moved back a little more, it'll give me space to get out of photographs while still being able to call the next sequence.

In the three years since we've inherited hosting duties for this gathering we've been in three different locations (The Hub, Entrance Stairs, Video Room Stairs).  Now that it looks like G3 (Video Room Stairs) will be a good home for the gathering going forward, we can work to make next year run smoother all around.  I'm also planning on having ribbons for every gathering attendee in 2019.

Thank you again, you are all awesome! Hope to see you all again in 2019 - as FanimeCon itself celebrates a legacy, with its 25th anniversary!

To begin, thank you to you and all CGD staff and volunteers for all the effort and hard work you put into FanimeCon.  From a gathering hosting perspective - the gathering submission process, at-con check-in, locations this year, everything was smooth and easy as far as I'm concerned.

Cosplay Hangout was pretty incredible, both a flurry of activity and also a quiet place for cosplayers to kick back and relax.  It's wonderful to see the space utilized in such a useful way to all cosplayers.  A real asset to cosplay at FanimeCon.

You already mentioned missing photos or photo quality issues but I do want to reiterate that while not ideal, I do understand the issues are due to honest mistakes, and that's part of any large event.  You're always going to have little hiccups and being aware and addressing them is all anyone can ask. Thank you for doing so!

Ah, I suppose this relates to above, but not having a photographer at the Old School Gathering - not a big deal as we always take a full set of "unofficial" gathering pictures and upload them publicly.  However we held the gathering back a few minutes in case they were just running late.  That's on me, I should have just started and will do so on time next year.  It's always nice to have two public galleries (an official and our unofficial) of the gathering as they tend to fill gaps in shot setups.

It also took awhile to get non-gathering attendees cleared out of the gathering location.  Sending an experienced rover or CGD staff (I know you don't have a ton) to the on-site gathering locations 5 - 10 minutes before they begin, to assist in ensuring the areas are vacated for cosplayers, would be helpful.  I know generally the official photographer would assist in this.

Security presence was nice, although they seemed to be a bit of a waste.  Then again, we're a pretty well-behaved gathering all things considered.

Listing of gatherings with time table in the pocket guide, as well as the revised gatherings map was awesome.  Thank you for pushing to have this happen and for FanimeCon to finally include them in the pocket guides.  I'd love to see this get carried over into the larger books as well.

Gatherings at Fanime this year were a ton of fun, as usual.  Thank you for adding the video room stairs as a location (G3).  If there were any issues with my gathering, it has to do with becoming more familiar with how to be set up for that location.  (in the three years since I picked up the gathering we've been in three different locations)  Next year I'm going to push the perimeter of observers back a couple more feet to prevent photobombing and allow easier movement for cosplayers to approach and leave the platforms.  I'm looking forward to having the gathering there again.

Thank you again, for everything you do for cosplayers at Fanime.

Hello old schoolers!!

Thank you all so much for attending the FanimeCon 2018 Old School (Pre-2001) Cosplay Gathering!

2018 marked the third consecutive year we have hosted the Old School (Pre-2001) Cosplay Gathering at FanimeCon. The link below is the full gallery of pictures we took at the gathering as host and co-host.


This is the full set of high-resolution, unedited, non-watermarked, uncropped pictures from the gathering. Cosplayers - please feel free to share, tag, download, crop, use on your cosplay pages, etc. This is everything, so there may be some shots that are a bit blurry, or have someone moving, or are during a photo order setup - but they are all presented so you may crop and edit them as you see fit. We did the best we could, as always, and we were without an official photographer this year. The first dozen or so pictures are a little rosy but we corrected our camera settings from then on.

Additionally be sure to check out the second post in this thread for galleries from other photographers who were at the gathering.  They will be added as they are found.

This gathering is for you, for us, who cosplay as these characters! Thank you to all who attended or showed interest in this gathering. We hope to see you all again for FanimeCon next year and the 2019 Old School Cosplay Gathering!! It will always be held the evening of Fanime Friday!

