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Panels and Workshops / Scheduled Panels - Preview (Updated 5/19)
« on: February 19, 2008, 10:53:47 AM »
Hey everyone -

5/19: Gainax panels announced in the last post!  ;D

5/16: The schedule is live on the website now! Check the news on the home page or find links to it at the top of the main Events page.

Please check the 4/23 post for a preview of panels confirmed for Friday!
Update 4/24: Added panels confirmed for Monday to the same post.
Update 5/1: Added two more guest panels to Friday listing, one more to Monday listing, and put the full list of Saturday and Sunday panels in the same post.

These will be on the website with full descriptions hopefully not too long after they're listed here. I thought I'd give a preview here on the forums though, of the panels that are currently being added to the schedule. I'll update this first post as more get confirmed.

Please Check the second post and the 4/13 and 4/17 posts for panel titles. Thanks~!

Raymond is coming back with the Anime Fans Over 30 panel.
Paladin Cecil will be returning with Story Story Die and a couple of other game panels - these are really fun, if you didn't try them out last year, now you'll have another chance. The new ones will be The Anime List and the Fan Art Caption Contest (which will have prizes!).
The folks at the plan to come and give us a slew of panels on traditional dress, and hopefully... a kimono fashion show. (We're still working the kinks out of that last one.)
Broccoli, Bandai Visual USA, and Bandai Entertainment should all be back with industry panels, as well as Gothic Garnet - who say they're planning some freebies at their panel.
Panda Cubed: is coming to our con this year, and we hope to give them a chance to perform several panels.
We'll also be having a "How to be a Host" panel, sponsored by the Cosplay group OH!smeCK.
Then we have...
Cosplay Posing
Dansei  Seiyuu 101
And the Damn You Internets panel is back as well.

Oh yes. I almost forgot the Guest panels that I already know about. I have panels from Jonathan Osborne and Giles Poitras already. ^-^ I'll list them up here when I have a chance to check my records for the names of the panels.

Edited 4/13: The Panels Schedule is now nearly full. Any panels submitted in these last couple of days will probably need to be open to late-night programming.


General Convention Discussion / Twitterers @ Fanime?
« on: May 11, 2007, 01:11:17 AM »
Just wondering if there's going to be any other twitterers at FanimeCon this year. xD; So far, I'm failing to get most of my friends signed up. >>;;

(If you don't know what it is... check out - it's basically an instant notification service that works via phone (texting), web, or IM, and everyone 'following' you gets your messages, and you get all the messages from anyone you're following.)

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