Fanime scavenger hunt?

Started by shy-cosplayer, August 02, 2008, 04:48:31 AM

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Just a random idea that popped into my head. But it sounds fun, right? And there could be a few rounds and a prize for the winners...



It does sound fun.
And hey, why not make it a Cosplay scavenger hunt?
We could give out a list of characters that are relatively rare to be seen and have the characters give out specific stickers or something to show that a person has found them... maybe like a wallet sized miniprint/pic of the character found?
I suppose the organizers wouldn't be able to go looking for the characters at game time...

Let the characters wander.  Moving targets.

At the end whoever collected enough prints/stickers could get a prize?...Maybe the top four or something? 

It definately sounds fun!


i think this would be very interesting indeed. but only thing with the cosplayer scav. is how would we know whos a target/ decide who a target should be?
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You could have the targets wear a special flag on their shoulder or a colored sash or something.


lol cool
sounds fun
maybe i could be a target
dunno yet


I actually played this game at con last year with my friends. We all thought of characters and made a list. At con we broke off into groups of two and took pictures with the characters we were looking for. One of your group had to be in the picture to prove that you found them. Having groups of two made that easier.

Since it was just a bunch of broke con friends we didnt have any prizes, but it was still lots of fun.


Nice idea :D
I would definitely join :D
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This sounds like a very good and fun idea.  You dont even have to have people sign up to be targets.  Just hand out a list with many characters names on them, ranging from easy to find characters (like Naruto), to very rare characters like (Nadia). Then they will take a photo with the Cosplayer on a digital cammera (or quickly develop them.) Each character could be worth points, the harder to find the more points you get!!