Fire Emblem Gathering 2009

Started by K-ayu, September 02, 2008, 06:27:13 PM

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**Updated 5/26**

There is a decent list for AX, but Fanime needs some Fire Emblem too! Anyone interested? The gathering is official!

Thank you to all who participated! There were at least 20 people in our group and we were fortunate to have gotten some last-minute additions to join us! :D

~Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.~

Date: Sunday, May 24
Location: Fountains in the front (Marriott side)
Time: 3:30PM

List thus far consists of...

Karla - Raedyn (
Canas - Hirotona
Soren - lucathia (
Vaida - Sharysa (
Ilyana - Shadow Valkryie (
Micaiah - Hakaru_chan
Sothe - Jstar136
Joshua - Kandybar
Reyson - greyfinch
Nino - Senti (Snippershoo from Fanime Forum)
Ninian - K-ayu
Ranulf - Dark Vision (
Leanne - pho3nix (
Lethe - Thia Fayne (
Ilyana - Tabbychan

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Possibly.. since I already planned on being Canas at Sakuracon this upcoming year.


Hey, I got your message about this thread. :] I'll definitely be going! I don't know if I'll be making a new FE cosplay (so far, no other character has inspired me like Soren!) so I'll probably bring FE10 Soren again. Or, if I have the time, I might attempt FE9 Soren. If I can convince my brother to attend Fanime, we might have another Ike.


: D Your Soren is really good.

.. I do hope to see at least more FE6/7 cosplayers to though. xD;; perhaps you could do Serra? /throws out a suggestion


Aw, thanks! :3 Soren wasn't complete by Fanime last year. This time I can bring the more complete version. I need to think of how to tie his hair if I do attempt Soren again though.

I haven't seen any Canas cosplayers yet. Canas is so cool! How are you going to do his monocle? Do monocles stay on like that...?

My favorite from FE6/7 is Erk and Lugh. XD; But I do want to attempt cosplaying one of the girls for a change...


Lugh X3 I like him alot to... he didn't turn out as good during my last FE6 playthrough though. 13 magic prior to promotion and only 15 speed = not to good. You could do Nino to.. or Lute? Though they have short hair... and FE8 was kind of bad imo and way too easy.

And x3;; I believe they actually do just stay on like that.


Hirotona: Added!

lucathia: Haha, update if he is interested in Ike :)


Who's doing Karel and Karla btw? I'll want to stop by and try to take pictures in anycase.. if I can. I really need to stop adding cosplay when I mean to try and cut back so I can devote more time to helping my friend in the AA and buy nice things off .__.;; That's if she comes though (hopefully she will this time). If not I'll probably have the time for it for sure, there's still the matter of balancing between good cosplay and nice looking everyday wear though.

I should have the cosplay avaliable in anycase... there's just a matter of time. So far Friday and Monday are pretty open for me, Saturday and Sunday not so much.


Karla and Karel will be done by Leradny and her friend from As for dates, I'll keep those in mind  ;)


Oh nifty I'll go check that out then C:

And thanks : 3



Howdy, got your PM.   :)  I'm pretty sure I'm doing a FE costume for '09 though I am unsure who specifically (just someone less complicated than Titania, ahar) but I'm looking specifically at doing either FE8 or FE10.  I have a list, I just need to pare it down.  :P


Haha, I'm cutting down from a list too XD


xD I like how my list is Canas... and Etzel from the FE:DS game. Closest things the games have to meganes yet.


Another monocle wearing character?? :3 I've been trying to find a picture of Etzel. How does Etzel look like?

I'm currently playing Fire Emblem DS. It makes me want to cosplay Sheeda. XD


I thought seneresforest had a pic of him.. he's a red haired monocled (I recall kind of Canas styled hair) wearing guy... appartently he isn't very good though. Personally the sound of H5Stars mode sounds excellent cept I wish they'd improve the game's diffifculty through AI and not just beefing up the units in stats and giving them good items. FE5 has good AI, I don't see what must motivate all enemies to try and converge on one unit if they can attack them, even if the chances of hitting are rather slight and/or they simply can't damage them.

They'll probably release it here though I imagine, I won't import it unless it's still not out by mid next year.



Hi everyone, this is Karla!  Just thought I'd reply on this thread since my username's different than on :D

Rinoa Heartilly (Ballroom Attire) (Final Fantasy VIII). 95%

Rinoa Heartilly (Hand-Knit) (Final Fantasy VIII).  90%

Karla (Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken).  20%


hello. i plan to be micaiah from fe:radiant dawn.

also just as a side note/suggestion, plz. (to whomever is planning the dates of the gathering) plz. try to not plan it during a tengen toppa gurren lagann gathering cause I HAVE TO BE THERE!

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How do most Ike(RD) cosplays turn out?  Is there anyone who can match his beefcake-ness?
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Most seem to turn out okay, personal bias against the character and series (well his games) doesn't help me though in making possibly the most objective analysis though.