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Hey, if everything works out, I may actually have my Hades cosplay done in time and can do that instead of WALL-E. That's just a maybe, but I will update if it turns out it's happening.

Ah! Darn, I'm committed to my WALL-E cosplay on Sunday. Oh well, hope to be able to stop by at least!

Forum Games / Re: This or That?
« on: March 18, 2017, 10:58:09 AM »
I don't know either but after looking them up I'd have to say Vic Viper.


Hmm, I was hoping for this to fall on Sunday. I'll see if I can change my panel I applied for to Sunday, but if not I may not be able to go...
Whoops, never mind, I would still be able to attend the official Disney gathering either way, so no change! Just maybe take me off the list for this one. (Reminder, I am the Human WALL-E.)

Hmm, I was hoping for this to fall on Sunday. I'll see if I can change my panel I applied for to Sunday, but if not I may not be able to go...

Sadly I will not be cosplaying Homestuck this year but I will still try to stop by the gathering and hang out!

I may have to do Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors one day if it doesn't conflict with the Disney gathering or the Welcome to Night Vale panel I'm hoping to host.

Depending on the day I may be there as Steven (Only if it's not a Saturday or Sunday tho, those two I have committed to at the moment.

If everything lines up (which it should) I should be able to attend as WALL-E (human form of course, I'm not cosplaying as a transformer. :P)
I may have to skip a Homestuck cosplay this year but it'd be worth it!

If everything lines up (which it should) I should be able to attend as WALL-E (human form of course, I'm not cosplaying as a transformer. :P)
I may have to skip a Homestuck cosplay this year but it'd be worth it!

I don't cosplay Percy Jackson but sent it to my friend that (I think) does and is obsessed so maybe she will apply

Update: she texted me saying NOOOOOOO ANNABETH IS TAKEN WHY

Update #2: I promised to help her buy a wig to do Piper or Rachel because she doesn't believe in using natural hair colors for characters without that hair color. Let's hope for the best.

Final Update: She wants to do Rachel and is gonna try and audition, whoo!

Things in the Universe / Tomas Cosplay Information
« on: January 15, 2017, 06:17:29 PM »
Hey fellow nerds! I'm Haiden, otherwise known as Tomas Cosplay.
I personally have lots of theater experience and improv experience. I would say I'm really great at being in character and love doing panels. If you would like to have me in a panel for any of my cosplays (listed below) feel free to message me!
These are organized into three categories.
Comic Book Characters: Both Marvel and DC characters listed.
Popular Characters: Characters that seem to be more easily identified in a casual con setting.
Lesser Identifiable Characters: Characters that rarely get recognized on the first try for multiple reasons.
Closet/Casual: If this cosplay contains less than two handmade items (not counting painting shirts because I do that for most of my casual clothing cosplays anyways) and I could wear it anywhere without getting weird looks, it goes under here. (Only exception is Donut Lars because I keep him with Pink Lars, which definitely doesn't fall under this category.)

My Personal Cosplay List:

Comic Book Characters:

Koi Boi (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)

Pied Piper (The Flash)

"Cat Thor" Loki (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)

Loki (Agent of Asgard)

Popular Characters:

Donut Lars and Pink Lars (Steven Universe)

David (Camp Camp)

Hades (Hercules)

Wybie (Coraline)

Ticci Toby(Creepypasta of same name)

Caliborn (Homestuck)

Lesser Identifiable Characters:

Taako (Adventure Zone) (This image is the closest to what my interpretation looks like)

Leo Valdez (Percy Jackson)

Human!Porygon Z (Pokemon) (Note, this one is my art because I couldn't find a design that resembled the one I was doing)

Jay (Awful Hospital)


Lucien Bloodmarch (Dream Daddy)

Steven Universe (Steven Universe)

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Cosplay Lineups
« on: January 08, 2017, 09:47:03 PM »
Hey, I don't know if anyone else has planned theirs yet, but I was wondering what everyone's Fanime 2017 Cosplay Lineups are gonna be. I have a fair list but need to figure out dates of certain events and panels to confirm it all so I'm waiting for that.
For sure I am doing Hiram McDaniels from Welcome to Night Vale, The Box Ghost from Danny Phantom, and Simon Petrikov from Adventure Time. The rest that I'm debating for my extra day are below.
-Caliborn (Only if another cosplay doesn't conflict on Sunday)
-Steven Universe (Only if I'm planning Caliborn but it ends up being too hot to paint my entire body green)
-Dave Strider (or) John Egbert (Possible only if I end up doing this one CMV thing)

Anyways feel free to post your lineup below if you'd like. Only about 4 or 5 months til Fanime (Depending on how you look at it)! Happy New Year!

Just a "little thing" I decided to write and share with you all. Happy holidays!

