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Our Gaming departments are definitely interested in ideas. What do you have in mind?

Gaming / Re: Smash Bros. Competition/Tournament/Talk
« on: November 14, 2017, 04:59:18 PM »

Our eGaming department has hosted various Smash Bros tournaments (Melee and Smash 4) for the last several years, and a Overwatch tournament on PC since the game came out last year. In addition, we do have setups for those seeking non-competitive friendly matches throughout the duration of 'Con.

The 2018 Gaming thread will be posted in the "Live Programming" forum once we have our information ready for the public on the official website and social media outlets.

While diversity in the arcade would be nice...you have to remember a couple of things:

(1) A lot of the Japanese cabs are privately owned and rented by OCE.  This also ties to the next point that: while new games come out, what makes you think it would be worth it for an owner or company not to have it in a Round One or D&B instead of FanimeCon?

(2) As a union venue and one that charges for everyhting, the cost of power must be incredible and while people talk about profit (which maybe OCE does), it's hard to think that FanimeCon makes enough to pay for power, OCE Services, etc.  and turn a significant profit.

(3) If it was my cab, I wouldn't want any food or drinks near it.  The late night crowd also has individuals that are intoxicated and more likely to abuse the machines (that's a lot of risk and loss to consider).  I remember seeing a post that must've been deleted about the con and it's vendor, but one thing is for certain, if AX doesn't do a freeplay arcade either, there must be a reason it doesn't work for animecons.  not to be a troll, but "FanimeCon and AnimeExpo are not mainstream"? ...really?

Just to chime in and as a aspiring event planner...What might work for one event might not work for another:

1) It'll be up to the company or private collectors to pick up new games if they think their clients/attendees will enjoy it and/or there's ROI on it. Not just for arcade cabinet providers, but also video game equipment providers/event support operators.

For Round One, I heard they work directly with the game companies involved due to licensing (and Round One is from Japan after all so I imagine 1:1 on policies).

2) We worked with OCE (and any company really) in understanding power requirements for equipment on-site. For Gaming Hall, we want to be 110% sure there is enough + a safe buffer to avoid issues during 'Con.

3) As the Gaming Hall is a 24hr operation, it comes with operational challenges and the late night crowd issues are ones we are 100% aware of. We do take active measures in making sure our attendees/staff/equipment/venue items are safe during the late hours. We train our staff to call in help the moment we see an intoxicated person(s) causing trouble. As gamers too...well, the feeling is mutual.

Food and beverage around arcade (and eGaming) stations is already prohibited as per our area rules (sealed containers are allowed).

There are other anime conventions outside California that have their arcade on freeplay. Most notably as the OP said, MomoCon, MagFest, ColossalCon, but also Anime Boston / Anime Central / SakuraCon + various others. The spirit of this post is asking why we have not done so, and this is one that requires careful review and consideration internally.

Hello, thank you for the feedback! While are in post 'Con mode, Games Management can review this and bring forward ideas to the appropriate internal parties.

I'll cover a few points that I can talk about:

- A water station around our dance game areas - that is something we can look into once we have a way to make sure risks to equipment is minimal.
- More nightlife options - Could you say we need more in general, or particular ones?
- Arcade tournaments - this is something on our wish list. Will depend on what we can do.

Just to add - feedback can be also submitted on our feedback site - https://apps.fanime.com/2017/feedback/

Hi everyone, we needed a breather but we want to thank everyone for checking out the "Gaming Hall" and "+18 Late Night Game Room" at FanimeCon 2017!

Arcade comments - we are reviewing what happened with the "posted list" vs "what was on site". While I cannot comment about the "new arcade supplier", we do want to acknowledge we are taking feedback about it + our arcade operations in general.

Please do keep the feedback coming in here (+our FB/Twitter outlets). With Gaming being the 2018 theme, well as they say, "Challenge accepted"?

We have updated the OP with the following:

-Website info is live -> http://www.fanime.com/exhibits/gaming/
-Adding eGaming's tournament list and additional announcements!
-Updated the 2nd post / "Reserved Post 1" with Arcade cabinet list for this year!

Showdown eSports and AFKgg are providing equipment support for eGaming's tournaments. In addition, Bluefin is the sponsor for the "Speed Painting" contest that is happening at Tabletop!

