2013 Trinity Blood Gathering

Started by kimu, August 28, 2008, 09:56:23 PM

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She was the first Inquisition member last year, actually.

If you follow the threads to the pictures from the gathering you will see one of Tenkage's lovely Sister Paula costumes.


It's January 2013! Year of the 13 Sugar Cube Tea has begun!

At this point, there's plenty of time to get costumes done and ready for the gathering.
But because this is Trinity Blood, feel free to start flailing now!


Well, if I can make it, you know I'll be brining Paula! I think the SSOD needs to make a comeback...


Hey everyone, it's Esther (or Keegan, for those that remember) from...a long, long time ago.
My costume is put up in storage and I've been working on  my own sewing skills (instead of the purchased dress that I have made). Unfortunately I won't be cosplaying TB, but I would still love to all have tea with you! I really do miss you guys a lot and I'm not sure if I saw much of you guys last year. Plus, I got a brand new camera and would love to take my own shots of you guys as a form of practice! <3

Hope to hear from you all soon!
It's been far too long.
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As noted on the first post of the thread, TB cosplay is NOT required for the informal tea party! And I certainly remember you (who could ever forget your famous confession!!) and it would be great to see you. Always good to have some extra people who can help with photos, too.


Updating the thread now that it's March!
Regarding planning, four of us that cosplay TB are planning to compete in the Masq costume contest this year, so that will have an impact to day/time for scheduling our gathering.
Anyone has updates to costumes, preferences for day/time--start posting!


Another month has gone by and it's April!!

I want to confirm there is enough interest in having an official TB gathering for 2013, so please start posting cosplays and day/time preferences.
If I don't get any or enough responses by the end of April, or if we can't get an agreement on day/time, I will not submit us for an official gathering. (I do understand there's a lot of cosplay gathering choices and TB is an older series, so not going to hurt my feelings if it's not viable!)

To update, four of us (at least, because I don't know about any others out there) are competing this year.
So our preference is for this gathering to be on Saturday/Day 2.

The costume contest and the Black and White Ball are both on Sunday, so avoiding Sunday usually makes it easier on everyone--considering the usual complexity of TB costumes--and hopefully will give us enough time to have our informal tea party again!
But some of you may prefer Sunday or even Friday, so please speak up!

(ooh reply #666!)


Due to lack of posts (interest) when we're at the one month mark to finalize official gatherings--I talked to the other three that were confirmed so far and we've decide to change cosplay plans.
The outcome is we will NOT have a Trinity Blood gathering for 2013, and can look at regrouping for 2014 if there's interest next year.
If there's a sudden last minute interest with a large enough group of other people--please let me know and I'll see if it makes sense to hand the gathering over to someone else for 2013--but I'm no longer planning to bring Abel to Fanime this year.

I've worn Vatican Abel there every year since 2009 and really enjoyed it--but I can't have Empire Abel ready in time to wear something new--so I'm bringing a new costume from a different series in his place to Fanime instead. (Also Abel is not an easy costume to pack for flying. :P)
As for making this decision a month out from finalizing official gatherings, it's because of the need for planning far enough ahead so costumes are finished or fixed as needed, etc.

Thank you and hope we can regroup for 2014 if I make it back out to Fanime!


Kimu I'll be happy to join up for Fanime in 2014, since I'll have Hugue done by then! After seeing Notre Dame I couldn't resist going back to my spangly, sparkly Trinity Blood roots. Too bad about not having a gathering this year, but I hope I'll at least see you (and Inoli?) at the Masquerade to say hi!
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Just wanted to say that I will miss the TB gathering this year :(
@ Kimu: Please see me this year. I have some papers for you that I have been unable to mail. I also just want to see you :) but now I have an "official" reason too :P
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