Here are some photos I took…

General: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hxK6XqKkyJ8Ys9Q73
Yuri on Ice: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TS3hg14JOehqwCGo1
Old School: https://photos.app.goo.gl/EwahLoiM7ompvnzH3
KemoFure: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HqTd2Wt5TxEahCJt6
Vocaloid: https://photos.app.goo.gl/em1nG36RwR10F8we2

Thank you for photographing the Old School Gathering!  I was the host - as well as Ryo Saeba from City Hunter.  Would you mind if I posted your gallery link on the Event Page for the gathering?

Have the pictures been posted? I can't seem to find them. :(

The official photos were posted with an incorrect timestamp, look under "Sunday 12pm - 1pm."  However they were taken with improper camera settings, so they are all very dark and dimmed out.  Consensus on the FanimeCon Unofficial Fan Group on Facebook is that it was a white balance issue.  To that end, over there we're looking for anyone who may have photographed the Sailor Moon Gathering to post their galleries.  I was driving suit Haruka and my wife was teal school uniform Michiru (both from the episode 106 origin flashback).

I had a lot of fun again at the gathering!! Thank you once again for hosting it! <3 Being Ed is always fun and I'm glad to see two Spikes there! ^^

Next year I'll probly be there as Reno since I'm doing a Final Fantasy VII panel with friends next year. :D

Thanks for attending!  Your Ed was awesome!  I was happy to see we had multiple Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Outlaw Star cosplayers this year.  I'm already looking forward to the 2019 Old School Cosplay Gathering as well as doubling up my Vintage Anime - Name That Year panel to two sessions.

It's probably no secret that by Friday evening after the gathering I'm pretty wiped out so I'm never totally sure how it went by the conclusion.  :D

to saboli: You don't need a badge/registration to attend this or any cosplay gathering.  To my knowledge (I'm not staff or a volunteer with the cosplay department), having cosplay gatherings in areas that don't require a badge to access is an intentional decision by the gatherings department.

Ah, didn't see that post - thanks!  Correct, cosplay gatherings take place in areas that do not require a badge to attend and is something that the CGD specifically maintains as such.

Sorry I didn't respond before the gathering! Generally once the evening of Day Zero rolls around, I'm occupied with convention and cosplay related stuff and don't access the forums until Fanime is wrapping up.  My post on Friday evening was an exception since I was back home that evening (I'm fortunate enough to live about 5 minutes from FanimeCon and drive to and from the convention each day).

Thank you to all attendees for 2018! Our new location isn't without its growing pains but ultimately I still think it's the best current location for us (especially considering that it was pouring rain outside at the same time as the gathering). We'll have all the pictures from this gathering up within a week or so (probably next Tuesday or Wednesday).

Although we were without an official photographer, our unofficial photographer (my partner in busting up crime on the streets of Shinjuku) did shoot the entire gathering and those pictures will be available next week. These will be the full set of full resolution, non-watermarked, downloadable pictures. The link to the gallery will be posted here, on the Facebook event page for the gathering, and at https://www.facebook.com/mokkoricosplay

Thank you all for putting up with my declining (naturally) raspy voice and our massive photography list. A main goal I have for this gathering, and a huge reason I host it every year, is to ensure that any pre-2001 cosplayer has a chance to have cosplay photographs taken. As someone who generally cosplays as obscure (at least outside of Japan) characters, I know how difficult it can sometimes be to get cosplay pictures.

Alright old schoolers, just about one day to go! Remember we're at the new Gatherings G3 location! That's the stair platforms between the stairs and escalator that go down to the video room level. Less random people walking through pictures! Much easier to climb stairs! Wider platforms to stand on! No getting drowned out by Stage Zero (hopefully) !

See you Friday evening at 6pm!

Hey there everyone! So i'm going to be coming as Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion. This will be my first old school gathering and i'm exited to see everything 😃

Outstanding!  We usually have a couple Evangelion cosplayers every year!

Alright everyone, I just made the "final" regular post on the Facebook event page as we're only a few days away from the gathering.