Hi everyone, we apologize for the late responses! This has been a challenging year for our Gaming department teams and other parties.

I have updated the OP with Tabletop event/tournament list for this year, with eGaming to follow very short, and Arcade ASAP.

Really hoping Just Dance will be here ^^ will bring friends to Fanime if it is!

eGaming will have a Just Dance setup as per usual every year, along side with Pump It Up 2. We have expanded the dance game area to hopefully mitigate crowds better.

Please try to get a Maimai Pink machine :< I love that game but I can't play it here in the states!

We're going to add this to our wishlist for future years. I just saw a video of this and looks pretty cool!

I hope you guys have Expanded Pokemon TCG tournaments like last year!

We have formally announced that we will be having a Pokemon TCG tournament in the OP. Copying and pasting details here -

Pokémon TCG
* Saturday 1:00 PM
* Sunday 1:00 PM
* 1 vs 1 : Swiss Best
* 30 person sign-up cap
* Expanded Black and White to Guardians Rising

Hello, Games Manager here. Quick comments:

Moving PC Gaming would be something we can review for future event years. I know there's pros and cons on this and it will require us to review all active variables with internal parties. I do acknowledge we do need a better way for attendees to spectate matches better and we'll bring this up internally. As a PC gamer myself, I do want this to be pretty awesome for the attendees, but our teams recognize present challenges.

The Overwatch tournament from FanimeCon 2016 was quite literally a last second addition due to the game launching that week and the tournament did not operate in a optimal matter. We are currently reviewing on how to present a potential Overwatch tournament in a format & scheduling that works for eGaming for 2017. Overwatch in particular requires more PC gaming system resources and does requires to decide the PC gaming tournament schedule more carefully...esp with League of Legends being the other hot demand.

Gaming / Re: Will there be any TT RPGs?
« on: March 12, 2017, 07:11:35 PM »
Hello, I am the FanimeCon Games Manager!

Just a heads up, we are in the process of updating our website info as present info is from 2016. We apologize for any inaccurate information and we will post our 2017 scheduling once we are ready.

Official 2017 Gaming thread link (for now) - http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,21021.0.html

(Reserved by Games Management just in case)

Arcade Cabinet Machine List for 2017

Here is the arcade machine list!

Air Hockey
Barber Cut
Beatmania IIDX
Beatmania III
Bishi Bashi
Bust a Move
Capcom vs SNK 2
Chocolate Factory
Dance Dance Revolution (muliple versions)
Dance Evolution Arcade
Dance Maniax
DJ Maxx Technika 3
Ghost Squad
Guilty Gear AC
Guitar Freaks V8
Happy Castle Crane
House of the Dead 1
House of the Dead 2
Initial D5
Key Master
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Metal Slug
Para Para Paradise
Point Blank 2
Pop N Music
Pump It Up
Punch Mania
Puzzle Fighter
SF3:3rd Strike
Striker 1945 III
Super SF4 AE
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
Terminator Salvation
Time Crisis 4
UFO Catcher

Welcome to the *official 2017 Thread* for FanimeCon’s Gaming!
Updated as of 5/20/2017

Latest Announcements

-Thank you for a great 2017 in the Gaming Hall and Late Night Game Room! Feedback can be posted here, on social media, and our feedback page -> https://apps.fanime.com/2017/feedback/

Information about FanimeCon's Gaming

FanimeCon 2017 Gaming has two areas of gaming to offer for our attendees:

-The “24 hour Gaming Hall” at Hall 3 @ San Jose Convention Center - Contains 24-hours of non-stop arcades cabinets, tabletop games, and video games from the console and PC side.

-The "18+ Game Room", located in the Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency across from the San Jose Convention Center. "Cards Against Humanity" anyone? (Please note: a valid government ID is required to enter this location)

-Our eGaming and Tabletop areas offer events & tournaments - check back in the future for the upcoming 2017 list!

Website Info - http://www.fanime.com/exhibits/gaming/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/FanimeConGamingHall
Twitter - https://twitter.com/FanimeConGaming and @FanimeConGaming #FanimeConGaming
Contact email for inquiries
games at fanime.com for Games Management and general inquiries about FanimeCon's Gaming.
arcade at fanime.com for arcades inquires.
egaming at fanime.com for Console/PC gaming inquiries and events/tournaments.
tabletop at fanime.com for tabletop related games, +18 game room, and events/tournaments.

