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I would fall under the category of "just pretty damn creative". I think the way I would probably approach this is with high density foam and/or EVA foam and armature wire. The foam is going to be an ultra light option and believe me that is really going to make a difference. It will also be durable because it will just absorb any abuse it might take. putting armature wire in it will make it posable and can be used to give it more structure. You might even consider building it off of a bike helmet to help you wear it securely. But at the same time I would be really cautious with that because if you accidentally hit a door way or something and it makes your head jerk you might really hurt yourself (Fanime recommends/requires having a handler present for any costume that impedes mobility). I would suggest making it so that all of the neck stocks actually semi-join at the base. So they technically become a single opening that you fit over your head but they would still be semicircles to imply the shape of the separate necks. I hope that helps or even makes sense. lol.
When you say "moving mouths" do you just mean statically posable? or do you actually want to try to puppet them while you are in the costume?
To respond to both of these, the second one first, by moving mouths I mean trying to figure out a way to puppeteer them. Like I said, it's only preferred, just because I am most likely doing a panel in this. I know how to make the one on my head move, I would just need to figure out the others. But this is only if I figure out a way, not mandatory.
As for the main reply, thank you, this actually helps a lot. Just a question though, where do you buy the foam and armature? I'm sure when I get them I can figure out how to work it all out. Also, what do you mean by semi joined at the base?

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Hiram McDaniels is a Literal Five Headed Dragon!
...and for a while I have been planning out a cosplay for him. Now, I know what attire I will wear, I know what I want the heads to do...
Question is, how do I make 5 dragon mascot head with preferably moving mouths and each their own expression?
I have found some good mascot head tutorials, and most of them are at my level of cosplay expertise (which is saying a lot since I'm only decent with making costumes themselves but great with props, which this falls under fairly well) and I can make quickly seeing as how I am quick with prop designing and construction. The only thing I am really worried about: If I make 5 large mascot heads all approx. the same size, how will I put them all their heads together (unintentional pun), how will I be able to make it look as if the heads are coming out of the suit naturally, and most importantly, how do I make them strong enough to not fall everywhere but light enough to carry basically on my head, neck, and shoulders?
I should note that I am 5'1", and when it comes to my strength, well... https://youtu.be/c2CNsQpp-38
Okay, you caught me, I was overexagerating there. But still, if the heads altogether are moderately lightweight and I were to practice walking around with them on beforehand (I'll figure out the door situateon later) I'm sure I will be able to handle it.
But back to the aforementioned topic, I do need tips, advice, or ideas on how to make this. So whether you make mascot heads, are good at props, make fur suits or are just pretty damn creative, any help whatsoever is highly appreciated. I look forward to seeing different responses. Thanks in advance for any and all help given.
Also, if you do not have the slightest clue of who Hiram McDaniels is, I'm adding a reply to this with pictures of my headcanon for him and also some brave and clever enough to come up with their own cosplay so you can get some kind of gist. Thanks!

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