Vampire Knight Gathering '09

Started by Kanzake, August 02, 2008, 12:52:02 PM

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So with Shojo Beat moved back to Saturday at 11:30....(yeah for the time!!)
Then if the main/official VK gathering stays on Sunday around 6?
I think I could attend both of these as Headmaster Cross.
*Sunday's still gonna be crazy costume change day...waaaah!*

And that's awesome about a Rima and Shika couple!

As for you Kaname-Kanzake -- no lazing about! ;)


*grumbles* im not lazing about much! And that couple you can thank me for. >;3 I iz awesome recruiter lolwut
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Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.  But while you're at it, want to take credit for inventing the wheel?


Just wanted to stop by and mention my friend and I will no longer be able to attend the gathering. Best of luck for the gathering. =)


Sorry to hear that Kai, enjoy fanime :)

List updated.
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Oops, I neglected the forums for a while, there. =(

Anyway, I've decided on Kaname in the end, since my Aido wig went missing, my Ichijo wig is going to be used that day by my friend for another costume, and my Deitrich wig can serve as Kaname's as well. So I don't have to get a new one. *is a terribly penny pinching cosplayer* So not original by itself but...*spoiler just in case, cause I'm paranoid about that* [spoiler]I might do the little blood hand scythe thing he makes when his hand gets whacked off.[/spoiler] I'll have to see if I can spiff him up in another way, maybe...I don't know.

So yes, count me in as him~

I also might, if it won't freak anyone out, have my dollfie along with me in his Zero outfit. Depends on if I get up and actually work on it. XD


I updated your status KuroOokami, and wdf im still the only listed male Kaname? :< Wut is this.
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Quote from: Kanzake on March 04, 2009, 01:01:01 PM
I updated your status KuroOokami, and wdf im still the only listed male Kaname? :< Wut is this.
Ken may show up D: (thats me ~~> <~~) ive been meaning to post something on this for a while now, but with only a few months left, i made sure i got to it lol. so yeah. ----> more info!

Well depending on my time and school work/etc ;_; , my gf and i will for sure be at fanime for at least a day. (((if you saw me wandering around like a lost idiot looking for my friends D: ))) but yeah. Ill make a note of this meeting and do my best to make it....

I will be in the same uniform as i was last year (lol lazy me, prob wear tennis shoes this time cause the ones i wore last year were annoying >.o )  and the gf will be in a Yuki Cross Cosplay and/or an artist's reformation of the dress Yuki wore during the ball in vol 7 i believe.

If we do show up for this photo shoot. expect us to be at the BW ball :D its gonna be the replacement for me not being able to go to my HS prom hehe =] 

il check in again in a couple days.
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Sorry! I won't be able to make it to Fanime. =\
Could you remove me from the list?


Sorry to hear that D: Hope you have a good year at other cons~

List Updated (There are people attending that arent on the list because they dont talk to me enough for me to remember who theyre coming as.)
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yayy -  I will be staffing this year, and i plan to make this (as stated on my earlier post...)

i will be showing up as kaname and my gf will be showing as yuuki either in the day class uniform or in the dress she wears at the ball
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Welcome to the gathering kirariken, and list updated. Fanimes rolling closer woo :)
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i'll be there as Kaname and my friend Chibikkoda as Yuuki~:)
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Welcome to the group~ List updated.
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hello, i'm Kahira's Yuuki ^^
I'll be there as the Party Dress Yuuki :3
Cassandra Cain- Batgirl
WIS Miku- Fanart Vocaloid
Lyra- Pokemon
Dialga- Pokemon Gijinka


OH mai gudness I am so excited! - i just hope that my group can all attend the gathering! ^_^

so our group has also had some shuffling @_@ oy... aaand yeah we lost a few people.... *sigh*

~Oathkeeper's group
Oathkeeper -Kaname Kuran
Fuekun - Akatuski Kain
Chimera - Takuma Ichijou
Domo-kun - Hanabusa Aidou
Akila Ishtar - Zero Kiryuu (day class)
(M)organic - Ichiru Kiryuu (trenchcoat & mask)
Sesshomaru_12 - Yuuki Kurosu
Melodi - Maria Kurenai
Suijinkou - Awakened Yuuki (?)
Suijinkou - Day class student (?)
Pinkcatmints - Yori (Yuuki's roommate)

fanime 2009
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dont worry people keep shuffling in and out, weve reached a sort of equilibrium, roughly around 35 XD

List updated (well i just copypastad oathkeepers group XD)
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I'm going as a random Day Class female student.
My boyfriend, Weaponhex, is going as Hanabusa Aido. because he has blonde hair.....
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List Updated. Welcome to the group Miyu_Mya and Weaponhex
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Mini-Group of the mains:

Jilted ~ Zero
KoTA ~ Awakened Yuki
Rogue ~ Kaname

Please add, and we look forward to seeing you there. =]