If you are a group or company that wants to work with us on an event or opportunity for 2017 or 2018, please contact us through the Games Management email-> games@fanime dot com. (We may forward the email to our Marketing/Promotions depending on the context)

About “request(s)” - We do try to accommodate requests as best as our resources allow.

Arcade Cabinet List & Tournament Line Up


Please check the "reserved" post for the 2017 Arcade List, in case we break the character limit for this initial post!


== PC Gaming Tournament List/Details/Times ==

* Friday 12:00 PM (Signups)
2:00 PM (Tournament)

League of Legends
* Saturday 10:00 AM (Signups)
~11:00 AM (Tournament)

* Sunday 12:00 PM (Signups)
2:00 PM (Tournament)

== Console Gaming Tournament List/Details/Times ==

***Sign-up times for the tournaments are day of the event - please see the list for the exact times and/or check with the eGaming staff desk.

**All Console Fighting Game tournaments are BYO-Controller, Joysticks are allowed! eGaming and Games Management staff reserve the right to inspect input devices before gameplay starts.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gamecube)
* Friday 2:00 PM (Signups)
~4:30 PM (Tournament)

Skullgirls 2nd Encore (PS4)
* Friday 2:00 PM (Signups)
~5:30 PM (Tournament)

Super Smash Bros. for Wii-U
* Saturday 9:00 AM (Signups)
11:00 AM (Tournament)
6:00 PM (Top 8 @ Stage Zero)

Guilty Gear XRD Revelator (PS4)
* Saturday 12:00 PM (Signups)
2:00 PM (Tournament)

Street Fighter V (SFV)
* Sunday 10:00 AM (Signups)
~12:00 PM (Tournament)
6:00 PM (Top 8 @ Stage Zero)

== Handheld Gaming Tournament List/Details/Times ==

Pokemon Sun and Moon - Singles
* Saturday 10:00 AM (Signups)
12:00 PM (Tournament)

Pokemon Sun and Moon - Doubles
* Sunday 10:00 AM (Signups)
12:00 PM (Tournament)

== Dance Games Tournament List/Details/Times ==

Dance Central 3 (Xbox 360)
* Friday 8:00 PM (Tournament)

Pump It Up Prime 2
* Saturday 1:00 PM (Medium Speed Division)
* Saturday 4:00 PM (Freestyle Speed Division )
* Saturday 7:00 PM (High Speed Division)
Further details for Pump It Up can be found in a separate link:

Just Dance 2017 (Xbox One)
* Sunday 2:00 PM (Tournament)


Giant Jenga
* Saturday 12:00 PM
* Team vs Team
* No sign-up cap

* Saturday 10:00 AM
* 1 vs 1
* 12 person sign-up cap

Magic: The Gathering
* 1 vs 1 Swiss Best
* 32 person sign-up cap
* Standard: Friday 6:00 PM
* Commander: Saturday 7:00 PM in the Hyatt’s Late Night Game Room (18+)
* Modern: Sunday 3:00 PM

Pokémon TCG
* Saturday 1:00 PM
* Sunday 1:00 PM
* 1 vs 1 : Swiss Best
* 30 person sign-up cap
* Expanded Black and White to Guardians Rising

Speed Painting Competition (Judged by Bluefin)
* Saturday 11:00 AM
* Each participant paints their own model
* 60 person sign-up cap

Texas Hold Em (Non- Prized Tournament)
* 40 cap
* Preliminaries -> Friday 1:00 PM & Saturday 8:00 PM
* Finals -> Sunday 3:00 PM

Weiss Schwarz
* Sunday 6:00 PM
* 3 vs 3; Swiss Best
* 48 cap person sign-up cap
* Neo Standard, Mixed Language

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
* Friday 3:00 PM
* Saturday 4:00 PM
* 1 vs 1; Swiss Best
* 30 cap
* Follow Current Ban List

Hi everyone, thank you for coming out for this year's Gaming Hall *AND* Late Night Game Room!

Games Management and departments have entered post 'Con and review mode. We'll take some feedback in this thread specific to our two gaming locations, tournaments etc. We're open to ideas and opportunities to continue improving the 24 hr gaming hall and expanding what we can do with the late night game room.