Your hosts will be wearing Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura from City Hunter once again - but we'll have the much larger 100t hammer with us this year.  I'm looking forward to another great turnout this year.  I'll see you all Friday evening at 6pm at Gatherings G3!

Good morning old schoolers!

Here we are, exactly one week away from FanimeCon! It's looking like the weather should be pretty nice (although not as perfectly cool as it's going to be this weekend), with a super slim chance of a tiny bit of passing rain on Saturday morning. Here's hoping all your cosplay preparations are complete and if not, that you can get them taken care of this weekend.

Starting off this last Friday of old school anime openings with an obscure one, at least outside of Japan and France. The Pumpkin Wine is a romance comedy that reverses convention usually seen in manga and anime, featuring a leading lady of large stature and her boyfriend of much smaller size. The anime adaptation ran for 95 episodes and was also broadcast in France. A third manga series concluded as recently as 2009, with a live action film in 2007.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! The Pumpkin Wine (1982)

Continuing on with an interesting one, and a bit of a forgotten Tatsunoko property. Mirai Keisatsu Urashiman is a bit like Lethal Weapon in the future, with the addition of a fish out of water story about a man being transported 70 years into the future with no memory of his past. It's also a series that is currently available subtitled via streaming. Mid-ni-ght Sub-ma-riiiiine!

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Future Police Urashiman (1983)

Finishing off Friday with an OVA opening that plays out as a character's rather serious dream sequence. Truth be told, this is one of my absolute favorite animated sequences ever.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Project A-ko 3: Cinderella Rhapsody (1988)

Starting off this last Saturday of old school anime OPs with a bit of a strange one. I'm always looking up old anime series and this one, Dream Soldier Wingman, has such a strange opening. Apparently the manga ran in Shonen Jump beginning in 1983 and is about a tokusatsu otaku given the opportunity to become the hero of his dreams. A pretty down-tempo opening theme as well.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Yume Senshi Wingman (1984)

Continuing on today, I've never been a huge Sailor Moon SuperS fan (I honestly think the later half of the series falls apart - to the point it intrudes on Sailor Stars... which I have even more issues with) but the opening half of episodes with the Amazon Trio I do enjoy. Ryotaro Okiayu, who voiced Tiger's Eye, is a FanimeCon 2018 Guest of Honor.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS (1995)

Closing out Saturday with a forgotten one from 1995 that had a full DVD and manga release in English, now both long out of print.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Kaitou Saint Tail (1995)

Here we are, last Sunday before FanimeCon and the last day of old school anime OPs for this year. Starting with a sequel to a classic.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Science Ninja Team Gatchaman II (1978)

Continuing on with another seemingly forgotten series.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Fushigi Yuugi (1995)

And closing out this year's last day of old school anime OPs with the final anime TV series in the franchise that the gathering hosts will be cosplaying from (again). The City Hunter '91 opening is one of my favorites and very interesting as the entire thing is a callback to the original opening from 1987.

Ryo and Kaori start out in their street performer outfits which had been briefly seen in the original opening and nowhere else. All the women that Ryo is seen introducing himself to are actually characters that appeared (mostly as one-shots) in the 127 episodes that preceded City Hunter '91. The expanded main cast riding on crows and dragonflies are a reference to the main "face faults" of City Hunter - simply drawn crows or dragonflies in the background of scenes. In the first opening Saeko was shown in silhouette behind Ryo, this time it's Kaori in her place - a reference to how their relationship has grown. And the opening concludes with an ending shot posed the same as the original, except this time with the expanded cast.

Here's wishing you safe travels, good health, and smooth registration at FanimeCon on Friday. Thank you all for your interest in this gathering - I am continuously surprised by the attention it has been given. I hope to see you all on Friday evening at 6pm! ~ Mokkori!

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! City Hunter '91 (1991)

The map surely helps! ^^ Thank you for that!

No problem!  With gathering locations being shifted and formally renumbered this year (honestly it's all a lot simpler now) I wanted everyone to understand that G3 is a new gathering location for Fanime, but is easy to find.

