Things that you wish they had in the Dealers room.

Started by Mister_E, June 12, 2008, 07:08:44 PM

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Quote from: ket on May 31, 2012, 06:03:22 AM
Wish more booths had more Touhou stuffs.
I know there was that one exclusively Touhou booth, but you can always use more Touhou  ;D

There were like no video games or music cds either.
And Vocaloid stuff. I don't think I saw anything except Miku related stuff there. Or atleast I don't remember seeing anything Vocaloid related that wasn't Miku.

Huh, really? I swore I saw some Touhou games... I KNOW I saw horribly overpriced yukkuris and Fumofumos (that a friend said might be bootlegged).

And yeah, shame. Given that I heard Fanime didn't want to be associated with the Vocaloid concert for some reason, not beeg surprised.


MOAR PLUSHIES!!! (although different ones besides the usual mainstream ones)
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Yeah! My friend and I were all bummed that they weren't here. Someone had even given my friend some money to buy her a hat from Gaia, or something, and it wasn't even there, which threw a wrench in the works.

I liked finding the old Final Fantasy PSone games there, though. I bought myself Final Fantasy VIII, which was the only one I didn't have. XD

I would like to see more Gurren Lagann stuff, definitely. I'd definitely go after some Kamina and Simon related items. :3

At the last possible minute they decided to add a panel, but yeah i missed he Gaia booth there too last year.   Dont think they the intention of coming around to Fanime then.  It wasn't on their con schedule and a lot of people were getting upset that they werent going to drop by.  Think all the complaints got to them ^_^ so they at least came by doing a panel. 
I must say thats very strange cause their headquaters is in San Jose that's why we had so many Gaia artists in the Artist Alley I REALLY missed the Gaia booth. I wonder if asking admins on Gaia would be more helpful to this endeavor?


Wow I'm kinda a duffus quoting a 2009 post. But yeah I'd like to see a Gaia booth again. Also World God Only Knows... I wish they had more merchandise for that.


Totoroooo plushieeessssss D: TOTOROOOOOOOOO D: D: D:
I heard there was only one but it was some "original" something or another thing that was $150.
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Quote from: Chiri Kcrinh on June 03, 2012, 11:20:30 PM
Totoroooo plushieeessssss D: TOTOROOOOOOOOO D: D: D:
I heard there was only one but it was some "original" something or another thing that was $150.

I ended up getting a $7 ghost totoro mini plushy for my truck, but i wanted something bigger.
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Dang I thought I posted this before but I didn't see it on any of the pages.  A year or two ago someone had a vending machine next to their booth.  You put in a dollar (maybe it was two dollars) and got a capsule with a small figure in it, like the ones in Japan at the malls.  This vending machine had Yu Yu Hakusho figures.  It ran out pretty fast, when I came by a few hours later the machine was empty.  I'd like more of those.

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I wanted to see some more variety of anime collections, be it books/DVDs/games cause I kept seeing alot of mainstream ones and I was kind of disappointed cause I thought people were more educated or enthusiastic about those smaller unknown under-the-radar animes. Sadly I saw only a few major ones I recognized that many would prob say "whats that?" to. Here's to a vendor digging deeper and relieving those "lost" treasures! :D
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Moar Figma, Nendoroids, never a bad thing. :D
Doujinshi, oppai mousepads, "REAL" dakimakura pillowcases.
And of course more character goods, art books, and miscellaneous items. XD

Need more Type Moon, K-ON!!, and Touhou amongst other things.

Also...VIDEO GAMES! Where are they? Not the kind we can get from GameStop- I mean the juicy good stuff! I'd like to find Project Diva f, Idolm@ster 2, or Senran Kagura Shinovi VS and buy them right there! Would be totally awesome.

Also, more Blu-Ray box sets!



Quote from: JohnnyAR on July 05, 2013, 03:17:40 PM
More Luke related items

Johnny, do you mean Luke from Layton? If not please specify source. Thanks.


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Definitely looking for a Kill la Kill scissor blade this year

As well as another one or two of those big plushy cats that were rampant last year


if that the master a 'prentice have,
Entirely then that he him tell,
That he the craft ably may know,
Wheresoever he go under the sun.


Monster hunter steel cases,shin megami tensei merch,megaman or smash bros stuffs i hope to see some bravely default stuff there this year!

trust me,if i find some youll notice me,ill be the one freaking out in the dealers hall...:$


I've seen all the latest requests and will pass these onto our Dealers. I'm hoping to be able to post a complete roster soon for people to look over.
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I love all varieties of plushies and will always take a serious look at any plush, but I particularly enjoy the cuddle-sized (~1 foot tall) ones made of soft and cuddle-worthy material. Last year I spent more on my plushies alone than all my posters and prints combined.

I also love cosplay jewelry and other accessories. The laser-cut pokemon badges (pinnable to shirts and jackets if so desired) were some of the best finds I've ever found at any con, period.

I'd also say Kuroko no Basket cosplay outfits, but I get the feeling that those will easily exceed $50 for a single article of clothing and understandably may not sell too well.
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Electronics. Gaming. More clothing. Food?? Things for my cats :-)
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