5/24 update - tons of updates:

-As we enter setup day, our updating and questions answering will be impacted. We do apologize for this inconvenience! Latest info and updates can be found at 'Con at Arcades / eGaming / Tabletop front desks in the Gaming Hall, or Tabletop Late Night Game Room @ Hyatt when during their hours of operation (10pm-5am)

-Arcade list for 2016 is up - can be found on the first post / OP, direct link post -> http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,20413.msg487808.html#msg487808 , or on our FanimeCon Gaming Hall social media outlet -> www.facebook.com/notes/fanimecon-gaming-hall/arcades-machine-list-2016-edition/934270833337363

-We have a Tabletop Late Night Game Room! Located at the Hyatt Grand Hall (Salon 1-2-3) operating from Friday/Saturday/Sunday 10pm-5am! This is a 18+ location - Govt ID's will be required! Cards Against Humanity anyone?

-South Bay Button Mashers are coming to Fanime with retro/indie console games, plus hosting a Nidhogg and Towerfall Ascension tournament!

-AFK Gamer Lounge (AFKgg) are also coming this year with high end PC gaming computers, and hosting a CSGO tournament with prizing!

-Showdown eSports will be providing setups for our Street Fighter V and Smash 4 tournament. Also, we have modified our Smash 4 rules to be based on EVO 2016's.

-eGaming Tournament detail can be link here - http://www.fanime.com/exhibits/gaming/egaming/egaming-tournament-details/

-Event and Tournament details are subject to change at 'Con - please watch our outlets and inquire at respective dept front desk inside the Gaming Hall.

Live Programming and Events / Re: What events are open on Day Zero
« on: May 23, 2016, 07:59:03 PM »
Aiming for Thursday 6pm for Gaming Hall. Will post that information tomorrow on games social media outlets + here; its already reflected on the updated gaming hall page.

General Convention Discussion / Re: DAY ZERO EVENTS
« on: May 21, 2016, 02:01:43 PM »
Gaming Hall will be scheduled to open at 6PM. Located at Hall 3 inside the SJCC.

5/18 update - We have deployed the tournament schedule for eGaming and Tabletop in the OP / first post. eGaming tournament details are being uploaded to the website - we will provide a link when it is ready.

In addition: in collaboration with the "NorCal World Order" Pump It Up community, we are hosting 3 of their tournaments at eGaming's console area:

Freestyle - https://www.facebook.com/events/1532633970371346/
Medium Division - https://www.facebook.com/events/579217508892514/
Hard Division https://www.facebook.com/events/653437491460986/

I noticed that for the tabletop tournaments there were a couple Texas Hold'em preliminaries. Do we have to go to every preliminary or just one?

We are checking-in with Tabletop on this - we'll follow-up.

Hey everyone, we sincerely apologize for the lack of updates here. Been a busy last several weeks - we are in process of updating the website with the tournament schedule, followed by tournament details.

For the Gaming Hall, do we bring our own tabletop games, is that allowed (board or card games)?

You can bring your own tabletop games! Please do keep an eye on your personal games and also not mix up Tabletop's rental offerings.

Smash 4 related questions

Both Smash 4 for the Wii-U and Melee for the Gamecube are being offered this year. We will make a call for community equipment should there a need.

For allowed controllers (This will get included in tournament details):

"Wii classic controllers and WiiU Pro controllers will be allowed, but you are responsible for setting it up in game. If setting up a controller and its controls takes an excessive amount of time, then we may ask you to use a standard GCN controller for the sake of time."

I literally only go for the DotA tournament that you guys had for the past three years, so I'm not sure why the event keeps downsizing the DotA tournaments but promoting undeniably smaller games. If I'm not mistaken I believe for the past three years there were around 200-300 people per DotA event at each year you hosted it so why stop?

It really comes down to making sure we are offering a good variety of tournaments, our resources, and allocating time between freeplay and tournament mode for our PC area. We do recognize that DOTA is one of the most popular games currently and this was not easy decision to not offer one this year. We will review the game again next year's event should there be a significant demand to have it return to our line-up (vs our resources/time).

4/29/2016 Update:

First / "OP" post updated with corrections and tweaks. Latest news updated as well with current updates as of today.

Last year, people loved our arcade selection. While are procuring a arcade list from our vendor, any requests for this year?

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