Hey there! I'm gonna be showing up to this as sesshomaru & my friend is going as inuyasha!

Great!  I've noticed that Inuyasha has had a bit of a resurgence lately, but surprisingly don't see a lot of cosplayers.  It's also one of those older series (manga 1996, anime 2000) that doesn't tend to get mentioned as an older series.

Photography order list finalized.  We're always up for requests at this gathering!  After the photography list is completed, I will ask if anyone has any requests, pairings, solos, groups - pretty much anything they would like to be photographed with.

Additionally a map showing the 2018 gathering location in relation to the 2017 gathering location has been posted.

A week and a half to go!

I'm planning on cosplaying Belldandy from Oh! My Goddess at the gathering. The manga started in 1988 and the OVA was released from 1993-1994.

Outstanding! ^_^ Yep, Oh! My Goddess is good to go on all accounts.

Good morning old schoolers!

FanimeCon is two weeks away, which means the Old School Cosplay Gathering is two weeks away... scary. Also means I need to get to washing and styling wigs! In addition to the Old School Cosplay Gathering, we will also be hosting a Vintage Anime panel / competition on Saturday morning at 10am in Panels 4 - because you all know how much I love anime openings.

Speaking of which, starting Friday's old school anime OPs with a pretty huge one. While the original Mobile Suit Gundam wasn't as popular as one today may assume, sales of the related model kits kept the franchise going and the whole thing blossomed into one of the cornerstones of anime.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)

Continuing on, let's say mainstream today with the anime continuation of a series that is still going strong. I really wish the beginning of this era of Dragon Ball Z (young adult Gohan's everyday life) would be revisited.

Celebrating An Era - 1980's! Dragon Ball Z (1989)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFKroyqq8eE (OP2)

Closing out today with some year 2000 love. Relevant too, as a sixth mainline Sakura Taisen video game was recently announced to be in development.

Celebrating An Era - 2000! Sakura Taisen TV (2000)

Starting this Saturday's old school anime OPs with my personal favorite of the Cyber Formula series. This whole franchise was, and still is to a certain degree, very popular in Japan but never caught on elsewhere. Only the first series had an official English subtitled release and is long out of print. Fanime 2018 Guest of Honor Ryotaro Okiayu voiced Franz Heinel (Sturozech Project driver at the time of Zero) throughout all five series.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Future GPX Cyber Formula Zero (1994)

Continuing with a fan favorite, both in Japan and abroad.

Celebrating An Era - 1970's! Ashita no Joe (1970)

Closing out Saturday with a fandom dividing series. Okay, I'm overstating that. Love it, hate it, or remain indifferent toward it, Macross II is a strange one that is considered to be a parallel timeline outside of Macross cannon. I think Macross II is okay at best, has some good moments, but ultimately is an unsatisfying follow-up to Macross. Some good music on the soundtrack though, including the title theme.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! The Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again (1992)

Starting Sunday with an awesome series that was crafted as a labor of love and a celebration of an earlier era of Japanese media. Both English dubs are included in this video and my preference has always been for the older (the first one played here) dub as it has a lot more personality in my opinion. If you have Giant Robo on DVD, the old dub is actually a hidden track, use your player's audio option to select it.

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Giant Robo (1992)

Continuing today with pure fan service. That aside, Aika is a pretty decent little OVA with slick animation work, good character design, and some actual plot. I believe this is the third or fourth opening (they all had slight differences), and has an awesome of-its-era opening theme. A prequel OVA was released in 2007 (Aika R-16) and a sequel OVA to the prequel in 2009 (Aika Zero).

Celebrating An Era - 1990's! Aika / Agent Aika (1997)

Closing out the weekend with a solid anime revival of an old tokusatsu property. Looking back I'm still surprised this aired on American television. Then again, Boogiepop Phantom aired on freaking TechTV, so there you go.

Until next Friday, when we'll be a week away from the gathering!

Celebrating An Era - 2000! Android Kikaider: The Animation (2000)

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