Twas the night before Christmas and in areas near San Jose
Many nerds were stirring awaiting the next day
Most of them stay lonely in front of a screen
Perhaps binge watching Harry Potter or even Stranger Things
Some stay with their families while shying away
Trying to tolerate their bigotry towards race, gender, or sexuality
Others are happy together with friends
Quoting their fandoms and crying about the series' ends
Many groups of teens wander throughout the mall
Greeting Santa in cosplay and at Hot Topic spend-alls
But no matter where these nerds are
Whether in heat cold or snow
They all celebrate with holiday cheer and hope they don't grow old
For they know that Christmas is "only for kids"
Still we laugh maniacally as we open our gifts
Soon we hear a faint roar from an unknown somewhere
We search in our houses though nothing seems to be there
Then we hear a laugh bellowing through the wind
And we hear a roll call that is soon to begin
"On Doctor, on Cas, on Harry and Ron
"On Hussie and Ciel, on Sherlock and Watson
"Gather, go gather, your fans and unite
"Give them their merch and then run out of sight
"Go on Hiatus, make the fans all cry
"But we all will come back, because no fandom can die
(Except for Merlin, still a shame)
"Let the fans go rejoice in the feels that they feel
"Let us comfort and hold them when noone else will
"The self harmers and bullied, anyone LGBT
"Those hated for race, gender, give them equality
"And everyone will cheer laugh and cry as they go read and watch us
"Let them celebrate as they sing and hum the theme song chorus"
The nerds looked out their windows and smiled big grins
As they realized it was Tumblr letting us in
The nerds then took comfort in the shows that they adore
Making any hardships on Christmas eve not as bad anymore
And as Tumblr flew off and out of sight
They called "Merry Christmas, you nerds:
"Let us have a good night."

Forum Games / Re: The Ctrl + V game
« on: December 23, 2016, 03:32:38 PM »
Mine was a huge monologue I wrote that I had copied and pasted into a script I am writing but it's really choppy doesn't make much sense plus is for something I'm planning to perform at Fanime someday and wouldn't want to spoil it if anyone were to go see it.

Hi there! From what I've seen in the past years, the biggest/most popular cosplay groups have their meetups on Saturdays, sometimes Sundays. Expect a lot of popular meetup overlaps on Saturdays especially. Disney usually has two meetups, for main and extended which are usually on different days, so you could most likely attend both SU and Disney gatherings~ As for the others, it's mostly first come, first serve for time slots. Saturday is the most popular day, also the day the most people usually attend, so it will fill up first. When it gets closer to the convention date and the threads start appearing for your said interested meetups, check out when they plan to request a time slot! You can always ask for them to move it, though this request isn't always guaranteed. The past two years I think there has been a meetup for all the other cosplays you mentioned, but could be one right after the other some days (I know this problem all too well and it forces me to choose between cosplays since I can't change that fast out of most of mine). When in doubt, always ask! Some other people might be in the same boat and want the specific gathering at a later/earlier time or even on a different day. About a month or so before Fanime, there will be a pinned thread from one of the admins that will list the current gathering times/dates/places as they are received through applications. But always make sure to check the day before and day of gatherings. Several times I've had the location or time change on me without any big announcement, so be sure to check the info desk's master list just in case! Mainly I would say just be prepared if you can't go to one or more gatherings for your cosplays, and always come a little early! (Last year, I missed all of my gatherings due to being just a few minutes late, having times change on me, and just how long it took to walk there from the fairmont TwT don't be like me!)

As far as panels, there is usually at least one SU panel and a WTNV panel. If you are interested in a panel for your other fandoms, do check out the thread I posted about panel requests in the panels group and see if anyone is interested in hosting one, or even if you would be interested in hosting one yourself! I feel like a lot of opportunities are missed at conventions because people aren't sure what everyone else is interested in, that's why I put up that thread~ Basically just keep an eye on the threads here as it gets closer to fanime. A lot of stuff won't come up until around February I've noticed. Good luck and have a great Fanime 2017!!!

Thanks for the reply! Last year, I actually was supposed to cohost the Steven Universe panel but had to cancel (without notice since I had also lost access to technology). I am thinking about hosting a panel, although am not sure which. Also, if everything goes as planned I will be in the WTNV panel this year, which should be great!
As for the gatherings, I will be sure to watch out for the dates! Worst comes to worst I won't be able to do my Homestuck cosplay. Will have to plan for the Disney and SU meetups for sure! Again, thanks for responding, have a great rest of your day!

Hi guys!
So, this year I am planning to go to as many meetups and panels as I can since 2015 (my first year) I completely missed out and last year I wasn't able to attend. I just wanna know if there's typically set dates for certain panels and/or if there's actually is a meetup for specific cosplays I do. Here is my list of cosplays I am considering for Fanime.
-Steven Universe (What date is the SU meetup normally?)
-WALL-E (Is there a set date for the Disney meetup(s))
-Hiram McDaniels (Is there a Welcome to Night Vale meetup? If so, when?)
-Caliborn (I know Homestuck is always Sunday, which is a huge conflicting pattern if there's another group on Sundays)
-Crona (Soul Eater?)
-Box Ghost (Is there a Classic Nickelodeon meetup or a Danny Phantom one or something related to ghosts? If I need to I will host a ghost meetup because I want to do this at a Meetup for the hilarity)
-Ticci Toby (Is there a CreepyPasta meetup?)

Let me know if you know anything about any of these and dates for them. Thanks!

Is there going to be another gathering for 2017? I'm planning to do my WALL-E cosplay this year and just would like to know as I wasn't able to attend Fanime last year.

Just sent a message regarding this.

Dealers Room / Re: Fanime 2017 Wishlists!
« on: September 02, 2016, 03:02:59 PM »
I rarely see things from Welcome to Night Vale, but then again not many people sell that.
With artists, I tend to look for original prints based on extremely nerdy and trashy fandoms, such as Homestuck, Undertale, Hetalia, etc.
As for vendors, I love when I find vendors that sell DVDs of animes and TV shows that are hard to near impossible to find.
Personally, those are my interests for artists and vendors.

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