2013 Trinity Blood Gathering

Started by kimu, August 28, 2008, 09:56:23 PM

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You could probably make it, Your Eminence, I'll list you as a maybe!

I have promised (though I will hold off on making vows or sworn oaths) that we will not have a 2 hour photo shoot this year.
Although last year's 2 hour shoot was a ton of fun and some crazy stuff (not just involving hand cuffs!)
THIS year we will get our informal tea party going like the year before.

As for what to do at the shoots?
If you look through the photo albums you will hopefully get an idea. Although I don't have the entire gatherings on my camera, it might help provide some idea. Look for the Fanime Trinity Blood gatherings. (or others, too.)


We will start with a full group everyone shot. Fanime will have the official photographer assigned to take a group shot, too.
Then set up other group shots based on who's there. So far AX RULES! Orden drools!!! Or something... ;P
Group shots can be AX, Orden, Empire, Caterina with her Sisters, etc.
Then go into pair-up shots, opponent shots, recreation shots, and of course crack shots--like Pimp Leon.

If anyone has requests before Fanime, you can post them in the forum and I'll get them on the list.
Otherwise we get through the classic type shots and it's anything anyone can or wants to do on request.


Hm... now I'm seriously contemplating going as helga instead of esther :) might be fun!
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Yes, the Pimp Hat will be returning.  (Handcuffs too of course)

Yes, anybody who wants to can wear it.

Yes ladies, I would love to take photos with you.  ;)


I gave it some thought and decided on Helga >:-) The Orden needs representation!!!
-Is there life before coffee? There is NO life before coffee. There is life AFTER coffee!

-Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.


That will be fun to have a Helga!
I'll change your status.
And yeah for more shenanigans!


LMAO so I just noticed it's the Catherine's and Tres that are 'maybes'...

Well, the upside, if you do have a two hours shoot I know I'd make it for at least part of that LOL it won't take that long to change!


-Is there life before coffee? There is NO life before coffee. There is life AFTER coffee!

-Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.


The tea works like this:
1) we have our gathering and take all the photos we want to take. At some point we say it's a wrap/we're done and...

2) about 30 min after that we meet at the round tables up in the convention area--air conditioning and seats. ;D
The time in between is so people can go to their hotel rooms if needed to drop off large props or costume bits, freshen up if needed, and grab munchies they want to share (and didn't want to haul to the gathering). Also so you can go buy tea or coffee, if wanted.
If there are those that don't need the time, they go ahead and scout out and claim a table.
It's expected the Abel's will drink actual 13 sugar tea--which has been done for the past two years. ;) And anyone who wants to try it is welcome to it--there will be plenty of sugar cubes on hand.
The tea is an informal thing that we've enjoyed a munchie break and a chance to sit and talk. Also, we get a few drop ins of people we know that join us.

As for why it's the currently the Caterinas and Tres as maybes...hmmmmmm....this is how rumors and stories get started. ;D


LOL well you can't expect Tres to show up if Catherine is still getting ready? I mean...that simply wouldn't work.  And, since I know you'll know, and I've not found it with all my poking, is there a map/layout to show where these meeting places are?  The abbreviations are nice, but not helpful for those of us that haven't gone to fanime before.


Hi guys!  Can you sign me up for the gathering too?  I'll be dressing up as white dress Queen Esther of Albion again this year (you might remember me from AX).  I'm trying to get my friend to cosplay her black dress Queen Esther too but she's being difficult  :P


I have looked around on the forum and official site and don't see one posted.
If I knew where last year's program book was, I could scan and post it on my photobucket.
I'll probably be sent on a bad mission for saying it, but most gatherings are pretty easy to find, the fountain area is easy to find as soon as you've walked the area once. The cosplay gathering table in the con center lobby should also be helpful if needed, too.

We would love to have you there, too!!
I'm getting more excited about all the fun and lovely costumes we're going to have at this year's gathering.

Remember to start thinking about any photo requests you want!


Hello everyone, this is Ion from the last three years' Trinity Blood gathering!

It's been a long time since I have logged on here, but I thought I'd come by and let you guys know that I won't be going to Fanime this year. Life has decided to throw me the worst luck this past year and I'm in no way prepared to attend a convention right now. I had planned to retire Ion as of last year and wanted to do something new for the gathering, but it'll have to wait.

It's funny, since I've been doing this gathering for 3 years, and even though I've only seen you guys for a short time during the event I've grown to care for everyone that has been there. So, please have a great time for me, take lots of pictures, and please share when the con's over.

Happy con-going friends!

Isma- a.k.a. "Ion Fortuna"
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-Aaron Davis, Latter Days


And that makes me sad--we're going to miss you!!!!!
Your Ion costume looked SO good last year, too. (And I was looking forward to see if you would pull off your new TB costume.)
I hope things go well for you, and yes, there will be pictures and stories I am quite sure of that....


TT-TT You will be missed!!!
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I wanna see my fanime friends on there!


I've never been to one of the TB tea parties before (always had to do something else after the TB gathering) so I really wanna try to make it this year, if only to witness Abel drinking 12 sugar tea with my own eyes  :P


I hope everyone had fun at this year's gathering. I wish I was able to go, but this year has been so busy for me.
I actually blame finals for not letting me go this year. Haha. But later this year I will be moving closer to the bay area (if you call Sac-Town closer to the bay area) - so there is a big chance I'll be able to go to Fanime next year. :3

I cannot wait to see photos.
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For those that attended the gathering--THANK YOU for another really fun year! And such lovely costumes to see!
We lucked out with a cooler day and when the rain came in, we were inside at the tea party.
We did miss some of you--and some were there in other costumes.  8)

I saw glimpses at other times and days of some other awesome cosplays for Trinity Blood--but couldn't get pics taken of those. Sorry!

Whatever I got on my camera is being posted here:

I think I have all the TB stuff up...which is only some of the gathering itself. More from the tea party and the Empire group at night.

(And Sister Kaya is mean for drinking down my tea so far!)


Hay there, here is the start of the pictures I took at the gathering. http://s1230.photobucket.com/albums/ee497/KenxKao/FANIME%202011/#!cpZZ36QQtppZZ16

I'm hoping to cosplay next year (fingers crossed)
The sun was raising up above the high
and dense entangled spider's web.  The dew
was dripping from the silky strings and down
through canopy to underbrush.  It splashed
the puddle making one more fountain spring.


Thank you for posting pictures, too! I hope you do join us next year.

I have updated the thread for 2012 on the first page.

In case of wondering who was at the 2011 Gathering, here is the list of attendees:
Father Abel -- kimu
Father Leon -- Ginryuu
Father Vaclav -- Fashwiing
Sister Kaya -- Charis
Cardinal Caterina -- Garnet Runestar
White Formal Caterina -- FeyMeggan

From the Empire
Schera -- Shokora

Helga "IceHex" -- manik_semiramis


Assuming timing and all works out, I'm planning to bring Kaya back next year -- hopefully with more lace and bling in place. ONE OF THESE YEARS I WILL FINISH HER! <_<

PS: next year I will bring appropriately-sized teacups, Father Nightroad, and you shan't have to complain about my stealing your tea. ^_^
2012 Plans:
  • Gypsy Queen / Kaya Syokka (Trinity Blood)
  • Risai (Juuni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms)
  • Shusui (Saiunkoku Monogatari)
  • others TBD